Sunday 31 March 2013

Empties #1

This is my ever empties post! It's funny how I've managed to use items up recently. I normally keep opening more and more, having a variety of the same things on the go. There is quite a few here, maybe too many? I won't leave it so long next time.

Cath Kidston Wild Rose body cream
I'm so sad to see the end of this, not only does it smell amazing, it's so moisturising and has no nasties. I beginning to pay more attention to Parabens and SLS etc, I'm trying to stay away from these.
Repurchase:- yes

Wild Romantic Body Butter
It's came in a beauty box, the sample was so small, one scoop and it was gone. No ingredient information either, so I have no clue if its natural or not?? Smelt quite herbal but in a strange way.
Repurchase:- no

Lush Sympathy for the Skin
Sample for dry skin, it smelt very sweet, and vanillish?? Not for me. Just the smell, I'm not attracted to sweet smells. The texture was nice, not thick more like a lotion.
Repurchase:- no

Nuxe Reve de Miel
I love this product, I will never be without it. It's funny because I remember the first time I applied it I hated the scent and thought wow that was a waste of £9.50. I continued to use it as I did not want to waste it. Now I'm on my third pot, I slather this on all the time. It applies lovely to the lips, leaving a thick cover, if i apply before bed it is still there when i wake up! Amazing. It sits with pride next to my bed.
Repurchase:- yes in fact I have 3 as back ups!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
I love this, as you know I was able to try their new eye serum and fell in love with that. The texture is thick and very nourishing to the skin. I tend to use this at night as its too heavy for me in the day time. It sits in the same family as the Advanced night repair serum. Which I also cannot be without.
Repurchase:- yes

Cath Kidston Rose Soap
It's was a small soap from a gift set, my favourite scent Rose. I just love the Cath Kidston range, I want to try everything in the range. I popped this into a piece of Muslim and made a little wash bag. I do this with Lush soaps as well. Not only can you wash with it, but you also get the added extra of an exfoliator. Leaves my skin super soft.
Repurchase:- yes

Kerastase Bain Vital Dermo-calm
I used to use this shampoo as a teenager, my sister reminded me of this and promptly ordered 2 500ml bottles. But unfortunately I was disappointed, my hair and scalp must of changed since my teens. This did nothing for me and made me itch like crazy. Considering this is a calm range it did to work for me. I now have a brand new bottle I need to get rid of somehow?? I did like the pump on the bottle. Very easy to use and not waste.
Repurchase:- no

Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco
I have heard so much about this range from Vivianna and other bloggers that left me intrigued. I'd looked into the range but thought it was quite pricy, I even spotted it at an cco shop and was still rather expensive. One day I was shopping in T K Max and could not believe my eyes when I noticed what was sitting on the shelf! All alone just 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner. I had to buy. At first I wasn't impressed, it's hard to live up to my beloved Moroccanoil range. But as I used them up I started to like them. Quite moisturising to your hair, left my hair soft and smelling nice.
Repurchase:- maybe

Boots Coconut & Almond Conditioner
This has been lurking around in my bathroom for months, I don't even remember buying it. It smells so nice, you know that holiday coconut smell. Closing my eyes takes me to a hot place, sitting on z beach rubbing sun tan cream in. To be honest it's not very conditioning, my hair felt tangled after use.
Repurchase:- no

Organic Surge lavender Meadow Shower Gel
A recent buy, a brought a few bits from this range in John Lewis. It's quite a runny consistency, so be careful when squeezing it out. I lost quite a bit at first. Left my skin feeling great. Also i had no reaction, like sore, itchy or dryness. Bonus as I can be quite reactive to new products.
Repurchase:- yes already have.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate
Again this has been hanging around for a long time. I don't think I used it long enough to see a real difference. It felt smoothing on the skin, even calming in a way. My make up applied nice afterwards. This may be a good primer?? My skin did look brighter and my foundation was easy to buff in.
Repurchase:- no only because I have so many to use up at the moment.

Nuxe 24hr Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask
I cannot say enough good things about this item. I absolutely love it. It smells amazing too, I literally couldn't stop smelly the sachet. I was given this from the new M&S beauty hall. This is what I love about samples, I would not of picked this up on my own. But I'm now the proud owner. I received not only 20% off my purchase but as I brought 2 things I got a free gift!! Extra happy shopper. The mask is similar to my Sisley black rose mask. It's so nourishing, my skin just drinks it up. I apply a thin layer to my face for around 10mns. At around the 10 min mark, I noticed little whites lumps of product appearing. It's funny to see. I simply tissue off the remainder eith a little Liz Earle Tonic. My skin feels plumped up, soothed, soft and just the best it has in a long time.
Repurchase:- yes I already have.

