Tuesday 30 April 2013

Fekkai Coiff

Fekkai is a brand I had not heard of until I reviewed this set. It is a luxury hair care brand that is stocked in Space N K.

I like sets as you get to try a variety of products, this way you get to sample more of the brand. This set provides the tools to achieve 3 very different looks. I have been stuck in a rut recently with my hair, so I welcomed the use of this set.

Here are the 3 tubes, they are all a good size and I am sure I will get lots of uses from each one. I have found the products to work well with only a small amount. So, this means great value for money.


Anti-Frizz Creme
This one will stop the frizz and allow your hair to fall into a natural curl. This works like a dream, my hair can become very wavy and sometimes frizzy. I applied a five pence sized blob to my damp hair and allowed to air dry. My hair looked shiny, smelt lovely and held onto a curled/waved appearance. I would also say it had more body than usual. My hair did not feel dry or hard to the touch like some products can leave it.

Ironless Straightening Balm
I know this may sound controversial but I don't care for the flat iron look, in my opinion I don't think it does much for me. So when I read about this product I felt intrigued to how it would work without heat. I tried this after washing my hair, I smoothed a small amount through my hair. I used a medium sized round brush and blow dried. I am not the best and any hair styling, but this made drying my hair so much easier. I have fine hair but a lot of it!! I noticed no flyaway hairs and no static hairs. I liked the finish to my hair, it was not poker straight but a lovely smooth look and extremely shiny.

Finishing Creme
This product works with whatever your style is, it simply finishes the look. I rubbed some of the product through my hands and gently smoothed over my hair. This will work with your hair and give another layer of that added extra. It can smooth or produce texture, it depends how you use it. Its a brilliant mutli use product.

I really enjoyed trying this hair set, I would love to be able to style my own hair, and working with this set has allowed me to be adventurous and try. I got on well with all the items in this set, I experienced not build up in my hair and no reactions to my sensitive scalp. My hair looked silky smooth and remained to move naturally.
Jen x
*PR Sample

Monday 29 April 2013

Lulu & Boo

Recently whilst browsing my Twitter time line I noticed Lulu & Boo were running a competition. I re tweeted their tweet to enter the competition. Can you imagine my excitement to be informed later on that day I had won!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkk. I never, and I mean never win anything, I felt super happy.

The prise was a 'Shea Butter & Jojoba Deep Hair Mask, Which retails for £12ish. The fabulous team at Lulu & Boo sent this lovely mask all packed in a natural box, I received the parcel within in a day or two. What a brilliant service!

I am completely new to this brand, if you are as well this information may help you to understand the brand. Lulu & Boo is an ward winning Organic skin care company, using the finest certified organic ingredients. They never use Parabens, Petroleum, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), harsh detergents, Synthetic colours or fragrances. Most products are certified organic by the Soil Association and registered with the vegan Society.


You get 30gm of product presented so nicely in a glass pot, I will be up cycling this for sure! Now it was the ingredients that really interested me, its 98% Organic and moisturises, repairs and strengthens dry damaged hair. I high light me hair, so this sounded right up my street. Embedded within this mask are some of my all time favourite smells and oils, coconut, caster, olive, jojoba, geranium, lavender and cedar wood. Can you imagine how this smells?? As soon as you open the pot, it has the most relaxing aroma. I can smell Lavender the most, which pleases me as its good for me.

The product itself looks creamy, this soon changes as soon as you add heat. The first time I applied this to my hair I swooped up the product in seconds it had turned to an oil. I rubbed this into my perched hair, my hair loved it. My hair felt more manageable after use it was soft, but not flyaway. The mask made an obvious difference to my hair, it looked silky and shiny.

You can apply to your hair and leave for 15 mins or overnight, what ever suits. I have used it both ways. It gives great results either way but more so if you leave overnight for an intensive treatment.

The picture above I have tried to show you what the product looks like when you take it out of the pot (Left) and then how it melts with the heat from my hand (Right).

