Sunday 30 June 2013

Seaweed Organics

I stumbled accross Seaweed Organics on twitter and began to chat to Elspeth about my skin concerns. I read up on the brand and their philosophy intruiged me. They only use ingrediants that, they believe are best from the sea and the land. A key ingrediant in all of their products is Seaweed, Seaweed contains excellent vitamins and minerals. I had no idea this was the case, what I did know is that I knew I wanted to try this brand.

Powdered Seaweed Face Mask
I love different products and this certainly is very different. The mixture allows you to make your own face mask by adding Rose Water or a simple cream. I cannot wait to try this out, what a brilliant idea, I can see this being a very popular product.

Restoring Facial Oil
The first ingrediant that caught my eye was Rosehip Oil. I have read lots of good things about Rosehip oil, it has excellent healing properties and has been known to help with scars and breakouts. The information for this oil has totally blown me away. I have been using this oil as part of my evening routine, after my first use I noticed my skin looked less red the next morning.

The oil feels nice on my skin, I use around 5-6 drops and that covers from my face down to my chest area. I like to massge my skin for a while to ensure the oil penertrates deep into my skin layers.

I have throughly enjoyed using the oil, and will be trying out the mask over the weekend. I cannot wait to try more from the brand, I have heard great things about this brand from my friends.
Jen x

Saturday 29 June 2013

Swap with Paris

I am sooo sooo very excited about this post, The lovely Kat  sent a tweet out a few weeks ago asking if any bloggers would like to register with her to participate in a swap. I quickly sent my details over. Kat sent me an email a day or 2 later with Paris's details. We proceeded to email each other with our likes and a budget, then the exciting part came, the SHOPPING. My beautiful box arrived a few days ago, just look at how pretty it is. It took all my will power not to open the box before the pictures! I only just managed it guys, here goes.......

So whats in the box???? Eeeeekkkkkkkkk, soooooo exciting................. Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk

Thank you so much Paris, you have made me a beautiful box, so well thought out. I love how you have covered the box in a lovely paper, its super pretty, I will keep it out on my dresser. Heres a list everything that's in the box:-

Rimmel Salon Pro #313 Cocktail Passion
Maybeline The Eraser Eye #Light
Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 15ml
MUA Undress Me Too Pallette
Maybeline Colorsensational Lipstick #422 Coral Tonic
Apicare Manuka Honey Lip Butter #Pomegranate
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Sample
John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner samples

Its so funny as there are a few items in the box that was on my list to get!! Wow Paris, I am so happy with everything. You are very thoughtful and kind, thank you again. I cannot wait to try them all, especially the Rimmel Polish Salon Pro #313 Cocktail passion, Maybeline Eraser #light (my shade) and the Maybeline lipstick #422 Coral Tonic. The colour of the lippie is amazing!! It will match the nail polish so well and as you said in your cute note, will get me ready for summer.
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this swap, I want to do more now! I really want to arrange a swap with someone in USA, if you are reading this and want to arrange a swap please get in touch to discuss.
Jen x

Friday 28 June 2013

Barry M Lip Paint #Touch of Magic

Following on from yesterdays blog post about the lovely Lipstick Queen's #Hello Sailor. I found this addidtion whilst persuing the Barry M stand in boots a few days ago. What a fab product to carry out a comparison post with. A quick glance made me think this Barry M Lip Paint #Touch of Magic was a similar product to yesterdays lipstick. Lets see how they compare.............

The Lip Paint is a sheer formula that is waterproof, feels fabulous on my lips, so moisturising with added Aloe Vera. This long lasting Lip Paint will stain your lips for upto 8 hours. The beauty of this product is it reacts differnetly on each person, the colour will depend on your Alkali level on your lips. For me this means bright pink! I love it, I sit and watch the transformation on my lips and its unbelievable. I need to add this has excellent staying power. A beautiful stain in left behind on my lips once the moisture has worn away.

I love the quirkinees of this Lip Paint, bright green!! I love different products and the mystery of this product is intruiging to me. This Lip Paint will be traveling with me on my holiday for sure, I like my make up to last well whilst on my holidays and this will certainly do that. The swatch on my hand in the picture above was still on my hand the next morning, it just would not rub away.
Yesterdays Lipstick queen offering is so different to this edition, if you want a sheer but unsual wash of colour I would go for Lipstick Queen #Hello Sailor. Or if you prefer a bright, wow factor in colour then Barry M is for you. Dont forget the price difference thou £20.00 or £3.99. The choice is yours, I know which one I would take (both) hehe.
 Boots £3.99
Jen x

Thursday 27 June 2013

Lipstick Queen #Hello Sailor

I have read lots about this new brand #Lipstick Queen. It's sold in Space N K, on my last visit to the store this beautiful blue bullet caught my eye. When I opened the case I was sold! I blue lipstick?? I've never seen anything quite like it before.

