Wednesday 30 October 2013

Skincare haul

This post is all about the repurhcases!!! These products are some that I absolutely love, some I have brought time and time again. Than thrown into the mix are a few samples and a fab free GWP from a fave brand of mine Origins.

I purchased another Botanics cleansing balm, this honestly has to be number 5 or 6! I love this, I did not think I would as I can be quite snobby with my brands to be very honest. And, oh my all time fave bath salts. These are beautiful (if you love rose!) and a bargain if you ask me. They only cost a few ££ and last a few baths, brilliant.

I have made my way through a couple of bottle of 'A Perfect World' toner now and my skin seems to love it. I was without it for a week or so, wow did I see a difference in my skin, a bad difference. I had to make the purchase again and vowed to never be without it ever again. I was offered a choice of GWP, I opted for the brightening range. You get a cleanser, serum and moisturiser to try in a sample size. I also got a small moisturiser in the tub. I was extremely happy to receive it, I have tried it before and what a lovely cream it was. I like to use mine at night time, its quite rich and very nourishing.

I have a few Origins products now, and I am loving them all. Have you tried the brand? Would you like to hear about the ones I love? Origins is a natural brand, they use no nasty ingredients in there products. I really like that, there packaging is nice and looks rather nice on my sliver tray! I have certainly noticed a change in my skin of late, I really need to write a blog post about my usual routine, its changed a lot to say the least.
Jen x

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Stacey's amazing blog sale

I few weeks ago a dear friend Stacey held a blog sale. WOW it was truly amazing, Stacey has impeccable taste in high end products. When I heard the blog sale was going ahead I literally could not contain my excitement. As soon as it went live I made my order, and it was a big one!

Blog sales are a fantastic way to buy products at a reduced rate, or to get your hands on limited edition products you may of missed the first time around. I would always recommend you purchase from people you know and trust. Stacey is certainly one of them to me.

I purchased items from Mac, Urban Decay, Lipstick queen and Stacey so very kindly popped in a few (lots) of goodies. I sat on my bed and cried when the huge box arrived. The mac blushers and MSF were all limited edition items that I had missed the first time around, I could not believe my eyes when I noted them for sale.

Next up items from Dior, Kevyn Aucoin, Guerlain and Bath and Body Works. I have fallen head over heels for this amazing palette from Kevyn Aucoin. I absolutely love the taupe/purple shade its perfect. Again the beautiful Stacey added the 3 BBW hand gels, I had lusted over them for years. I had one sent to me by my friend Meg in the USA. Now I own 4. Happy

Now this is where I felt lost for words, Stacey had added 2 candles from Bath and Body Works. How generous, and so kind of Stacey. I love the scents of both. I wont be burning them, I don't want them to burn away. I have them on display in my beauty room with pride, I take the lids off once in a while and enjoy a good sniff! Both smell incredible.

And there's more!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!! does not even come close, Stacey brought me 2 of her holy grail Sephora make up brushes. I cannot tell you how many times I have swooned over the brushes on the USA website. Oh how I wish that store would come to the UK. I would love nothing more than to spend a day shopping there.

Both brushes came with a plastic guard, I have kept them and when I went away recently they worked a treat to protect the bristles.

I have really enjoyed the Flawless Foundation brush #56 below to apply my sheer foundation, it blends the product into my skin with ease. My base looks perfect after using this brush.

The Domed Crease brush #16 is the perfect tool for achieving the right amount of shade in the crease. I had never used a brush like this before, its now a firm favourite in my make up application.

Stacey if you reading this I want to say a HUGE heart felt thank you, I have had so much fun playing with all my purchases. Most of them I would never of had the chance to own, so thank you. Also I am lost for words at your generosity, the gift box you sent was absolutely like the best Christmas I've ever had. It was wonderful, thank you, so much. I feel like I know you so well, like your an old friend of mine. I love your taste in beauty and well everything I see you have! I do hope one day I get to meet you in person, I would love nothing more than hitting the shops with you. X
If you like high end beauty you NEED to follow Stacey, she fab.
Jen x

Friday 25 October 2013

Inglot freedom system #10

Here's my first instalment of my holiday haul! I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled across Inglot whilst holidaying in the beautiful Gran Canaria. I just knew I had to pick a palette up, especially when I noticed the cost, the 10 pan palette with 12 pans cost 50 Euros!! That's £42.00, a lot cheaper then UK prices. I will explain more about the reasons I got 12 pans a little later. There's always a story isn't there..........