I have used this pot now 3 times and I would predict I have another 3 uses from it, my hair is now past my shoulders so I would need more prodcut then someone with shorter hair, I think this is good value for money when you work out the cost X the uses.
Since winning the hair mask I have been looking at the Lulu & Boo website, they have some amazing sounding products that I want to investigate. I hope to try more soon, have you tried anything from them? If so what would you recommend?
Jen x

Sunday 28 April 2013

Ysl Rouge Volupte #26

Ive said it before, and I will say it again! This is the most beautiful lipstick case's I have ever seen. I think its just so pretty, I like how YSL change the coloured centre part to show what shade the lipstick is. This was a gift from my sister, she has excellent taste. I love nothing more than pulling this little gem out of my bag and applying to my lips. It provides me with a subtle cover of peachyness.

YSL Rouge Volupte #26 is a firm favourite of mine, its another peachy pink offering. This time a very creamy in formula.

The photo looks different than it does in real life, it looks way darker in this picture, its actually a pastel peachy pink in real life. Its the perfect shade that goes with most looks.

The texture is very creamy, it looks fantastic on the lips, due to the creaminess it does not last long. I would say 2 hours max. But this has not put me off buying more from their collection. They are so nourishing and moisturising on my lips. Just a real luxury lipstick in every way.

I now own a few from this collection, and I have my eye on more. I have a few boots points toting up, so I may spend them on another ..........?
Jen x

Saturday 27 April 2013

Samples #3

I love writing these posts, I enjoy sieving through my draws to see what samples I can try this time. I have a variety of different items to try and I have found some outstanding products through sampling first. I love trying new things.

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap
My absolute favourite bath bomb is Dorothy and I've heard this soap smells just the same!! I cant wait to try this. It looks creamy and soft to the touch.

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
The lovely sales assistant recommended this for my son to try, he has extremely dry skin. I am looking for something to help. This smells just like honey, Yummy.

Lush Karma Soap
Karma is another scent from lush that I love, oh its soooo nice. I own a few bath bombs and the solid perfume. I had no idea they made this soap until I got talking to the sales assistant. I cant stop sniffing this!!

Kadria Baby Balm
I stumbled across this company on twitter, I felt intrigued to try after reading the product information. It has amazing ingredients, and huge benefits. I used this last night. Oh my!!!! I wont report back yet but if I get the same results tonight I am speechless.

Kadria Baby Oil
This oil has a delicate scent, I tried some of my hand and my skin loved it. It rubbed in easily, no oiliness after use.

John Masters Lavender Rosemary Shampoo
I am completely new to this brand, I cant wait to try.

John Masters Citrus and Neroli
Again as above.

Dr Bronners Citrus Orange Soap
I already use the Rose and Lavender scented versions of this soap. I really enjoy using this soap to wash with and to cleanse my make up brushes. I would not normally be drawn to this scent, but I am happy to try it. You never know I may love it.

Dr Bronners Shikakai Soap
This scent from what I can gather is made especially for babies. I may try this on my sons skin.

Neals Yard Remedies Wild Rose Body Elixir
This sample smells just like a real rose, oh I could smell this all day. Its quite thick in texture.

Neals Yard Remedies Rose and Mallow Moisturiser
This one smells just like a Turkish delight bar. Its quite sweet, I will try this on my neck and chest area as my skin on my face is still breaking out.

Neal Yard Remedies Rose Body Cream
The texture of this body cream is really thick, very luxurious. I would like to purchase a nice body cream like this at some point. As you know Rose scent is perfect for me.

Neals Yard Remedies Rose Body Cream
Same as above, sorry I had not realised I posted this one twice.

Clinique CC Cream in Light
I collected this sample yesterday from a Clinique counter. Go get yours now, They will match your skin tone and provide you with a 5 day sample. It was funny as the lady put the wrong colour in the intitla pot and said oh well theres your summer colour and than gave me the light one to try now! Made me chuckle.

Burberry Fresh Glow
This little gem is from my Harrods haul, Its a high lighter that can also be added to your foundation for that perfect glow. I will try to use this both ways and let you know.

Bumble and Bumble Bb Texture
I have read so much about this brand, its seems to be a cult brand for beauty bloggers. I am really excited to try this one. I am not sure how this will work with my hair. I have blond hair, past my shoulders that naturally falls into waves.

Anita Grant Organic Sapote Seed Oil
I am going to rub this into my scalp and leave it over night. My scalp is rather dry at the moment. I trust Anita's products and know I will see results.

K Pour Karite Gentle Shampoo
Completely new to this brand, I recently made an order with LucyRose1 (post to come soon) and I got a few samples to try. This being one of them, its a fab sample size, I am sure I will get 2-3 washes out of it.