Emma Hardy Cleansing Balm
Another product I won't be without. I use this every morning in the bath. I rub into my dry skin and leave on whilst I wash etc. Then I rub my skin in a circular motion with my wet finger tips. Next I take a Muslim cloth and wipe off the rest in a stroking motion. The only thing I don't like is the packaging, the outer lid broke and was quite tricky to use. Then the outer lid came off completely, this made it easier. The smell is heavenly, as I reached the bottom of my first ever pot, panic set in. A few clicks later on the Feel Unique website and I had ordered more. Perfect.
Repurchase:- yes

Caudalie Vinosource
Such a teeny tiny sample I can't really give my personal opinion?? It smelt nice and sank into my skin nicely. But unfortunately there was not enough of the product to use all over my face. I'd love to try a larger sample to give a better chance.
Repurchase:- maybe

Nuxe AntiFatigue Moisturising Eye cream
This is anti ageing and contains Hyaluronic Acid, this interested straight away. Another sample from M&S beauty hall. I got a few uses from this, so far so good. It was nice to use.
Repurchase:- maybe

Nuxe 24hr soothing and Moisturising Concentrate
I applied this after using the Mask from this range. My skin is breaking out at the moment, I have no idea why?? But it's extremely sore and spotty. its not nice or pretty, so this was a pleasure to use. I only got one use out of it and wished I had a few more to use.
Repurchase:- maybe once I've used up some other items.

Dior Jadore L'or
I liked this scent, fresh, flowery just nice.
Repurchase:- maybe

Dior Jadore
The original Jadore scent, I have a bottle of this. I like it, reminds me of the 90's.
repurchase:- already got it.

Gucci by Gucci
Firstly I hate these old type of sample bottles where you pull off tops. I struggle to get the tops off, end up using my teeth and end up with perfume in my mouth or I end up tipping the whole sample all over me. This Smells so nice, I really like it. Quite musky and sensual, it's my kind of scent.
Repurchase:- yes

Tom Ford Black Orchard
I have this in the largest bottle you can buy, and I hate it. It's just not for me. It reminds me of Prada, I hate that as well. Such a waste as I own both of these perfumes. Too heavy, strong, I can't put it into words??? It's really strong.
Repurchase:- no

Cacharel Anais Anais
This is what I used to wear along with Lou Lou to high school. What beautiful memories it holds. It's not the scent I would go for now, but it was lovely to try again, made me smile. It's quite fresh and citrus?? It's hard to say.
Repurchase:- no

Lady Gaga Fame
Somehow I've had a few of these samples, it's not for me. I'd say its more for younger girls. It's quite masculine smelling to me.
Repurchase:- no

Chanel Coco Noir
My all time favourite perfume is Coco, I love that perfume, I will never ever be without it. I can tell if someone else is wearing this perfume a mile off, ohhhhh sends my all funny. So you can imagine my excitement when Chanel borough this version out. I love it. Smells so nice, I was given this sample on holiday last year in Gran Canaria, I've been trying to make it last. It's so expensive, and currently on my wish list. My sister is a manager at Chanel, so I could ask her to pick it up? We will see, I have so much perfume I need to use up. It's musky, sensual, deep. I've just smelt it now and oh my! It's a winner.
Repurchase:- yes

I'm trying to get through my ever increasing stocks of samples. Every time I l go out I come home with more! I also have lots of perfume samples. I have a glass jar filled with lots of perfume samples, I am currently picking 5 out each week. I've been wearing a different one to work each day. I'm really enjoying this challenge I've set myself, now I need to look at what I'm selecting for this week?

Jen x

Saturday 30 March 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

Yesterday we drove to Birmingham to have a little shop. My husband had asked what I wanted for Easter, of course I said make up! He always buys me presents, whatever the special day is.

This is from Space N K. I actually got a few goodies, if you follow me on twitter you may well of seen a sneak peek. I will show these to you in more detail over the coming days.

Without going into too much detail yesterday was quite an experience, for all the wrong reasons, but hey ho let's move on. I don't want to think about it.

Here we have By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder. I've read about this item on Ghostparties blog. The claims of this product really intrigued me. So the packaging says 'No Pores, No Lines'. One of my mine concerns with my skin is my pores. I really struggle with them. If you have a recommendations for this issue, please, please, please let me know.

