Saturday 31 August 2013

Color tattoo #70 Metallic Pomegranate

Ever since my lovely friend Megan sent me a couple of the USA editions of Color Tattoo's I have fallen head over heels in love with them all over again, and you know me by now once I fall for a product I either have to purchase a back up or one in each shade variation!! Well this time it was the later, I found this beauty in a discount beauty store for £3.49 and its beautiful. I am already planning how to wear this, this autumn/winter time. Oh how I love that time of year, wrapping up in the cold. Big chunky knits and Christmas..................... I get super excited around this time of year.

Once applied to the skin it looks all different again, if you apply as a sheer cover the colour appears a warm brown/red but if you apply thick or layered it appears to be a rich maroon, oh its sooo pretty. I cannot wait to rock this more often in the autumn months, oh how I love that time of year. I like to apply my color tattoos with my finger, for me this is the best way, I find it easier to pack on the colour this way.

Would you like to see my Color Tattoo collection? I have a few now and think they are beautiful with super staying power.
Jen x

Friday 30 August 2013

Mac haul

I seem to have caught the Mac bug, I actually had this a few years ago and now its back. I am loving the new Tropical Taboo collection and it has the most beautiful MSF's, so I had to pick another one up that had been on my mind since last weekend. Whilst I was there I also picked up another product I had been considering for months, in fact since last winter time.

Mac MSF #Adored
The creamy peachyness is simply perfection. The sheen this offers is mesmerising, a gentle application to the top on my cheek bones is all it takes to make that difference. Its

Mac eyeshadow #Cranberry
This has to be one of the most talked about shades, and one that took me a few swatches to convince myself to take the plunge and purchase. One big pushes was my dear friend Stacey, we were talking about Mac in general and this beauty cropped up, once I realised Stacey was about to add this to her collection I just HAD to have it. I now need to learn how to wear this, please help if you can.

Here's my baby Mac Eyeshadow collection, I am hoping to add more to my collection very soon. Do you have any suggestions? What is your must have shade?

Have you picked anything up from Mac recently? I'd love to hear about it. I also want to add more eye shadows to my palette, what would be your recommendations?
Jen x

It's all about nails

Every time I visit T K Max I cannot resist the nail polish bargains, and here we have another post about just that. They also had a few OPI trio's I really wished I had picked up, oh well its probably best I did not. I have sooo many polishes in my collection it's quite shocking, more of that in another post! Now lets take a peek at my picks for today.

I have fallen in love with Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, I think its the bottles that have done it, what a beautiful tactile bottle. It reminds me of the 1920's in its design. The actual polish is a dream to apply, the wearing time is fab as well. The shade on the left is very similar to my recent Chanel purchase #Mysterious. The only downside to this offering is the 3-4 coats it takes, but I can live with that.

I picked these up in a discount store, the one on the left is actually for my husband! I am sick of him ruining mine all the time, so now he has his very own, and its pink. He laughed when I gifted him with this, its quite a coarse file so I am hoping it will last him well. On the right is a glass file, I have heard good things about this type of file. I am yet to try it out, but I will let you now when I do.

I really would like to get my nails in a nice condition, I want to get them to a good length and strong. Fingers crossed I am able to achieve  that soon.
Jen x

Kadria Skincare

Kadria Skincare is a brand I came across on twitter, I love connecting with small brands in this way. Kadria Skincare use the power of plants and natural fragrances or essential oils for health and beauty purposes. All Kadria products are made freshly by hand. The range has been designed for pregnancy, new mothers and babies. This does not apply to me, however I like to use products designed to meet those needs due to how they tend to be more sensitive and healing.

Baby Balm 60ml  £14.00
This is a thick balm, yellow in colour. Although this has been specifically formulated to use on babies bottoms its worked absolute miracles on my skin. I suffer from regular break outs, its a battle I face constantly. The balm has a blend of Rosehip Oil, Apricot Oil and Buckthorn, together they produce an anti inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effects. Other Oils used also have anti fungal actions,

 I have thoroughly enjoyed trialing this balm its worked wonders on my skin. I have noticed a difference with regards to redness, swelling and spots.