The lipstick applies like a balm, smooth, moisturising and leaves a sheer wash of blackberry tint to the lips. Within the colour is an added touch of sapphire! How very unusual, the lovely people at Space N K told me this effect enhances the whiteness if your teeth! This sounded great to me, I love balms and tinted ones, I really wanted to give this a try. I'm so glad I did, I checked the stock availability for this item and they are completely sold out! They are taking requests for orders!! Boy  am I glad I snapped this up when I did. 

Space N K £20.00

Jen x

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Charlotte Tilbury

I have Charlotte Tilbury to thank for helping me get this beautiful make up bag. I originally ordered mine from Selfridges, I won't go into details but if it was not for Charlotte I would not have one at all, I'm so grateful, thank you Charlotte. There was a lovely surprise inside! A pot of her magic cream!!! Eeeekkkkk how very exciting, I feel so lucky to be able to try this before its available to order.

I love the design of the make up pouch, the natural fabric is chic and the lips, well I could not be happier with the ones included! I share the same birthday with Kate Moss, and of course the wonderful Charlotte Tilbury's lips are there to name a few. I love the design, the words are so true, If only I had realised this in my teens! It would have saved my mascara on many occasions, and my broken heart. We live and learn!

Now onto the cream, well it's simply perfection. A thick white cream, which smells lovely. A delicate scent, it reminds me of Creme De La Mer's cream so much. Once applied to skin it easily absorbs, there is no greasiness, no layer of cream left over its so easy to use. I am going to use my pot sparingly until I can purchase more. 

I'm really happy with my make up pouch and a pot of Charlottes Magic Cream.

Jen x

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box

I am so excited about this little box, I can't believe I actually got one! I had my details on standby for when the box was released. As soon as the email hit my inbox, I clicked buy! As quickly as that! It took a few days for delivery and now it's mine. I think it's a fab but, £25.00 and p&p, the overall value is estimated at over £110.00.

Illamasqua Liquid Metal #Surge £17.50

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner #Navy Blue £10.00

Topshop Lip Crayon #Powder Room £8.00

Sol Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist 150ml £17.00

Violet Lips #The Warm Rainbow x3 £9.45

Bareminerals Lipcolor #Moxie £15.00

Chubby Glitter Stick #Hottest Pink £8.00

Colorsmash Hair Shadow #Je Ne Sais Quoi (pink) £12.00

Cowshed Cow Slip Hand Gel £8.00

Hand &Face Wipes £2???

Azature Nail Lacquer #Champagne £17.00

What a fabulous beauty box! The contents are varied, I feel there is something for everyone in here. I cannot wait to paint my nails! The polish has real diamonds inside!!! I remember Selfridges had another version for sale at Christmas that had 267 carats of diamonds in and retailed for £160,000.00 I could not believe my eyes! Kelly Osbourne was reported to had rocked it over the Christmas period. My next 2 picks must be the Illamasqua Cream pigment and the new offering from Bareminerals Lipcolor Moxie. Both are beautiful and the type of shade I'm naturally attracted to. The rest of the bits I'm looking forward to having a play with, find out what they are! I'm not sure the hair shadow is for me? I applied a little to the back if my hand and it's simply stunning. Would you dare try on the face? I'm worried it will stain me forever! I hope some of you were able to get your hands if this glorious beauty box. I have to say Selfridges did good this time, lets hope another box follows soon.

Jen x 

Monday 24 June 2013

Laura Mercier Artist Pallette

Last weekend my family and I nipped to Selfridges on a shopping trip. I picked a few new bits up, I wanted to show you a Laura Mercier Make Up set I picked up in the sale. It was reduced from £75.00 to £37.50. All the items are full sized, I carried out a little research and found it to be a great find, I have listed the counter price for each product if brought separately.

 Custom Pallette #6 Pan £10.50 (Empty) You get a spare to build your own pallet.

Custom Pallette # 6 Pan  (Pre filled with everything below) £10.50
Caviar Eye Liner #Chestnut £18.50
Tightline Cake Eye Liner #Chocolate Brown £18.50
Second Skin Cheek Colour #Sweet Mandarin £20.50
Bronzing Pressed Powder #Matt Bronze £26.00
Eye Colour Quartlet #Gilded Pines #Cinnamon #Gold Royal #Pink Pearl £30.00
Eye Colour Quartlet #Twilight Grey #Pale Pink #Topaz #African Violet £30.00

Creme Smooth Lip Colour #Creme Coral £20.00

Lip Glace #Raspberry £18.50

Faux Lash Mascara #Black £18.50

I have been enjoying this set so much the colours are just my type with a few I would not normally purchase, but have really liked! The beauty of sets is being able to try new colours and seeing how they work with others. I need to find out a little more information about the Tightline Cake Liner and Caviar Eye Liner, I have no idea what the difference is? Or the best way to use them? If you do please leave me a comment. I love playing around with make up, I think the colours in this set have been well thought out. Its simply beautiful, if you like the look of this pallet go check out your local Laura Mercier counter in Selfridges as quickly as possible, I doubt they will be there for long.

I worked out the pallet to £221.50 if brought separately.

Jen x