Wednesday 31 July 2013

Autograph M&S Pure Colour

I am lucky enough to have a M&S Beauty Hall in my local store, I love looking at all the amazing brands they have on offer. I watched one of my good friends Megan declaring her love for a M&S make up product, I have to admit, I have never taken the time to look at their make up before. I could of easily brough several products, I tried to be good and decided to pick up one item to see how I get on with it, I have since tried this product and I can say there are going to be many more purchases to follow.

The packaging is quite simple, black and sleek in its appearance. I like packaging like this as they stach easy in my Muji draws.

On first inspection it looks like you get a lot of product for your money although I could not find the actual weight anywhere. There are 18 shades to chose from all very wearable, neutral colours. The formula is so smooth, easy to blend and leaves a satin finish. I have found this product to be long wearing and has limited fall out on application.

I chose the shade Purple Rain, I have to be honest and say the name does not match the shade at all. This is more of a taupe with under tones of greige. I cannot see any hint of purple. I took a small amount of product of my blending brush and applied to my lower lid, they a took more product and concentrated on my crease area, I was able to achieve a lovely look with the one shadow, it looked like I had used two or more shadows!

Have you tried a make up product from M&S? I will be adding to my one eyeshadow in the very near future, have you any recommendadtions?
Jen x

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Poundland finds

I am literally shell shocked by the finds in my local Poundland. I found a few bits on the shelves and when I went to pay I said to the sales assistant how pleased I was with what I had, he said wait there a moment. He came back with a huge box of more goodies!!! There I was at the till, holding the queue up, searching through a huge box. Oh my, I found so many goodies, I even brought back ups, bits for friends and family and more for the give away I am planning.

All Rimmel products I lovely hot pink liner, nude lip stick and a berry shimmer lipstick. I dont care for the berry shimmer so my mum will have that.

I have been looking at these since they were recently launched, I could not believe my eyes. I picked up the cool and warm toned offereings. They are sooo pretty on the skin, a perfect gentle shimmer.

I found a black and a brown mascara, I though perfect for my holiday's. I like to try different finishes when it comes to mascara, one is for curling and the other extra volume.

The eyeshadows are not the most pigmented but they do offer a gentle shimmer on the eyes, perfect for day time make up. The concelear is a mattifiying one, its rather different as the centre part is green. I presume this would work wonders on any red areas.

Nail Polish
OPI, yes you read that correctly. OPI in Poundland is a first for me. I am sure I let out a squeal in the shop, I grabbed them all quickly. There was a lady next to me trying to get in on the action! They were all the shatter versions, one is black and the other a beautiful shimmering green. I cant wait to try these nearer to the christmas period.

What have you found in your Poundland recently? I wonder if anyone else has been lucky enough to find OPI? I cant wait to look again, I hope the nice man is on the till again.

Jen x

Monday 29 July 2013

July Loves

Its that time again, my monthly loves. I really enjoy writing these posts, I get everything I have been reaching for and sit on my bed whilst deciding what to blog about.  There's a mixed bag this month for sure........

Sally Hansen Gel cuticle Remover
This works a treat, I had never tried anything like this before. I watched a fellow blogger rave about a similar product that she had purchased in USA by Sally Hansen. I picked this up soon after hearing her love for the product. For a little over £6.00 it works so well. I apply a little over my cuticles and they literally disappear in seconds. I take a cuticle stick and push back my skin, then wash my hands, I am left with soft/smooth tips.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray*
This was given to me as a sample to try out, I really have loved trying this. When I want to achieve bigger waves I spray a few times over my dry hair, my hair seems to get bigger and stays! This says a lot for me as my hair is very fine and I have lots of it, so it can be extremely hard to style.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
I have fallen head over heels with this product, after a recent consultation at my local Boots counter I had to purchase. I am totally in love with the finish I can achieve with this little gem. LOVE.

Clinique City Block 40SPF
We have bee having a mini heat wave in the UK lately, this is the only specific SPF I have in my collection for my face. It works well and has not broke me out, extra bonus points.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm
Even typing the name to this product makes me smile, what a cheeky name, so funny. I like the thick texture of the balm, it lasts well on my lips. I can still feel the balm on my lips when I wake up in the morning if I apply at bedtime.