Anita Grant Coconut Rosewood Water
I will be using this as a treatment for my skin, or hair?? The ingredients look like the would nourish both so I will see.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
I have tried this before and totally enjoyed it. I will carry this in my handbag, its the perfect size. The formula is thick so you don't need to use that much. Shea butter smells so natural, its a creamy scent.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm
I got this is my latest in Beauty Box. I was super excited to try this, it seems every blogger in the land loves this. I wonder whether the name entices people? Its rather naughty.

Oskia Nutri-Active Nourishing and Regenerating Cream
My lovely friend Jen from readheadbeautydiaries.co.uk (please check out her amazing blog) sent me a few things to try. I have not heard about this brand before. When reading the information on the packaging, it certainly sounds a luxury product.

Oskia Radiance, Energy and Protection Booster
Same as above, thanks Jen I look forward to trying my bits.

Origins Mega Mushroom Mask
I have tried this before from the very first application it was love.
 The full size is quite costly, I hope to buy a tube soon!!! But until I can I will try to get the odd sample once in a while.

L'Occitane Divine Cream
More samples form Jen, I have not tried the Divine range before, I believe this is the more expensive side of L'Occitane. I cant Wait to report back to you.

L'Occitane Divine Eyes
This sample is a blessing, more recently I have noticed my eyes becoming dry and fine lines appearing. I hope to try a few products and find the one that makes a difference to me.

 I hope you like my picture back ground? Do you recognise it?? Its the beautiful Pearl Lowe designed Glossy Box. I would of liked at least 4 of these to keep out on display in my beauty room. What a fab design, its my choice of pattern and colours.
Jen x

Friday 26 April 2013

Empties #2

Since starting my blog I have used up so many products. I cant decide if I used this amount before, and just did not realise as they went straight into the bin? Or am I using more??? I don't know, but hence due to the amount I have gathered this month I thought I'd share them now, before the post gets too long.

Korres Fig Shower Gel
Fig is another fave scent of mine, I love the Figs and Leaves soap from Lush as well. I really like this shower gel, its moisturising and soothing to my skin. I must add I am very disappointed to hear Korres use SLS???? I cant understnad why, they have a huge list of what they don't use on the ingredients. Surely you would think SLS would not be added to a natural product.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Wash
I really enjoyed using this body wash, I love rose scented items. The formula is thicker than most natural products and due to this I found this lasted longer. I recently took Holland and Barrett up on their offer, It was buy one get one half price, and I am glad I did.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash
I received this a long time ago in a beauty box, somehow it got forgotten about. I dug it back out and fell in love!!! Its so nice, again to me it smells amazing.

Lush Snow Fairy
I must add this is not mine, its not my scent of choice. I know this may be a controversial comment as I know its a blogger cult product. I brought this for my son, he loves the scent, and owns soaps, balms and all sort in the scent.

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash
This formula was thinner than the rose scented version, I couldn't decide if I liked this scent? Its seemed quite sweet and dare I say sickly?? Its did not irritate my skin so this was a bonus.

Moroccanoil Conditioner
This is my all time holy grail hair care brand, I love it. I have a terrible icthy, dry scalp and this brand has certainly improved it. The formula is not thick, but still very moisturising. I love then scent, its so fresh and I can smell it for hours after my daily hair wash.

Organic Surge Tropical Bergamont Shower Gel
A nice body wash, smells lovely, again was a thicker consistency. I found it lathered up well compared to other natural products.

Rituals Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk
I am not sure if this is classed as natural?? Please tell me. I really enjoyed using this cream, it smells heavenly, the texture was extremely thick and took a while to stink into my skin, I like this after my bath I like to slather myself in a good moisturising product.

Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
I have used this product on and off for many years. My sister used to manage a Clarins counter for over 8 years, so I know the brand well. My skin seems to like this item, I have been suffering lately with my skin as its been breaking out.

Herbal Essence Conditioner
I picked this up from the pound shop, I had read some rave reviews and wanted to try it. It made my scalp itch, so I could not continue with using it. My boys used it up, they did really enjoyed using it. Their hair felt soft after use and smelled fresh and clean.

