Wednesday 11 September 2013

Mac Haul

I am peeping through my fingers guys, yes its another Mac haul, and I have to admit there are more in my drafts as well. I really have been enjoying a good look around my local Mac counter, the swooning and and ohhh and aww ing that occurs is quite something I can tell you.

Firstly another palette, this one is to home my depotted blushers, I have not purchased the inserts yet, I say yet as I cannot decide if I will?? Thoughts?? I know for sure I wont for my eye shadow palette.

Next up is three more eye shadow pans, I chose Expensive Pink, Mythology and All That Glitters. I am really happy with these new editions. I hoping to blog about the eye looks I wear, using my Mac shadows. I mix some you probably would not consider and I think they look nice together.

Here's a quick peep at my depotted Mac blushers, yes I have more potted. If you are interested in a collection post please ask, I would be happy to do so. I honestly think Mac have some super blushers, not only the shades but also in the various finishes.

I like how my eye shadow palette is coming along, its like a little rainbow. I would love to add a smokey purple shade soon. Do you have any must have recommendations?

Thanks for reading, same place, same time tomorrow :) 
Jen x


  1. Love this, your blusher collection looks nice, i really want a blush pallete for mine too :)

    Following you, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx

  2. great collection! I just got a mac palette although I don't have anything in it they were a good deal and I'd love to depot some palettes eventually. I only have one mac shadow and it is not at all wearable! picked it up in high school whoops :)

  3. How do you depot mac products? I have absolutely no idea!

  4. I'm a MAC novice.. when I do decide to jump in a buy a few blushes I think I might go for Blush Baby too.


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