Tom Ford Lipstick #Blush Nude
I cannot put this lippie down, its a recent purchase and seems to go well with my daily neutral looks. I will be needing a back up soon. Its the perfect soft nude for me.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm #Rose
I received this sample sized balm in a past beauty box. I really enjoy not only the finish but also the scent. Now I don't normally care for citrus scents in general so I am shocked I am saying this. But I do, its not overpowering, just delicate.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick #Chintz
This is quite similar to my Tom Ford in shade, although it leans a little more pink in real life. I cannot say enough good things about Chanel make up, I love it. The formula and collections are second to none. Sooo chic.

Swatches from L-R

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm #Rose

Tom Ford Lipstick #Blush Nude

Chanel Lipstick #Chintz

Dior #Amber Diamond
A true blogger cult must have product, I find this works with any make up look. I take a Real Technique Contour Brush and apply high to my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. I also like to dab a little under my brow bones.

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow #Tansoleil
Simply a beautiful cream to powder product, I take a stippling brush and blend onto my cheeks. I like to keep my blusher quite high up.

BareMinerals Eyecolor #Pebble
LisaLisaD1 recommended this product in a video of hers, of course it went straight onto my wish list. I had to travel to a few BareMineral counters to get my hands on this as well, so it must be very popular or lots of people watch LisalisaD1  I generally use this in my crease and blend out.

Nars Eye shadow Palette #American Dream
I was so happy to get my hands on this limited edition palette, lots of make up looks can be achieved with the beautiful collection of shades, they are all super pigmented and have little fall out.

Juicy Couture Roller ball #Viva La Juicy #La Fleur
I love Roller ball perfumes, why can't we get them in the UK? I would love a few of them in my favorite scents. I think they are perfect to carry around in my handbag. This was a gift in my Christmas stocking, I know my hubby got this from Selfridges, there was no other scents to choice from though. I do enjoy the scents, very girlie and floral.

Clinique all about eyes serum
I cannot tell you how soothing this is in the heat, I could sit all morning rolling the cooling metal ball onto my under eye area. Its soooo nice.

Opi Nail Envy
Another Blogger wonder product, this does work well for me. My nails grow quickly and become very strong. I must remember to keep applying though, as soon as I don't have this on my nails they break off.

Bodhi Mint the Temple Balm*
This was one of the products I literally had within reach for the month of July, as I was completing my degree I had so much stress and many headaches. I found this product to be a truly soothing product to use. I love to dab onto my wrists and temples, then I take a deep breathe in wait a moment or two and I am ready to commence my laptop tapping again.

La Roche Posay Redermic*
I received this in the later days of July to try from WIMH, I have been applying mostly to my frown lines. I am sure I can see a difference already, watch this space.....................

Chanel #Le Jour De Chanel*
Chanel #La Nuit De Chanel*
Chanel #Le Weekend De Chanel*
Again I received these samples to try from Chanel's new serum launches, I will be reporting back more in there own blog post.

Cath Kidston Blogging Book
I love Cath Kidston, her beautiful floral patterns truly attract me. I love nothing more than making lists and plans for future blog posts in my book.

Nuxe #Nuxellence Jeunesse, Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid*
I have been reaching for this serum most days this month, its a light fluid that sinks in easily to my skin. I usually apply to my freshly cleansed skin after my double tone and before my moisturiser. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling nourished.

I hope you enjoyed having a look through my loves for the month of July, I would love to hear what you have been loving. If you keep a blog please leave me your post link so I can take a peep at yours.

Jen x

Sunday 28 July 2013

Guerlain Creme Camphrea

This is an unheard of product, one that I found by chance. And now it's one I could not live without! Its another one of those occasions when I explored a beauty counter with a very nice, helpful assistant. I was sent away with lots of samples to try for myself, I must admit looking at my sample of this product I did not feel excited. I gave it a go anyway and wow, I had to go back and make my purchase!! As some of you may know I struggle with my skin, lately it has been breaking out and extremely hard to look after.

Guerlain is a beautiful brand, I believe its up their with brands like Givenchy and Chanel, but is often over looked. If you take a look at the products, you will see how the make up range is packaged in such chic casings. Today I am talking about this little tube of amazingness, yes this is full sized at 15ml a little goes a long way I assure you. Creme Camphrea is a multi use product, I have tried it all ways and wow, its good at its job that's for sure.