Sensodyne Repair Toothpaste
I know you are properly thinking what a strange one to add?? But I have seen great results since using this item. I have suffered with sensitive teeth and gums for a long time. My dentist recommended this to try. I was initially shocked at the price, over £4 for a toothpaste!! I can honestly say its the best thing I did, It has totally changed everything, I have no problems now at all. I wont stop using this, never ever!!

Eco Boutique Body Lotion
I received this in a beauty box, it was quite runny but easy to absorb into my skin. It was a small sample so I did not get a full use from it. It smelled fresh and clean, quite an earthy scent if I remember correctly.

Jergens Ultra Healing Cream
I received this as a freebie with a magazine. This is not a brand I have used before, It was very thick, in a silky way if that makes sense?? It smelled nice, I could describe of what, but just nice.

Dr Andrews Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief
As you may well no, I have really been struggling with my skin of late. It is breaking out and well just not behaving like it had previously. I paid a visit to my friend Soraya at my local Origins counter and purchased a few items. This little sample came from a gift set my mum had at home, I have since purchased another from the brand. I absolutely love using the range, it makes my skin feel clean, without feeling tight. Its so refreshing on my skin.

Dead Sea Body Lotion
Another item which came along in a beauty box, It was nice to use, I got a couple of uses out of this tub. It smelled lovely, very moisturising on my skin.

Origins Modern Friction
I have used this product on and off for years, the funny thing is I had been using it wrong!!! It was only when Soraya explained how to use this I realised. I was using it on my wet skin as a normal exfoliate product, in fact you apply to dry skin, rub gently in a circular motion then add water!! Now I have been shown the right way I seeing better results. Love this product.

I have been trying to use up all my deodorants, I am trying to find a good natural version that works. I liked this, it worked for me and smelled lovely, but its not natural. I really want to replace normal deodorants with natural ones. I am concerned with the dangerous ingredient's in normal ingredient's. I have tried one natural brand and believe me it did not work. The search continues..........

Lush Rub Rub Rub
I absolutely love the smell of this item, its a bright blue exfoliating product, it loves a smooth coating on my skin. It contains sea salt so I would not recommend this for your face, but its perfect for your body. It has an amazing effect on my skin, I have already started my next tub.

One of my all time favourite perfumes, I have a couple more of them in my stock!! I carry them around in my bags. They are the perfect size and the bottles are so pretty, I love the flower prints. This pattern is from last year, the new design for this year is more Aztec. I will always have a bottle of this in my collection. I would describe the scent as a floral, Rosy scent.

Benefit Porefessional
This is my primer of choice, I do own the large sized tub, but I am trying to work through all the sample sized ones I have. A good few months ago one of the magazines had free Benefit products free, me being me cleared the shelves!! I worked out the cost of the magazine compared to the product and it made it so cheap, so I stocked up. I suffer with the dreaded lunchtime make up slip, you know when you look in the mirror and think, I'm sure I put make up on this morning?? So where has it gone, Well this helps a little.

Clarins Toning Body Polish
This has been in my draws for a long time, I just never got around to using it. Its has a citrus scent, which is not my favourite of mine. The texture was very oily, felt heavenly on my skin, it really did a good job of removing all the dry skin, it also left a thin layer of oil residue on my skin, I did not need to moisturise afterwards.

Origins Mushroom Serum
This sample is the same as the sachet shown below, when I initially tried this serum I was shocked. It did not look like any other serum, It looks very earthy, a greeny, browny colour that smells really unusual. It took me a while to get used to the smell. I am used to it now, and I am starting to see results. I had been waking up to a lot of spots everyday. Now its just one or two, this still is too many and upsets me, but its a huge improvement.

Origins Mushroom Mask
The first time I tried this mask was at at skin consultation with Soraya, she tailored a mask to meet the needs for my face. Literally using 2-3 different masks for the various concerns of my face. I have never heard of this fabulous technique before, I was continue to use this method its great!!! I love this face mask, its so nice on my skin, its thick and creamy and very soothing to my sore skin.

YSL Manifesto
This scent smells Divine, I am so good at describing the notes embedded, so I have taken them from their website!! Here we are 'a woody floriental scent carrying daring blackcurrant, addictive white flowers and a sensual blend of vanilla and woods'.

Aromatherapy Associates  Revive Morning
What a luxury brand, I savoured every moment lying in my bath. It smelt so uplifting, refreshed my mind. I enjoyed using this, I have a couple more of this size and I own 3 full size oils. I don't use them much as I don't want them to finish!! My skin felt rejuvenated afterwards, I highly recommend you try these bath oils.

Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb
Another perfume sample I am trying to sue up, I have a large glass jar full of perfume samples I am trying to work through. Flower bomb has notes of bergamont, jasmine, orchid, freesia, rose and patchouli and smells soooooo nice.


Clarins  Wonder Perfect Mascara
I enjoyed using up this mascara, it gives a full lash whilst lengthening at the same time. I found it did not transfer to my under eye area, and was easy to remove at the end of the day.

Avon Eyebrow Glimmer Stick
I have been looking for the perfect eyebrow product. I have tried powders and pencils from several brands. This is one of them, I found the colour to be a great match for me. Its a twist up pencil the nib is quite big compared to the Mac offering. I am currently using the Mac one and getting on well, the only complaint is the price and how little product you get. Hence I have stocked up with 4 more Avon pencils. I find the Avon one lasts all day once applied.

Wowza that was a lot of chatting, Sorry it was so big. I would love feedback with regards to some of my questions surrounding the green items or need of them! Thanks for reading.
Jen x

Thursday 25 April 2013

Dior Addict Extreme #343

Before I begin may I add this is my first Dior Addict Extreme lipstick!!!! eeeekkkkk. I don't know what has taken me so long??? But from first impressions I am very happy with my purchase and I am
looking at other colours to add to my ever growing make up collection.

The packaging is rather unusual, but very nice. Its taller than my other lipsticks and I cant stand it in my muji storage. I like to keep all my nice lipsticks in their original boxes, but I cant with this one.


Isn't this a beautiful shade?? This is totally a Jen colour. Spring Ball #343 is from Dior's new spring collection. recently whilst pursuing the Dior counter I realised you can get the same shade in 3 different finishes. I have never heard about this service from any other brand. What a brilliant thought, I tried this colour in the original Addict, the colour pay off was very faint, when I tried the Extreme I fell in love. They also sell this colour in a gloss, I tend not to wear glosses that often. You can also get the same shade in the nail polish, it looks amazing. I may have to pick that up soon.

The swatch below shows a few applications, you can achieve a stronger look or you can sheer it out. It gives such a pretty look on my lips that lasts a good 4 hours.

Have your tried the Dior Addict Extreme range yet? Have you taken a look at their new spring range? It has a few colours I like to get, its a winner for me.
Jen x

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Nars blusher collection

Today's post is exciting for me, this collection is one of my pride and joys. I have been collecting Nars Blushers for a few months now. I initially brought one and was so impressed with the quality I keep dding more to the collection.

Nars Trio
This is a fab little compact, it holds the famous Orgasm, Albatross and Laguna. I actually brought this in a blog sale for a bargain price. Its very loved and I use it regularly.

Nars Orgasm
A tiny little size, this was part of a free gift. It's perfect for travel and to keep in my handbag for those daily touch ups.


Here's a swatch fro you, I am sure you have all seen these colours before?? We have Laguna on the Left, Orgasm in the centre and Albatross on the Right. I don't use the high lighter much, this is because it has a golden sheen and it doesn't really suit me.

Nars Deep Throat
Don't they have such naughty names!!! This is one of my all time favourite blushers. It's the perfect peachy pink with subtle shimmers.

Nars Duo Desire/Amour
On the left is Desire it looks quite a scary shade but applied with a light hand, it looks really nice. Its a blue toned pink. The right side to the duo is Amour, this is a lovely autum/winter shade, this offrering is a red/pink toned shade.

Nars Sex Appeal
I am blushing typing these names!! No need for blusher today. Again I picked this up from a blog sale, it looks really pale in the pan, but on my pale skin it looks so pretty. It has just enough colour to give a gorgeous glow. I would not recommend this for darker skin tones.

On the left I have swatched Sex Appeal (you can just about see it) then the lovely Deep Throat, then Desire and on the right we have Amour.

Nars Luster
This little beauty had never caught my eye, It was not a shade I felt drawn too. I read a great little blog post and though wow I need this in my life. I headed down to Space N K and it was sold out. I tried Selfridges and managed to pick the last one in stock up. Yippee, it must be popular.