Balancing Face Oil 30ml £24.00*
I have been using this in conjunction with the Baby Balm, this is a wonderful oil to use. It is quite thick and feels great massaged into my skin. This was formulated to treat hormonal skin and help with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brighten dull looking skin. This oil can also be used for treating skin conditions to include eczema, psoriasis and dryness. My skin concern was my break outs, I did however try to pay more attention to other areas of concern to include my frown lines.

This oil smells heavenly, I found the experience of massaging this into my skin to be very relaxing and calming. The essential oils included in this oil are Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Neroli. I took a few drops into my hands, warmed together and began to massage in circular movements on my face. Sometimes I applied a little more and left it on all night. My skin loved this, the next day my skin looked less red and seemed to heal quicker.

Set includes a pot of the beautiful Baby Balm and a bottle of the Baby Oil (cost??)

The Baby Oil is gently scented with Apricot oil, Rosehip Oil, Evening of Primrose Oil, Calendula Oil, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense and Cedarwood. This is an amazing Oil to rub into your skin after a long soak in the bath. I enjoyed to massage this into my decollete area and my arms. The best time to do this is the evening time, you will feel so relaxed, soothed and ready for bed. If you struggle to wind down at night time after a stressful day, this is what you need. It certainly helps me to feel calm and clears my mind.

I really love the look of the packaging as well, its simply beautiful. Dark brown glass with the metal screw on lids, its so nice and what I like the  most is the possible sustainability of each packaging. I can think of lots of different uses for these after the product has ended.
Please take a look at Karia Here and twitter @kadriaSkincare
Jen x

Thursday 29 August 2013

Chanel haul #Supersitition

I have a baby haul for you today, the main purpose of these purchases were due to my love for the Limited Edition eyeshadow Gri-Gri, I simply had to get a back up in my collection. Its one of the most beautiful shades I have ever seen.

Oh and this time I was able to get a proper sized sample of their new CC cream, it was funny actually as I took the other sample with me and showed the sales assistant. She laughed so much, and said it was pathetic. She also said they had not stopped giving samples out as I had been previously informed. She could not understand why I had been told that, and said I should just visit her counter now as she would look after me.

Chanel Le Vernis #591 Alchimie
On my first visit to look at the new collection, I completely over looked Alchimie, it seemed afterwards everyone was raving about this shade, every big PR company was declaring their love for this and predicting this was be the star of the collection. I just HAD to pick it up, I know I would of regretted it if I had not, like I have on many other occasions before.

The shade is very unusual its a light khaki with a shimmery sheen effect, in some lights it even shines a light gold colour, oh its hard to describe.

Chanel Eyeshadow #Gri-Gri
This is my all time favourite eyeshadow ever, I absolutely love it. If I had to pick one colour for the rest of my life it would have to be this. I am soooooo happy to have a back up in my make up collection.

So that's it for Chanel hauls, well until the next collection is released! I just cannot resist, can you? 
Jen x

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Samples #6

How I wished these products were all full sized!! Lol, a girl can dream right? Well I am happy to have the samples, I love samples and really enjoy selecting items to try for the purpose of this post. What a great way to find new, fabulous products. This month has some beautiful products I have wanted to try for a long time, I am super excited.

Creme De La Mer
I have the light cream and thick cream here, they are really different in consistency, so lets see how I get on with them. They feel and smell amazing!!!! I feel all posh trying these out as this is a product I would never be able to purchase in the full size.


Ginvera Marvel Gel
I have tried this once before and absolutely love it. You must give this a go, its a brilliant experience and actually apart from my beloved Sisley Buffing Cream, there is nothing quite like this. I love the results this provides, it literally rubs away all my dead skin and what ever else is left my on skin. Its very satisfying.

Biotherma Aquasource Deep Serum
I am new to this brand and have never tried anything before, so lets see how I get on.....

Avene Cleanance Gel
I have tried a small sample of this before, but had not got around to getting a full sized one. I am happy to try this again. My skin is really breaking out again, so lets see if this will help?

Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream
This was left over from a sample set I brought some months ago, I will use this sample on my neck area as it doesn't meet my facial skins needs.

Origins Modern Friction
Oh how I love this product, its just sooo expensive to purchase the full sized tube, maybe one day I will do. I have been lucky enough to try a few samples over the years, and until recently I had been using this completely the wrong way! I now know what I am doing, the results are amazing.