There are multi uses for this product, here's how I have tried it:-
  • As a primer underneath your make up, instantly helps to tighten pores and leave a smooth base for your foundation.
  • Use as a concealer to hide blemishes or scar tissue.
  • As a spot treatment, this product will dry out spots and help to prevent new ones appearing.
  • As an over night facial treatment, use twice a week.

The formula is very thick, you only need a pea sized amount to cover your whole face. I tend to dab onto my spots directly as a treatment or if I want my make up to stay all day I will smooth some over my T Zone. This works as a excellent primer especially in this humid weather.

This is an effective product for spot reduction and acne control, its as simply as that. This is an effective product, I am shocked its not spoken about more??? If you suffer from break outs or the occasional spot you need to have a tube of this in your collection. Its a staple in mine, I wont let it hide away in the back of my draw again! Its staying on my dressing table forever.
Jen x
I purchased mine from Debenhams for £20.25

Saturday 27 July 2013

Ecotools Essential Eye Set

I have purchased several items from Ecotools and always been rather happy with each purchase. I noticed this little set whilst getting my weekly groceries at Asda. I have been looking for items I need for my holiday, I thought this set would be great for travel, and £9.50 for 5 mini brushes and a zip pouch how could I resist?

I like the little pouch that carries the brushes, one side is waterproof and will keep my larger make up bag clean. Its also the perfect size to fit more of my travel sized brushes in.

There is a brush for every use here, they feel so soft on my skin. My favourite brush has to be the larger placing brush, first on the Left. Its looks like it will be good when I want to apply one shade all over my eyelid. The middle brush will be fab for applying a crease colour.

I am yet to try this set but I can say the brushes feel soft and blend colour easily on my hand. I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for a drug store brand, they are so cheap, but work so well. I will say they are a lot cheaper to purchase in Asda then Boots for instance.
Jen x

Friday 26 July 2013

LancĂ´me #les paillettes aux yeux

I have found a beautiful highlight product, I had to show you all. I found this offering at Lancomes beauty counter recently whilst shopping in Selfridges. I do not know if this is sold exclusively in Selfridges? It was an absolute bargain at a little over £8.00 how could I not take it home with me?

I love the packaging, what a cute little pot. Its made from glass so will be great for travelling. Its quite compact as well so will certainly be coming on holiday with me.

#A La Belle Etoile 10
The product is super pigmented, simply a perfect colour to highlight with. Its creamy, peachy even a little champagne shade. I love it, it looks so pretty applied to my skin. I have used this on my cheek bones, under my eyebrows and as a eyeshadow product. Its certainly a multi use product.

The pigment is so finely milled, it blends easily on my skin. I find highlighters with gold undertones don't work well for me, this being more warm toned is perfect for me.

Have you tried Lancomes pigments before? I really want to try more shades, I have tried this on my eye area and on my skin and it looks amazing. A beautiful, yet gentle effect, perfection.
Jen x

Thursday 25 July 2013


I have seen the brand Sinfulcolor quite a lot lately on numerous blogs, they seem to be the latest blogger must have product! And as usual my local Boots is the last to the party! Finally I have been able to get my hands on a few to try. At only £1.99 how could I resist grabbing a few to try. I felt drawn to the pastels mostly, lets go and see what I got.

Boogie Nights
A lovely coral shade, quite thin in formula. It took 3 coats to get an opaque cover, the finished look is creamy.

Island Coral
A pink pastel shade, completely opaque in 2 coats. A creamy finish, I love this shade, its a must have.

A gorgeous orange/coral, completely opaque in 2 coats, a lovely creamy finish. I have this on my pinkies at the moment. This is a summer shade, perfect for my holidays.

This one is quite different to my other selections, a dark green base with tiny glitters in gold, green and turquoise. I picked this one up to use on my ring finger when I am wearing my Chanel Azure.

Be Happy
A gorgeous creamy pastel green, maybe a dupe for Essies Mint Candy Apple??? I will report back.


A pastel baby blue, with tiny shimmers of pink and sliver. I beautiful colour. I have this on my fingers now and I have received so many complements! Everyone has been asking what it is. Another must have, grab this quick whilst you can.