You get a lot of product for your money £41 for 10g. I feel this is a good size and will last quite a while. It comes in a neat little plastic pot. There is a plastic seal covering the powder, I've cut half of this off, This is a lesson I learnt with my Laura Mercier brightening powder. I took it all off and the powder falls out all over the place. I have to be very careful now not to allow the pot to turn over, also before I open the pot I have to tap a few times to ret some powder back into the holes. Ohhhh what a game. I won't do that again.

I was given a demonstration in Space N K, you tip a little into the lid, swirl your brush in, tap off the extra and apply to your face. Using a sweeping motion. This is done before your foundation, you use it as a primer. The effect is just beautiful, think of your skin when you were 16, smooth, soft, clear and I'm swooning again just thinking about it. You can also apply over your fou cation to set or even to touch up through the day. It provides a soft touch, blurring effect for photography, leaving a lumi- smoothing finish ensuring a clear matte skin. This is the finish I like, I have combi skin that tends to go shiny throughout the day. In my profession it's not to easy to nip off to the ladies to touch up. I need long lasting make up.

I've tried this with my Real Techniques Contour Brush. This way I have more control with where I apply. The finish is amazing, this product is like nothing I've ever used before. You may think by using a powder before a liquid foundation you would have a Cakey mess?? But believe me you don't. It's so strange how it works. On the skin it doesn't feel like powder, it's like silk, in fact it's hard to describe. I would urge you to try it for yourself, I made a bee line for this product as soon as I walked in. Dabbed it to my hand and the results were unbelievable. Even my husband was lost for words. Normally he takes a seat, waits whilst I chose and then says ' how much is it today?' He took my hand and looked amazed!

I love the wording on the box, I thought I'd photograph this for you to read. The science behind this product is outstanding.

'A true cosmetics innovation, this colourless, micro fine Hyaluronic acid powder is the new beauty step that can be used day and night, after foundation or skin care.'

I am liking this brand more and more, there are 2 more purchases from this brand that you will see soon.

Have you heard about this product? Or have you tried it?

Jen x

Thursday 28 March 2013

Giorgio Armani lipstick collection

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani do I need to say anymore? This is my all time favourite high end lipstick. I've tried a few, and so far these are by far the winners. I just cannot seem to enter Selfridges without leaving with a little yellow bag containing one of these. Ohh I am getting excited at the thought of it.

First up are my absolute favourites, I usually wear either of these for work. On the left is 102 a creamy peachy pink. Next to that is my first purchase 103 a creamy nude pink. It was when I went to get a back up for 103 that a stumbled across 102 and just had to have it.

Below we have 516 although from the same range, this is not creamy in fact a little sheer, a daring colour for me. I loved wearing this around the Christmas period when everyone else was rocking the mac plumful lip. It seemed to be a blogger must have at the time. On the right is 602 a present and I've not actually worn it yet! How naughty of me, today was the first swatch. Creamy again, a purpley pink.

Below is 510 I brought this for my holidays last year, I can remember siting at the 19th hole, in Gran Canaria. What a beautiful thought. A perfect pink, it's quite bright for me. Lastly is 402 this is a different formula to all the others, this is sheer. It's the only red I can wear as its sheer. A lovely rose bud effect on the lips.

The other 2 are back ups for 102 and 103. I don't know what I would do if they were ever discontinued??! I think these lipsticks are beautiful to look at, they have a magnetic middle, the sound of the click is so satisfying. They look so sleek, I like how they change shape form the top to bottom.

Out of all my lipstick collection, I can honestly say these last the longest. I can apply one in the morning and its still covering my lips hours later. Each application leaves a wonderful satin finish, feels very moisturising on my lips.

I brought mine from Selfridges for £25, apart from 402 which was given to my by my friend Alice, her blog is You should check her blog out is fab.

Is there any other colours you would recommend for me? Or do you have any? I would love to see what you have.

Jen x

Eyes to kill

Today I wanted to share with you my Giorgio Armani Eyes To KilI, I was introduced to this range whilst stocking up on my everyday go to work lipstick. I have quite a collection of Giorgio Armani lipsticks. This eyeshadow is so different to anything I've ever tried before, some may compare this to the loreal Infaillble, in my opinion they are not.

I have number 14, which is difficult to describe the exact colour. I can see golds, greens, bronzes and browns all in is little pot of magic. I'm looking down at my hand that I've swatched for purpose of this blog post, oh my it's so pretty. I now want to reapply my make up! What am I like........ A make up lover that's what.

