Friday 30 August 2013

Kadria Skincare

Kadria Skincare is a brand I came across on twitter, I love connecting with small brands in this way. Kadria Skincare use the power of plants and natural fragrances or essential oils for health and beauty purposes. All Kadria products are made freshly by hand. The range has been designed for pregnancy, new mothers and babies. This does not apply to me, however I like to use products designed to meet those needs due to how they tend to be more sensitive and healing.

Baby Balm 60ml  £14.00
This is a thick balm, yellow in colour. Although this has been specifically formulated to use on babies bottoms its worked absolute miracles on my skin. I suffer from regular break outs, its a battle I face constantly. The balm has a blend of Rosehip Oil, Apricot Oil and Buckthorn, together they produce an anti inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effects. Other Oils used also have anti fungal actions,

 I have thoroughly enjoyed trialing this balm its worked wonders on my skin. I have noticed a difference with regards to redness, swelling and spots.

Balancing Face Oil 30ml £24.00*
I have been using this in conjunction with the Baby Balm, this is a wonderful oil to use. It is quite thick and feels great massaged into my skin. This was formulated to treat hormonal skin and help with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brighten dull looking skin. This oil can also be used for treating skin conditions to include eczema, psoriasis and dryness. My skin concern was my break outs, I did however try to pay more attention to other areas of concern to include my frown lines.

This oil smells heavenly, I found the experience of massaging this into my skin to be very relaxing and calming. The essential oils included in this oil are Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Neroli. I took a few drops into my hands, warmed together and began to massage in circular movements on my face. Sometimes I applied a little more and left it on all night. My skin loved this, the next day my skin looked less red and seemed to heal quicker.

Set includes a pot of the beautiful Baby Balm and a bottle of the Baby Oil (cost??)

The Baby Oil is gently scented with Apricot oil, Rosehip Oil, Evening of Primrose Oil, Calendula Oil, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense and Cedarwood. This is an amazing Oil to rub into your skin after a long soak in the bath. I enjoyed to massage this into my decollete area and my arms. The best time to do this is the evening time, you will feel so relaxed, soothed and ready for bed. If you struggle to wind down at night time after a stressful day, this is what you need. It certainly helps me to feel calm and clears my mind.

I really love the look of the packaging as well, its simply beautiful. Dark brown glass with the metal screw on lids, its so nice and what I like the  most is the possible sustainability of each packaging. I can think of lots of different uses for these after the product has ended.
Please take a look at Karia Here and twitter @kadriaSkincare
Jen x


  1. What a lovely looking brand, I love the look of the balm! Xx

  2. Aw this looks sooo good. I almost wanna buy the balm for my 11month old.. but secretly for trial on my own skin. haha!

    I'm at if you fancy a read :) xx

  3. I've never seen these products before but they look amazing :)

  4. These sound lovely! I like to use products aimed at babies sometimes too as they're a lot more gentle :)

    Ria x
    NatuRia Beauty

  5. I love this small brand and was lucky enough to win one of the baby balms and the baby body oil which are both great. I'll be reviewing them on Sophia's Choice soon x

  6. I love this small brand and was lucky enough to win one of the baby balms and the baby body oil which are both great. I'll be reviewing them on Sophia's Choice soon x

  7. These do sound really lovely and I like how they are packaged xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  8. Sounds amazing! I had terrible breakouts after having my son wish I would of known about this.


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