Mint Apple
Slightly darker than Be Happy, I am sure this is a dupe for Essies summer collection Naughty Nautical?? This has a slight sliver shimmer undertone. I would say grab this quick, its simply amazing.

I gave myself a manicure with Be happy and a pedicure with Island Coral, I have been pleased with the wearing on my fingers. I normally have chips within an hour or two! I have been rocking it for two days now and no chips. I will certainly be picking a few more up in  the future. My only negative comment would have to be the names, I don't think they have been well thought out. Some of the names have no link to the shade at all, I like it when the shades relate to the names, I hope sinfulcolors change that soon.
Have you tried Sinfulcolor yet? I highly recommend these offerings, they are excellent value for money, especially the fashionable shades you may not want to pay Chanel prices for.
Jen x

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Nail of the day

Very quick post today guys, I'm tapping away trying to complete my finial pieces of work for my degree, the submission date is Friday!! Eeekkkk

I thought I'd show you my quick DIY mani, it was a rushed job, sorry guys. I love a red nail, there's something about red it's chic and may I add womanly. Today's red is Malaga Wine by OPI. I added a cost of OPI Nail Envy to finish.

What colour are you rocking on your nails? 

                            Jen x

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Ooh la la naked coco de mer

I am always on the look out for more natural products that don't contain SLS and Parabens, I find they are extremely hard to come by in your normal everyday stores. I don't understand why Boots and Superdrug don't carry more of these products?

I noticed Ooh la la naked coco de mer in my local Boots but there was limited choice/range to choose from. I do like the scent if this one, its quite sweet, but nice. The formula is thick,creamy and lathers up well with the use of a bath puff. My skin felt amazing after use, so nourished and smooth.

Ooh la la Naked range is 97% natural and has worked wonders on my sons sensitive skin, he has experienced no reaction or itching.

 Hace you trtied this brand before? I really want to try more, but where carries a good range? Please help.
Jen x

Monday 22 July 2013

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts

I enjoy nothing more than to have a long soak in a my bath, therefore I need to have some nice products to use. I am not one to have a bubble bath, I much prefer salts, bombs and bars. They leave my water so soft, there is nothing quite like them for me.

Yesterday I whilst browsing the shelves, I came across Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts. I had a quick sniff of them in the store and than they were on their way home with me. I have not heard about this brand before, looking at the packaging they give me the impression that they have been around a while.

What an absolute bargainous price of £6.85, the tub is so heavy. I cannot get over how cheap they are, I wished we had smell o blogging, because the scent is simply beautiful. The Rose scent is just like real roses, I just love them, in fact I love them that much I am going to buy some back ups just in case. It seems to be my luck that my 'cannot live without' products always become discontinued.

The brand offers lots of skin care benefits, they include, no SLS, free from Lanolin,  no detergents and free from chemicals. Dead Sea use 3 main vegetable oils to blend their products. They are Olive, Coconut and Palm Oils.

You can see the real dried Rose Petals in the salts, what a pretty pink colour as well. I have tried the salts and oh my, I felt so relaxed, calm, soothed and soooo sleepy I was ready for bed. I will be saving these salts for evening use only. I am so pleased to have found this pot of heaven, I can see this product being part of my evening routine for a long time ahead.

Have you tried this brand before? I have not but I am curious to try more now. Would you anything?
Jen x

Sunday 21 July 2013

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go

It seems like I have been searching for the perfect Eyebrow product for an eternity. My friend had been singing the praises of Smashboxes new Brow Tech To Go, I thought why not give it a go myself. I feel its priced so well for £19.00 considering you get 2 products in one. One end there is a clear brow gel and the other end is a retractable cream pencil product.

The shape of the pencil is quite unique, it reminds me of the Tom Ford one. The nib is quite big, and shaped in a triangle. It has taken some getting used to, to achieve a good symmetrical shape but one you get your flow with it, its soooo easy to use. Another feature I love is the pencil is retractable, unlike others I have used (Mac I am looking at you) so there is no risk of wastage or losing product through breakage. Due to the shape of the nib it keeps the product strong, from my experience the finer nibs break so easily, which makes them extremely expensive.