Nars Doucear
I have wanted to buy Tarte Exposed for so long, why can't we get them in the UK?? Anyway I noticed this looked similar to exposed. Although I don't own both so I can't compare. None the less I really like this shade, sometimes I use this as a contour and blush together. It gives a lovely sculpture to my face.

On the left we have Luster, this gives a warm shimmer to my cheeks. It really lifts your face. On the right is my latest buy Doucear, can you see what I mean by using it as a contour?? It's perfect.

Hers another look at my collection, what shades would you recommend me to buy next?? What is your must have colour?

I hope you liked reading about my Nars blusher collection, I have a few more Nars make up items that I can post about if your interested? Can you believe I am yet to try any of their lipsticks?? I did not realise what a lipstick junkie I was until starting this blog.
Jen x

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Coloured Lip Balms

I cant tell you how long I wanted the Baby Lips, as they are not sold in the UK the only place to get them is via Ebay or Amazon. The prices are ridiculous, but I gave in and brought one. It cost around £10 including P&P. Silly I know, and then I found something even better. Whilst browsing Birchbox's website I stumbled across Korres offering. I had to try them out. I had a few points to spend at Birchbox so I only paid £4 for both of them. They are £7 each normally, but well worth it in  my opinion.

Here we have Rose, its the perfect Rosey flushed lip colour, just a sheer wash of colour. It has the most moisturising feel to the lips. You can build the colour up by applying several layers to the lips.

I couldn't decide what shade to get from the Baby Lips range, I looked at a few swatches on line, and decided to go for Cherry Me #15. It smells soooo nice, I love cherry scents, I remember having something similar a few years ago. This one applies lighter than Korres Rose, its a lovely balm feel, that adds that extra something to your lips without the full on lipstick.

And finally Korres Pink, this is a soft pink, very sheer again moisturising.It doesn't have a strong scent, I can smell Shea Butter. This is paraben free, mineral oil free,glycol free silicone free and ethanolamine free.

Here's a look at all three together, I would say Rose by Korres has the most pigment. But I like them all equally and wear them a lot. I would like to try more of the baby lips, I have heard they are coming to the UK in the spring/summer time. I truly hope this is true?


I own one of the YSL sheer lipsticks and I have swatched lots more colours, I honestly think these coloured lip balms compare to them but only at a fraction of the price. Soon I will be adding to my collection, also when I go away on my next holiday, I will most likely just take something like this.
Jen x

Monday 22 April 2013

My favourite lip balms

I absolutely love lip balm, I'm constantly slathering it on my lips. I tend to use my pot ones at home. I know my fingers are completely clean! And stick versions when I'm out and about.

I have quite a collection, here's the ones I've selected for this post.

Nuxe Reve De Miel, I'm in love with this one. When I'm at one t goes everywhere with me. It's either in my American Apparel pouch or next to my bed. It really does wonders for my lips. It's true, if I apply before bed its still there in the mornings.

Chanel hydramax lipbalm, I've not heard many people talk about this offering. It's a creamy, moisturising balm. It's not thick or too heavy. It's s nice lip balm.

Nuxe again, this is isn't as thick as the one above. I tend to carry this around whilst I'm at work. It's still moisturising.

Smiths rosebud salve, is a rose tinted balm. This is more like a Vaseline texture. It gives your lips a rose bud effect. It smells heavenly.

EOS I wanted this for sooooo long. Another American product that's hard to get in th UK. If you do get it here its extremely expensive compared to its price in the USA. It's a really nice lip balm. I have summer fruits, it's very fruity and enjoyable to use.

Declor lip balm, this is quite old. I used to have lots of beauty treatments at a local salon. They stocked the brand declor, you know me by now! Every time I visited I'd be buying something. This has quite a strong scent. It's not something you would say is right for a lip balm. It's quite herbal. It's quite expensive so I need o use it up. It's very thick in texture, I'd say its similar to Nuxe Reve de Miel.

Creme de la mer lip balm, this feels lovely on the lips. It leaves a nice sheen to my lips. It's such a luxury brand. If I remember correctly its over £40?? What's disappointing to me is the scent, it's minty. I hate minty scents, they make me feel sick. I so wished they made this in other scents! Rose would be fabulous! I need to use this up, but I'm finding it hard.

So there we have some of my lip balms. As you know I've recently brought the By Terry balm de rose. I'm totally in love with that!!! You have to try it out.

Jen x