I like the packaging, it's encased in glass, this makes it feel all so much more luxurious than your usual packagings. Inside sits a plastic disc to prevent drying and loss of the product. The eyeshadow is quite damp to the touch, not dry at all. It's immensely pigmented so go easy on application you only need a teeny tiny amount to work with. I apply with a flat brush and then blend out with a fluffy brush. It blend so well, really nice to work with.

Below is an example of how it applies, on the left is 1 swipe, on the right there is 2, you can see how truly beautiful it is. I've achieved so many looks with this gem, I don't tend to wear heavy make up, but I have with this as its not too much. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and believe me this makes my eyes pop, or so they say.

I brought this from Selfridges for around the £26 mark. There are so many other colours to chose from I will certainly adding to my make up collection. I've had this for over 8 months and its as good now as when I first purchased. So although its pricey it's defiantly worth it.

Have you sen these before? Have you got any other colours? I would love to hear from you.

Jen x

Tuesday 26 March 2013

What's in my Mulberry make up bag....

I thought I would show you what's in my daily make up bag, I change my items around a lot, so this is what I am using at the moment.

My make up bag is from Mulberry, a present from my husband last Christmas. Isn't it beautiful, I think so. I can fit quite a few products into this little one.

This is what I am currently loving, a mixture of Nars, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Mac, Burberry, Ysl and Lancôme. As you can tell, I love my neutral colours. Well you will do as this post continues.

Below is 2 of my Nars blushers, on the left Luster. This is sooooo pretty, quite a sheer wash of colour. It's not as dark as a peachy shade but in that family. In the middle is a new addiction from Mac, I suffer with the dreaded lunch time shine, some may like this effect but its not for me. I've been trialling this for a short time only, but so far I like. On the right we have my newest Nars blusher, Douceur. I have wanted to buy the Tarte blusher in Exposed, but as you know they are extremely difficult to get hold of in the UK. I noticed a fellow blogger had written a comparison review on Exposed and Douceur, they are very similar, the swatches looked almost the same. This is what led to this purchase. I am happy I did, it's being used most days, either as a natural blusher or I use as a contour. Perfect!

So here we have my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. I absolutely love the finish, on me it's like satin. Blends like a dream with my Sigma F80. Yes I am back to using that old treasure. I am not sure the colour is right for me?? I might pick up the shade lighter and try that one.

The Touché Éclat by Ysl does not need an introduction, if you have not heard about this where have you been all these years?? I'm sure this is been on the market for around the 20 year mark? I have shade one, it works miracles each morning to wake my under eye area up. I need this type of help at the moment. Whilst we talk about this area I dust a little magic over the top, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in number 1. I use the tiniest sprinkle with my Real Technique contour brush.

Finally Mac's most loved eye shadows (by meeeeeeeee) this is the new design from Mac. I have a 4 pan pallet, I find this much easier to use than my 15 pan edition. I find my large pallet can be rather over whelming when trying to decide the look I want. Top row left is my very first Mac eye shadow Patina, if you have not got this, may I ask why?? Holy Grail item, I will always have this shade in my collection. On the right is Naked Lunch, a perfect base colour and a little highlight for inner corners. Bottom row on the left is Satin Taupe, a lovely crease colour that I has also used for a smoky effect. Finally on the left my most recent purchase is Sable, it took 1 swatch to the back of my hand and it was mine. I cannot believe it took me so long to find this? Had I not looked at this before?? I really enjoy using this little pallet, all the colours are just right for me. I can get quite a few looks from this little carefully selected quad.

The mascara I'm using up is Lancôme Doll Eyes, it's a nice offering but I have to be honest my all time favourite is Definicils by Lancôme. I will repurchase this once I have used up all the others I have. The outside right is a Chanel kohl crayon in Ambre, just a nice brown shade to provide some definition to my outer corners, I sometimes smudge alone my top lashes. Next to this is my new Mac eye brow enhancer in Fling, I have only used 2-3 times but its been great to fill in my sparse eyebrows. The centre is just amazing don't you think? It's the perfect pink in a lipstick. It's was brought for me at Christmas, imagine my excitement when my little nephew gave my a Burberry bag with lipsticks in!!! I literally let out a squeal. I wear this lipstick quite a lot, it's the shade I seem to be drawn to most when I look at lipsticks. Do you get that? I always seem to pick up the same shades, but in different brands. I should blog about that!

I thought I would show you this little extra on my make up bag, it's a little Mulberry pencil sharpener. How cute!! I don't think I will ever use this as I don't want it to get dirty. Great addiction Mulberry. I have a book cover in this same range and that also has this extra.