The clear brow gel wand is the perfect shape for me, its teeny tiny, this makes it so easy to use. I have used larger varieties before that have smudged my eye make up. This will not happen with this little beauty, it is great to work with.

The colour is perfect for me, I am fair skinned with blond hair. I have really struggled over the years to find the correct shade, previously I have experienced products to be too red, green or even muddy. I can honestly say this has been one of the best colour matches I have ever tried. If I remember correctly there was another shade to select, one for brunettes.

I would love to hear what eye brow products you are currently using, I watched a you tube video recently and the girl had brought 8 different brands to try. All high end may I add!! Wow, now that is excessive even for me.
I purchased my Smashbox Brow Tech To Go from Boots, a lovely girl called Laura served me. She was super sweet, explaining the best way to apply. Laura provided me with a few samples to try of their primers and BB cream. As I get around to trying them I will report back.
Jen x

Saturday 20 July 2013

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier

This post is very exciting for me, my darling husband brought me Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier for my graduation gift. I will keep this bag forever, each time I look at the bag I will remember all the hours I spent on my degree, the tears and laughter (believe me there has been plenty of both!) If you look on the left handle you will see J.M they are my initials, my husband arranged for my bag to be personalised for me. I am thrilled, and have used nothing but this bag for the past week. I had a fabulous experience in the store (we visited Louis Vuitton Birmingham) the lady who served me show great professionalism and had outstanding subject knowledge of the brand. I love that, I had this thought that the Monogram print was the original print. When in fact the Damier print is the original print! We chatted for a while about the brand and various designers.

So lets take a look in my bag, what a great way to see my new bag and how much stuff I carry around. MM is the medium sized bag out of the Neverfull range, its perfect for me. I did consider the GM for a few short moments its a huge bag and I am so thankful I opted for the MM. I am in love with this bag, I am now looking at their extensive range for my next purchase.

I love to be organised, you will notice this as this post continues, I have a pouch for everything. The 2 black leather pouches are from American Apparel, one is small the other medium. And my beloved pink Mulberry Pouch, this was a gift for my last wedding anniversary.

Lets take a peek into my small black American Apparel pouch, I carry my loyalty cards in this one. The 2 Cath Kidston Card Holders look after my extensive loyalty cards, like subway, pets at home them types. At the bottom is a Mulberry Card Holder, I keep all my beauty loyalty cards in this one.

I love my Mulberry Pouch, pink is one of my all time favourite colours. I keep my ear phones in an old Mulberry draw string pouch (they don't scratch anything this way) and my I phone 5 lives a Mulberry Cover ( I also have a pink one) I am using my dark red one at the moment, I thought it matched the red fabric inside my bag better.

Due to my Louis Vuitton Neverfull being completely open, I decided to use my medium American Apparel pouch to hold my purse for safety reasons. I am using my Mulberry Postman's Lock Continental Purse at the moment, I like to change my purses around so they don't age quickly. I received this purse at Christmas, it is great and has so many compartments inside. I also put my Mulberry Pencil case inside, I am a teacher and need to carry lots of pens etc with me at all times.

Here is a close up of my purses clasp, the sun is shinning so bright today it was extremely hard to get a good picture. The hard wear is a brushed gold, I tend to opt for a grainy leather as they are harder wearing then a smooth leather option.

I also swap my make up bags around from day to day, I am using my Mulberry one today. I don't normally go for daring patterns like this one, but I really liked it. I also have a book cover to match this pattern. (I am in desperate need to buy a book that fits inside)  I only carry the bare essentials, Perfume, Lipstick, Contact Lenses, Blotting powder, Hair grips, Hand cream, Lip balm,  Cotton buds and a piece of Tigers eye.

I am wearing my Ray Bans a lot lately although I much prefer a larger style, I will most likely pass these onto my son and get another pair soon. I suffer with horrendous hay fever, so a packet of tissues is a must.

I hope you have enjoyed looking inside my handbag, I carry quite a lot around with me each day. If you have posted about whats in your handbag please link me in, I would really enjoy reading your post.
I know this post may seem a little excessive to some, with regards to all the Mulberry and expensive brands, all I can say is they have been gifts from my husband. We don't waste money on other things in life we just enjoy finer quality items. I look after my belongings and when they are not in use they are wrapped lovingly in their dust bags waiting for their next outing.
Jen x