Chanel CC Cream
So I finally got a proper sample!!! Did you see the picture I posted with the pathetic sample I received when I made a large purchase from Chanel's new collection?? I made a visit to another counter and purchased a couple more items from the new collection (post to follow) and the sales assistant was just so sweet and gave me a full sample.

I cannot wait to try this sample, I can feel eye pads inside the sachet, I will be reporting back as soon as I have tried them.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening shampoo and conditioner
Love the brand but never tried a shampoo or conditioner in this range.

Shu uemura cleansing oil
I am sooo excited to try this, my lovely friend Megan sent me this sample in my swap parcel. I have wanted to try this oil for so long.

More samples from Megan, I cannot wait to try these out. I have just finished a Agent Provocateur perfume and really enjoyed wearing it. It was brought as a gift for me and I loved the smell. I have 4 more new ones to try now!! Yippee.

I love reading these kind of posts so if you have one please send me the link, I cannot wait to get started on these. Oh and just wait to see whats in my empties post, I am not due to prepare it yet and the bag is literally over flowing, so I may have to publish it earlier, its amazing how many products I am getting through, I feel happy about this, I used to have so many half products all over the place.
Jen x

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Mummies draw find

Don't you just love a good route through other peoples beauty draws, I know I do. I had a look through my mum's draw recently and found some fab bits. Bless my mum she has a basic beauty routine and has used the same brands for years, she loves what she uses and wont try new bits. I don't know where I get my passion from when it comes to Beauty?? My mum had some amazing bits in her draw and did not want them so they came home with me! I also found a brand new bottle of Anais Anais, oh my, can you remember the scent? It reminds me of the 90's, I used to wear that all the time along with Lou Lou, memories...............................Today I am talking about a little pot of luxury, a tiny pot of Dior.

Dior Capture Totale Creme 50ml £107.95
The tub I have is 15ml so works out in value to £32.38, I think this is the most expensive cream I have EVER tried. In fact I have never really tried any skin care from the brand Dior. I was super excited to try this, I own a few items of make up from Dior, the skin care is something I have never looked at.

The formula is a thick creamy pink colour, it feels so nourishing on my skin. The cream is heavily scented, I don't mind this in fact I quite like it. It makes the experience even more special. I love the way this leaves my skin,

Have you tried this range before? I have enjoyed using this trial sized pot of amaziness, I doubt I will have the pleasure of using anything as expensive as this anytime soon, I savoured each application.
Jen x

Sunday 25 August 2013

Natural beauty

I have have been using mostly natural body care products lately, the difference in my skin has been dramatic. My skin is soo soft and smooth, I used to have dry and extremely itchy skin. I am so glad I made the change and now want to try more natural products. Since I have been interested in other beauty products that are more natural, I decided to trial some more natural cosmetics and see how they compare to my usual make up.

Most of these products were purchased from a discount website, at very low prices for around a pound or two at the very most.

I recently found out UNE is actually Bourjois, I instantly became more interested in this range. UNE is also completely nautral and has no nasty ingredients, its a shame as I have been informed this brand used to be sold in Boot's but not any more.

All the colours on this range are beautiful, I don't think there was one shade I wound not wear. So I clicked a few variations to try and every item I selected turned out to be lovely.

L-R Top row
Lip Toned Colour L02
Lip Toned Colour L03
Lip Toned Colour L23

L-R Bottom row
Sheer Lips Balm S12
Sheer Lips Balm S03
Sheer Lips Balm S08

The mascara pictured was from a beauty box, I included it in this trial because its a natural formula.

Breezy Cheeks Blush #B03
The formula is creme and absolutely beautiful, its a cream to satin finish, oh and the colour, its a gorgeous gentle pink, the swatch below is quite thick but can be sheered out. I love the colour and would love a lipstick in the same shade. In fact I may try this as a lip product, you never know, it may work.

Healthy Glow Mineral Powder #H06
This is a powdered product, the pigmentation is good and blends well on my skin. It offers the perfect amount of colour for my pale skin tone, without that horrid orange hue.