Just another look at the make up bag, you can unclip the sides to make more room, or clip in down to make it a rectangle shape. The leather is exquisite, it still looks new. I find with my other Mulberry belongings they never age, don't look worn and I've never had anything break. Considering I use daily. Excellent quality, this may be why my husband always trots off in their direction at most of the gift buying occasions, well I am not complaining.

What's in your make up bag? I'd love to read about your contents, I love a good nose around others.

Jen x

Monday 25 March 2013

Samples #2

So it's Monday again and time to select this week samples. I have so many samples, and I decided this was a great way to use them up. You never know I may find a hidden gem.

As you can see I have chosen a selection of body care, skin care and 5 perfume samples. I have a glass jar ( yes another glass jar!) filled with perfume samples, so I have decided to pick 5 to use up each week. I will smell different each day of the week. I am quite excited to try this weeks samples, my skin is not behaving at the moment. I have sore areas and a break out. Woe me :(

Have you tried any of these products? I will feed back my thoughts in my empties blog post.

Jen x

Sunday 24 March 2013

Tom Ford

This is the start of my Tom Ford make up collection. I am rather happy with what I have so far.

My absolute number one is Pink Dusk, this for me is the perfect nudey pink. It's my lips but a lot better! It's the creamy formula that blew me away. With one swipe your lips are covered, in a beautiful, moisturising natural colour. Totally me.

As you can see from the swatch below, the colour and pigmentation is amazing. This will forever hold a place in my make up collection.

Next up in is actually my first purchase, I was working away on business when I noticed the hotel where I was staying over looked the Trafford centre, in Manchester! Bonus, off I trotted into Selfridges. This was the first time I had ever seen the brand Tom Ford. I was sat down by a fabulous sales assistant. I'm a girl who loves her natural shades, so it was a shock for myself to choose such a vibrant colour. None the less I love this variation.

As you can see by the swatch, what a truly divine colour. Bright, cheerful and eye catching. I find with all my Tom Ford lipsticks, they are so pigmented as I said earlier. You only need one sweep over the lips and your good to go.

Finally my more recent purchase, this is a deep colour that I would liken to a blood red. This is the only colour of this kind in my whole lipstick collection. And believe me I have a lot! So I am happy to own this.

This applies slightly different to the others, it's not so creamy, it's more sheer. But don't be fooled, it's still very pigmented. The swatch I have photographed for you is built up with a number of layers. I tend to wear this by dabbing onto my lips then rubbing in with my fingers. It leaves a lovely rouged effect.

Now let me go back to my first purchase the dating coral one, the assistant was so nice and sent me away with a bag full of goodies to try. This included sample pots of primer, foundations and lipsticks. Yes you heard me correctly, lipsticks! This is a first for me. She carefully took out a knife and proceeded to slice the ends of various shades she thought I would like. This included Sable Smoke below. A true browny nude, this will be mine one day.

Spanish Pink is below, a gorgeous baby, soft pink. I really like this offering as well.

Here is my little Muji box, what a brilliant way to keep your samples or ends of lipsticks. Waste not want not and all that, as you can see I also got a sample of Dusk Pink. As I purchased this I didn't see the point adding it in. The other 2 shades include old Ysl and Lancôme lip sticks, I just scooped the remainders out and popped into the box. I use a lip brush to apply. I would highly recommend you getting some of these muji boxes, I keep all sorts in them.

To finish this off, how beautiful is the packaging??? There is something about the click when closing. I know these are a luxury treat, and not something I could buy every week. This make Tom Ford make up an item for special occasions.

Do you own a Tom Ford lipstick? Or make up? I would love to hear what your recommendations are. I want to try the new offerings, the sheer editions.

Tom Ford lipsticks are available from Selfridges for £36.

Jen x

Saturday 23 March 2013

Lush, old loves and new finds

I nipped into my local Lush store today, mainly to restock my glass jar. I have a huge glass jar in my room, this is where I store my bath bars. I keep the lid off so my room always smells like a Lush store! Bonus. I prefer baths over showers any day, and I cannot take a bath without a chunk of my favourite bath bar from Lush. The picture below is a few bits I picked up today.

On the left is Rose Queen, this is a bomb so it's a one use item. It smells amazing and as its name suggests very Rosie. Once it melts into the bath,lots of real rose petals disperse and float on the top. How pretty is that, it makes you feel like a queen!

