Tuesday 10 September 2013

Loreal Infaillible

My first experience with this type of eyeshadow was in fact from Armani 'Eyes to kill'. I fell head over heels with that product, it seemed so did many other bloggers across the world. Then came some rather exciting information, someone had discovered a good dupe for the highly expensive Armani offerings. This was a tall claim and one I wanted to see for myself, WOW. Whoever designed these at Loreal deserves a medal, because they did good. I know because I have both and if they were in the same packing, no labels and all, it would near on impossible to tell. Do to this I have been adding to my Loreal Infallible collection and today I have 3 more to show you. I purchased these 3 from Fragrance Direct for £1.99.

#032 Sunny Marshmellow
After receiving my amazing swap goodies from Megan I have been totally into different eye shadow shades. This is quite similar to my Sephora one, I love the way this applies to my eyes, the softness of colour is super pretty.

#036 Naughty Strawberry
I made a boo boo with this order to be honest. I thought this was the shade I have heard so much about on You Tube. I forget the name now, but its a icy white, pastel pink. So you can imagine the shock when I opened this. I would never wear this on my eyes, I am considering trying this as a blusher??? What do you think?

#020 Pebble Grey
This is the only none shimmery Infallible I own. In fact I had no idea they made them, this is great and I am glad I hit the click button to purchase this. It is a super creamy eyeshadow that looks great for day time work wear. I like to prime my eye lids with my painterly paint pot first, I leave that to dry for a few moments and then apply this with my finger, I like to blend a transition colour into my crease and I am good to go.

If any of you know where I can purchase the icy pink shade I am looking for please let me know, I have seen it used lots as a highlight and its super pretty. What is your favourite infallible? I also own Amber Rush, that shade is incredible.
Jen x


  1. what a great price! I love that grey.


  2. These are lovely shades, I like the Pebble Grey one alot xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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