Thursday 12 September 2013

A little trip to Space NK.........................

Don't you just love Space NK little black bags, you always know there is going to be some lovely goodies inside. I had nothing in mind on this occasion, I had fantastic service at the Harvey Nichol's concession in Birmingham Mall Box.  There are some truly fabulous girls at that store.

I was initially looking at a few Nars eyeliners, I had literally every shade on my hand when the lovely sales assistant came over to help. She immediately took me over to the new Laura Mercier collection........ and showed me there new eyeliners. I applied a line to my hand and waited a few seconds. She took a tissue and wiped over all the swatches, would you believe all the Nars ones smudged off my hand and the Laura Mercier one did not budge!!!! And that one had been on my hand for the least amount of time, I was seriously impressed. The sweet girl asked if I would like her to apply it to my eyes, well that was all it took for me to want one.

Nail Lacquer #Bewitched

Where do I begin........... I first spotted this Limited Edition Nail Lacquer on Instagram I think? I actually took a screen shoot on my phone as I was completely mesmerised by the beauty of the shade, then I completely forgot about it. I don't have a Laura Mercier counter near me so out of sight out of mind. Once I walked over to look at the eyeliners I noticed this on display and thought Oh I remember this one, I grabbed it quite, applied a teeny tiny coat to my nail, OH MY this is absolutely stunning. It had to be mine, and its also my first Laura Mercier polish. An added benefit to this polish is that it contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Just look at the breath taking beauty to this polish, and I can assure you this certainly transpires to your nail. It is a smooth polish, not chunky pieces of glitter to be seen here. The shimmer shines gold, khaki and looks like a wonderful dark mysterious shade.  I could sit here and stare at it for an eternity.

Longwear Eye Pencil #Expresso

I love the tone to this liner, I own a Chanel one that pulls quite red and if I am honest I have never really loved it. I LOVE this offering, it works super with my colourings. Now onto the formula, this is second to none. It applies with ease, there is no dryness or pulling on my eyelid. I like to take a liner brush and slightly smudge it across, it looks less harsh on my like that. The lasting power is like no other I have ever tried, it honestly comes off when you take it off. I like to use my Bioderma to do so, I did need to hold my cotton pad onto my eye a little longer than I normally did.

The girls are so sweet at Space NK and always pop a few bits in my bag to try out at home, today I got a few REN items and a new BB cream, from a brand I had never heard of have you? I cannot wait to try them out, keep your eyes peeled for my sample posts and then the empties.

Have you paid a visit to Space NK recently? I just LOVE a good look around there stores, if you want quality, complete high end luxury Space NK is where you need to be.
Jen x


  1. I've been wanting to try that BB cream for a while will look forward to your thoughts x

  2. What a lovely haul!! I have heard great things about the LM eyeliners.


  3. I love Space NK, it's my favorite place to shop in the UK, as my bank account found out last week!! Xxx


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