On the right we have ickle baby bot, again this is a bomb and single use. He smells of lavender, so I tend to use him at nighttime. I feel all sleepy after use, relaxed and ready for dreamtime.

Now we have my absolute favourites, on the top is Karma a bath bar. I break mine up into 3-4 pieces. It's scent is heavenly. I also own the solid perfume stick in this scent. It's calming, sensual and my husband loves it! Wifey points to me.

Underneath are Dorothy, this scent they say smells like figs, and their famous figs and leaves soap. It's is also a must have product for me. Dorothy also has orange oil and ylang ylang oils embedded. Just looking at this little gem makes me feel happy. Rainbows and all.

On the left we have a new bath bar, it goes by the name of The Bright Side, it's got a similar scent to the others I am always drawn to, mandarin oil and bergamot oil. This is large in size so I brake it up into 4-6 pieces.

On the right is a new edition, not something that would instantly interest me. How wrong could I be! My son has very sore, itchy red skin. You can imagine the upset this causes him. Last weekend I took him into our local Lush store and asked for advice, the lovely lady collected some fresh water in a huge silver bowl. She proceeded to wash his arm and began to rub this bar over his sore skin. I was worried, if this would make it more sore, as we had a lot of shopping to do!! Anyway he looked happy so she carried on. Afterwards I did not give it much thought to be honest, a few days later we noticed his skin was not so red and as itchy. The skin had started to turn pink. I HAD to buy this little gem.

It's called King of Skin, think of it as a skin conditioner, you wash your body as usual and then rub this magical bar over yourself and pat dry afterwards. I will report back you after a few uses. Fingers crossed.

The last purchase was Eau Roma Water, it smells nice and I thought why not give it a go?? The ingredients include Rose water and Lavender, again some of my favourite scents. Lets see how I get on with it.

Do you have any Lush loves I need to try? Please leave me a comment if you do, or any miracles for dry, sore skin. I would really appreciate that.

Jen x


Just a quick post, I brought this beauty bag from What's in my Handbag. Korres is a brand I am buying more and more, once I noticed this offering I snapped it up! A total bargain for £15. I had a voucher for £5 off and free delivery, this made me a happy shopper. All of this for £10.

Inside the bag you get, a full size nail polish, full size lip butter, 2x shower gels 50ml, 2x sachets of a cream and serum to try.

When you consider the lip balm alone retails at £7, this bag is a bargain.

Why don't you pop over to their website to take a look?

Jen x

Latest in Beauty Organic and Natural Box

Today's offering is from one of my favourite companies, Latest in Beauty. If you do not know about them I suggest you go and see their website. I can honestly say they have fanatic customer service. If you follow me on twitter, you may well remember my Christmas advent calendar? I tweeted each morning with the fabulous gifts I received. This advent was also from Latest in Beauty.

Anyway they sell limited edition beauty boxes, for all different wants and needs. This box is all about Organic and Natural products. As soon as I received the email informing me of this box, I made the order. I am at a stage now where this type of product is intriguing me more and more. I like the idea of living a more healthy, clean lifestyle. I prefer products with no parabens, sulfates and well nasties!

The first item is from the brand Jason, I have heard about this brand before but I have never tried Anything from their range. Aloe Vera statin shower, body wash has a fresh, clean smell. I cannot wait to try this. Although I may save it for travel use as its the perfect size for over night stays.

Next up are the Giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo and conditioner. This range is for damaged hair, my hair is high lighted, so this sounds good to me. I really like the packaging, size is a good one to try. The product does not have a strong scent, I may be able to smell it more whilst using?

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to get this box, I already own Dr Bromners 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender soap. I use the soap to wash my brushes and I will always have this in my collection, for me it's a must have. It smells amazing, completely cleans my brushes, well I just love it. This box contained the rose scented edition, I have many loves and one of them is rose scents. The name Rose has a special meaning to me hence my blog name.

Finally another product from Jason's brand. A lip balm. I love lip balms, I go through them so quickly. I am constantly reapplying my Reve de Miel by Nuxe, this takes pride of place on my bedside table.Unfortunately this lip balm has a minty scent, I don't know what it is with minty smells? I just cannot use them. So this little fella be given a new home soon. It's a shame as the product looks really nice, with aloe and beeswax within the ingredients.

I am really happy with this box, I cannot wait to try the hair care products and I am going to try the rose soap as a body wash. Did you buy this box? Have you brought any of the previous Latest in Beauty boxes? I see they also have an Estée Lauder edition out at the moment, I would love to get that one.

Organic and Natural box retails for £4.95 plus p&p.

Jen x