Eye Brow Pencils #B01
I am really happy with the shade, it took me a while to decide on the shade to pick. The pencil is quite a powdery finish, some pencils can be waxy, this is not like that.

I could not resist these 2 little travel sized brushes, they were only around a pound or so each, I am yet to try them yet. I will most certainly be taking them on my holidays, excellent size for travel.

I will be doing a face of the day soon using only natural products, and comparing its application and wear time to that of my other make up products.
Jen x

Saturday 24 August 2013

Mac haul

Its been quite a while since I purchased anything from Mac, recently I picked up a beautiful MSF from a friends blog sale and decided I wanted begin a collection of them. MSF's are truly a beautiful product I think they are mesmerising to look at and of course they are even more special as Mac only really release them as a Limited Edition. I am so cross with myself as I wanted to pick up Stereo Rose and never got around to it. PLEASE let me know if you or anyone else is selling there's, I would pay good money for one. I picked up #Rio from the new Tropical Taboo collection and a few more little bits whilst in there. There's something about a mac store that's exciting, busy and new.

I was served by a lovely lady called Vanessa, she was really helpful and went to great lengths to find my items bless her. I had a chat with her about the foundation face & body, she sent me on my way with a few samples of different tones and shades to try. I have tried C1 and its a perfect match, I cannot believe I am saying this but the finish is beautiful. I am a girl who normally loves a high coverage in a matte finish, so this is saying a lot for me to wear a light cover.

I have the old palettes and have been meaning to pick up the new designs for a while now, I got one to start me off but I will need to pick a couple more up to transfer all my blushers and eye shadows. I absolutely love the new design, it looks so much prettier than the old design. Now the question is what do I do with my old ones??? It seems a waste to throw them out.

Now this has been a long time coming, I have admired Mac brushes from afar for an eternity. I don't know why I have never picked any of them up before? What a good introduction to the range with
the infamous #217 blending brush. After reading so many rave reviews I had to try for myself, I have decided to build a Mac brush collection as well now. What would you suggest I add next?

Let me introduce you to my second MSF #Rio, it's limited edition from the Tropical Taboo Collection. Isn't it simply beautiful, I spent a good few moments looking at all the different Rio's they had. I thought this had a good mix of all the colours, so in my basket it went. I have used this a few times since I purchased it as a blusher and a highlighter. Oh how I love this, I have ordered Lust in this collection as well. EEEKKKK sooo exciting, I am really happy to begin a collection.

I love this, it has a lovely warm tone to the finish, its just precious. I actually love all three in the collection. They are all so nice, as I am new to this MSF game, how often do Mac bring out new collections?

I seem to have the Mac bug again now, I have my eye on a few more eye shadows to include Cranberry, Mulch and Woodwinked plus many more. What is your all time favourite shade? I love nothing more than a good swatching session in my local Mac, I am going there tomorrow and this makes me very happy indeed.
Jen x

Friday 23 August 2013

Look #Mini Makeover Palette

I noticed this cute little set whilst reading my weekly Look magazine. It initially caught my eye as they were reduced from £6.00 down to £3.00 I promptly added it to my list to look at.

On my next trip to town I nipped into Super drug, OMG I have never seen such a dirty, messy and untidy shop. Every time I go to a super drug, it does not matter what town either they are all the same. All the products are open and swatched. Mess everywhere, I cannot understand why this is the case?? Anyway onto the product, I was extremely lucky to find the colour I wanted #Blue Eyes untouched. I grabbed it quick.

The palette is teeny tiny, its super cute and perfect for travel. The actually shape of it reminds me greatly of the Kardashian Palette, I don't own one so I cant compare but from what I've seen on other blog post they look similar.

The top tier has 8 highly pigmented eye shadows and the bottom tier has 1 blusher and 4 lip products. I think this has been put together really well, the colours complement each other and the blusher works well worth all the eye shadows. It's not often you can purchase a set and can use every item in it.

Wow just Wow, look at the pigmentation, even at full price £6.00 these eye shadows and blusher are simply beautiful, I cannot get over the quality of them. I am thankful for the sale thou, as I would not have looked at this if it had not been on sale.