My plan was to pick out 5 warm tones and 5 cool tones, and believe me this was a difficult task! There was literally so many shades, tones and well I did not know where to begin. Then I noticed the 'Noble Collection' and my collection began!

They all come well packing, in a box and then sealed in small plastic holders. The pans are a lot bigger than Mac shadows. I am so happy with my selection.

So here we have my choices, top line are my warm shadows and cool on the bottom. I really feel in love with the cool tones, I have been loving the taupe/purple tones since the lovely Megan sent me a few in our amazing swap. I also added the bright russet shade because I thought it looked similar to the one in the new Kat Von D palette.

Warm shadows  L-R
  • 341
  • 337
  • 357
  • 335
  • 154 (Noble Collection)

Cool shadows L-R
  • 390
  • 344
  • 358
  • 342
  • 153 (Noble Collection)

I have been reaching for this little beauty most days, I feel quite pleased with myself for selecting such a great palette. The shades from the 'Noble Colleciton' are absolutely a dream to use. They feel creamy and smooth, there was 5 in the collection but I only liked these ones. I do hope Inglot bring more out in the same texture/formula.

I was given an extra 2 pans, one more of 153 from the 'Noble Colleciton' apparently I was the only one to swatch the one in store (it had only been out that very day I went in) and I brought the last one. The fab sales assistant said the collection was sold out now and they had no use for the testers. I was also given the multi shadow pan as I spent a lot of ££ in the store. I don't think they had ever sold a 10 pan before?? I picked out the triple pan one specifically for my eye brows, I thought it would be great for blending the right colour together.

Here's a swatch of each shade within the triple pan. Please excuse my funny looking arm, I have just returned from my holiday and I tried my best not to catch too much sun, I really don't want crepe skin as I age, by the looks of things I did not do a great job of protecting my skin. I was wearing factor 30 as well.

Here's my new Inglot palette next to my old one. I could not believe it, when I got home I was sure I had picked out some of the same colours and I hadn't! How lucky was I.

I popped my extra pans into my Unii Palette, along with a few Estee Lauder eye shadows and an old bronzer. The pans attached to the palette without the needs of a magnet.

So here's my thoughts of the eye shadows, I love the 'Noble Collection' the best. I think you may have already gathered that? I do love the others as well but I do find they can be ever so slightly powdery, with a little fall out. The pigmentation is fabulous, and they blend beautifully with my Mac 217. I would most certainly look at purchasing more in the future, maybe on my next trip to Gran Canaria.
Jen x

Thursday 24 October 2013

Make up haul

I caved in and brought the new offering from Benefit 'Rockateur'. I am really into the neutral blusher look at the moment, so this was a dead cert purchase for me. Whilst I was in boots I picked up Smashboxes 'Heat Wave' palette and a few goodies to try out. An eye cream from Benefit, in fact this has now been used up and I love it. A few samples of the new YSL foundation, in various shades and a fab BB cream, this has no colour. I loved trying that one with my tan! I did not have to worry about getting my base the right shade, it provided a beautiful finish to my skin. Then a glowing primer from Smashbox and a new product, a blusher that reacts with your skin to create a soft blush.

Benefit Rockateur
This is only the second boxed product I own from the brand, I just have not felt the urge to start collecting them. Having said that there was something about this new release, one swatch and I was sold. I could not wait for the stock to hit the shops! It was funny really, my local store had the testers for weeks, but the stock was not delivered for a while. I am totally in love with this shade, it reminds me of Nars Douceur and Tarte Exposed. Its simply the perfect natural looking blusher.

What a beautiful sheen, I like to apply this with a small angled blusher brush. This is very pigmented, I only gently dab my brush into the compact and its the perfect finish.