I absolutely love the colours as well, totally the shades I would go for. Just look at the colours below aren't they pretty. I actually love them all, I am able to use this palette and nothing else. This will be going in my suitcase when I go on holiday for sure.

There are other Mini Makeover Palette's in this collection but unfortunately I was unable to look at them in store due to the poor display and NO testers out either. I have read the advertising in Look magazine and they have a set for every different eye colour. I would love to see what the eye shadows look like.
 Have you seen these in Super drug? I may nip back into town to check if they have anymore in stock, and for £3.00 I may even pick another one up.
Jen x

Thursday 22 August 2013

Beauty swap with Megan

Oh this has been soooo soooo sooo exciting, I have a beautiful friend Megan, who lives in USA. We have been chatting over twitter for months now and recently decided to arrange a swap. Megan has a lovely You Tube channel, please watch  Megan's unboxing video for this swap here its super cute.There are sooo many USA brands I have been desperate to try and of course they are not available in the UK, and I know Megan felt the same about some of our brands. We asked for a couple of things each and the rest was down to us picking things out for each other, I honestly had the best time, I loved shopping and carefully wrapping each item for Megan.

Now onto my wonderful box, oh I can't tell you how excited I was when this was delivered. I was shaking so much I struggled to open it. Just look at how beautiful each item is, all wrapped in colourful tissue paper. Megan had written sweet notes on each parcel. LOVE.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the Sephora bag, OMG I will never  throw this bag out. I have it out on display in my beauty room. Here's whats in this amazing box, lets take a closer look at the products.

Real Technique Blush Brush
Megan placed a note on this saying I hope you don't already own this, I do have this already but always happy for back up's. Real Techniques are a fab brand.

EOS Mint Balm
Don't you love the look of these, I already own the Summer Fruits version. This looks great next to that, I really want more. They look fab all lined up on my dresser, what other scents do they sell???

Benefit Gift Set
The set has a Watts up and They're real inside. I have never tried Watt's up before, I love it, its the perfect highlight I will be purchasing the full size once this is gone.

Bath and Body works Hand Gel
Again another product I have longed for, I think this is a blogger must have! I wont be using this, as I don't want it to end. Its looks cute on my dresser.

Bath and Body Works Hand Cream
Again as above, I have tried a little of this and its soo moisturising. The scent is precious as well.

Baby Lips Neon Collection
I have only just got my hands on the original ones, and now I am sooo lucky to own a Limited edition one!! Megan picked out the perfect shade for me, I want more now!!


NYC Bronzer #706 Hampton's Radiance
I think the name is super sweet, oh how I wish I could visit the Hampton's!! I like how this has different shades. They are shimmery so I have used this more as a highlight. I have also tried swirling the colours together and applied high on my cheek bones, it looks fab.

Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer #140 Four Seasons Light
This is the perfect shade for my skin tone, and its matte. I have used this lots, it has a great formula. Its finely milled and has just the right amount of pigmentation.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush #Exposed
Oh how I LOVE this product, I am so thankful to you Megan for making my dreams come true! I truly am sooo happy to finally own a tarte blusher. I really want to own them all, I want a coral/peachy one and a pink one next.

Jordana Blusher #38 Coral Sandy Beach
I had never heard about this brand before, this blusher is amazing. If you live in the USA I highly recommend you purchase one. I want more, this is sooo pigmented and the shade is simply beautiful.

Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo #40 Seashore Frosts
I have fallen in love with this shade, its not one I would normally be drawn to, and this is whats so fab about doing swaps it can open your eyes to new products. Color Tattoo's are great, they have the best staying power and the colour or should I say colours, well its simply beautiful and so unusual. Take a look at my swatch further down.

Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo #45 Lavish Lavender
Again as above a lovely unusual shade, we never get a lot of choice here in the UK. I have tried this as an eye liner and with lashings of black mascara this looks sooo pretty.

Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome #Outrageous Metallic Lilac
I had admired this eye shadow range for a while, lots of beauty bloggers have been raving about these beautiful shadows. The embossing is so pretty, it looks like a quilting, I did not want to spoil the pattern. The shade is mesmerising, it shimmers blue, purple, violet and lilac.

Wet n Wild #Nude Awakening (Limited edition)
I am so excited about these 2 palettes, this one is my usual go to shades. The variations in my beloved taupe's is unbelievable!! I am in taupe heaven right here, the pigmentation is brilliant and don't forget this brand is drug store in the USA.

Wet n Wild #Going in the Wild (Limited edition)
What I love about this palette is the soft shades in green, dusty purples and of course more taupe's. The highlight shade in this offering is so nice, I will certainly get so much use out of these 2 palettes, thank you Megan for getting me these Limited Edition palettes, I have heard lots of USA You Tube girls complaining they cannot find these. I feel so lucky to own them.

Wet n Wild #To Muse and Carouse (Limited edition)
Another special trio here, the shades are matte and super pigmented. I have tried the first 2 they are beautiful, the middle shade is perfect for a crease colour.

Wet n Wild #Discretion Absolute
LOVE LOVE LOVE this trio, I really want a back up. Oh my the colours are beautiful, the bottom shade is soo pretty and super pigmented. It actually reminds me of the new Chanel Gri Gri, I must blog about that soon.

Wet n Wild #Nutty
The famous Nutty shade, I hear so much love for this shade. I tried to win a competition once because this was part of the prize. Its certainly a Jen shade, soo pretty.

Wet n Wild #Panther
A gorgeous shade to line my lash line, or for a smoky eye. When I try this out I will let you know.

Wet n Wild #Brulee
I have heard lots about this shade, for some reason I always imagined it would be shimmery. It's actually a matte shade, I was shocked when I swatched it, its sooo pigmented and applies beautifully. I have nothing like this in my collection.

Loreal Infalliable #892 Amber Rush
I have wanted this for so long, I love this formula and already own a few. This is the most beautiful colour. I have blue eyes and this makes them sooo blue, and as they say POP. You only need to gently touch this with your brush and you will have enough for both eyes! Its simply perfection.

Fyrinnae Eye shadows:-
Megan has a lovely video with her Fyrinnae collection, she absolutely adores the brand. I have never tried this brand before or used loose eye shadows. These are sooo soft and easy to use, Megan has picked out perfect colours for me. I am sat here playing with these shades now! Love these so much.
  • Agenda (Grey/heather Slight Shimmer)
  • Snow Leopard (Taupe/Bronze Simmer)
  • Sacred (Pewter shimmer)
  • Koala (Taupe/Grey Slight shimmer)
  • Immortality (Black with sparkles in)

Megan was super kind and added a few samples to try, I love how she put the perfume samples into a velvet pouch! I cannot wait to try the Fekkai ones, my hair will be in great condition!

Here's a few swatches L-R

  • Jordana Blush #38 Coral Sandy Beach, oh my I love this shade and the formula its so pigmented, I only touched the product with my brush and WOW. I would love to add more to my collection, I wonder what other shades they sell?
  • Loreal Infalliable #Amber Rush, I cannot tell you how I longed to own this. I love it, I want the highlighting one next, oh why doesn't the UK have the nice shades?
  • Color Tattoo #40 Seashore Frosts, At first I did not think this was a shade for me, oh how wrong could I be. I have worn this so much, it is sooo unique, it has multiple colours running through it, blue, silver, champagne to name a few.
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush #Exposed, I am the happiest girl in the world right now. I cannot believe I actually own this, I really, really want more. I love the shade its a perfect neutral shade that can be used as a blusher or contour. TARTE PLEASE COME TO THE UK.

I instantly felt drawn to this wonderful Wet n Wild Trio #Discretion Absolute. Just look at the shades, pigmentation and well I have to say its perfection. I love this that much I am desperate for a back up!!! I wore this as soon as I opened the box, The colours go so well together as well. You have everything you need to achieve a beautiful eye look.

I have truly enjoyed this whole experience, if you get to know someone like I have Megan I recommend you arrange a swap its been so much fun I want to do another with Megan very soon! I loved shopping for Megan and then waiting for the boxes to be delivered, the excitement was like Christmas all over again aged 8 years old!! If you are reading this Megan thank you sooo sooo much, Thank you for getting the products I have dreamed about for an eternity and for opening my eyes to new possibilities. I really enjoy our chats, and I am happy to have you as my friend.
Please follow Megan on twitter @megfish8
 Jen x