Smashbox Heat Wave
This is my first eyeshadow purchase from Smashbox, and one I have been extremely happy with. These are some of the most pigmented, creamy and easy to blend shadows I have ever tried. I had no intention of buying this, it was not planned at all. I completely stumbled upon this by chance and before I knew it I had made my purchase! I got so much use from this on my holiday, I was able to create so many different looks. The palette is well priced as well, when you think a Mac shadow is now over £10 each. This has 6 good sized pans and for only £36.

What a great selection of shades, there is not one shade I have not used and enjoyed. There is no bright, weird colour that wont get loved.

Just look at the swatches below, they are super pigmented and creamy. Ohhhh look at the copper tone on the Right, its heavenly. I experienced no fall out or chalkiness, I am seriously impressed. Lately I have been wearing a copper/peach tone on my eyes or my beloved taupe/purple tones. These shades are perfect to achieve either with. I do find my blue eyes really pop when I wear copper shades.

I have enjoyed trying out some new brands and adding some fab new products to my ever growing make up collection. I also rather liked the eye cream, it was super creamy and really soothed my under eye area. I need to research this now, check the ingredients and price etc. I need a new eye cream, I wonder if this will be the one?? 
Jen x

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Ysl amazingness

What a fabulous brand to begin my blogging journey again, yes guys I must say sorry for my absence. I have been away on a holiday and unbeknown to me there was no wifi :(. I honestly felt like I had lost an arm or something. I had been so well prepared as well, I had brought lots of goodies for my holiday. If you know me I am sure you can imagine just how much!! Anyway I am back now, with my daily chit chat about all things beauty. I also got a few goodies to show you all, I cannot wait.

I picked up a few items from YSL for my hols and I got a fabulous GWP, yes you read that correctly a GWP from YSL. This was not advertised, I was told about this through the grape vine. Actually the offer was to purchase a full sized foundation and you got a full sized cream blusher FREE. I tweaked this a little and brought a nail polish and a lippie and they still gave me the offer.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture #13
I have been eyeing this shade up for well over a year, but always chickened out of it. I don't why I am scared of the brights?? But I am sooooo glad I picked this up, I wore this most nights and with a slight tan it looked amazing. Oh I forgot to mention this is  Le Orange, made famous by Kourtney Kardashian. The formula is super cream and lasted a good few hours on my lips. I hardly needed to reapply after eating either. I really like this range, its simply beautiful. I also like the packaging, even though I have noticed how quickly the casing has scratched.

Nail Lacquer #34
Jade Imperial was released over the summer months and I missed the boat, I had been on the hunt for ages and had been told time after time it was all sold out. Can you picture my reaction when I spotted this actually on display?? I could not believe my luck, I have no idea if this is now in the permanent range? Its a beautiful green/grey shade. I am in love with this muted, dusky green. The finish is a cream and lasted for a few days.

Now onto the amazing GWP, this is a full sized product worth £29.00, what a brilliant GWP. I was not expecting a full sized product in the original Cream blusher packaging. I could not of asked for a more perfect shade either, its simply beautiful, and a real Jen colour.

YSL Creme De Blush #2
Completely free...............WOW

The formula is amazing, a mouse like texture that applies with ease to my skin. It has a powder like finish once applied. I like to dab with my fingers and then pat onto the skin I want the shade of colour to be or I sometimes use my Real Techniques stippling brush. Either way works well and ensures a perfect amount of product. If your are new to cream blusher and want to purchase your first, I would say this is a perfect introduction for you. It works wonders and is super easy to use.

I was also given a couple more foundation samples to try, I know I love the formula of there new foundation I just cannot get the correct shade. Any thoughts?? I will be purchasing the full sized very soon, its a lovely base for everyday wear.
Again I am so sorry to have been away for a while, I want to thank you all for taking the time to read through my older posts. I truly have missed you guys, I also really appreciate those of you have sent messages asking where I was and to blog again. I have so many posts to write, I picked up bits from Sisley, Dior, Chanel, Catrice, Essence, Valentino, La Roche Posay and Inglot to name a few from my hols and  I have also been told by my hubby he has brought me the Selfridges Advent Calendar again this year. YIPPPEEEEE how exciting, I will be posting about that before you know it. By the way. I LOVE Christmas, do you?
Jen x