Saturday 24 August 2013

Mac haul

Its been quite a while since I purchased anything from Mac, recently I picked up a beautiful MSF from a friends blog sale and decided I wanted begin a collection of them. MSF's are truly a beautiful product I think they are mesmerising to look at and of course they are even more special as Mac only really release them as a Limited Edition. I am so cross with myself as I wanted to pick up Stereo Rose and never got around to it. PLEASE let me know if you or anyone else is selling there's, I would pay good money for one. I picked up #Rio from the new Tropical Taboo collection and a few more little bits whilst in there. There's something about a mac store that's exciting, busy and new.

I was served by a lovely lady called Vanessa, she was really helpful and went to great lengths to find my items bless her. I had a chat with her about the foundation face & body, she sent me on my way with a few samples of different tones and shades to try. I have tried C1 and its a perfect match, I cannot believe I am saying this but the finish is beautiful. I am a girl who normally loves a high coverage in a matte finish, so this is saying a lot for me to wear a light cover.

I have the old palettes and have been meaning to pick up the new designs for a while now, I got one to start me off but I will need to pick a couple more up to transfer all my blushers and eye shadows. I absolutely love the new design, it looks so much prettier than the old design. Now the question is what do I do with my old ones??? It seems a waste to throw them out.

Now this has been a long time coming, I have admired Mac brushes from afar for an eternity. I don't know why I have never picked any of them up before? What a good introduction to the range with
the infamous #217 blending brush. After reading so many rave reviews I had to try for myself, I have decided to build a Mac brush collection as well now. What would you suggest I add next?

Let me introduce you to my second MSF #Rio, it's limited edition from the Tropical Taboo Collection. Isn't it simply beautiful, I spent a good few moments looking at all the different Rio's they had. I thought this had a good mix of all the colours, so in my basket it went. I have used this a few times since I purchased it as a blusher and a highlighter. Oh how I love this, I have ordered Lust in this collection as well. EEEKKKK sooo exciting, I am really happy to begin a collection.

I love this, it has a lovely warm tone to the finish, its just precious. I actually love all three in the collection. They are all so nice, as I am new to this MSF game, how often do Mac bring out new collections?

I seem to have the Mac bug again now, I have my eye on a few more eye shadows to include Cranberry, Mulch and Woodwinked plus many more. What is your all time favourite shade? I love nothing more than a good swatching session in my local Mac, I am going there tomorrow and this makes me very happy indeed.
Jen x


  1. Now that blusher is stunning, I am liking the look of that a lot xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

    1. Thanx Huni, I'm getting the other 2 as well xx

  2. Rio looks gorgeous!! I want it!! xx

  3. I LOVE that MSF!!! so pretty, ive got a feeling this is the one i swatched on myself a few weeks ago and never ended up getting it and wish i had now, i will most definitely be going to mac on payday!
    Sell your old palettes on a blog or ebay, you can get a good amount for them that way :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx

    1. You should get it, it's super pretty xxx

  4. I love the blusher, MAC do great variety with their colours! Although I do get frustrated as so many of their products seem to be limited editions and you can never get hold of anything again!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I feel the same, I really want stereo rosé! I suppose that's how they make you want it more xxx

  5. That skin finish looks stunning! I received Cranberry today to add to my collection and can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

  6. Oh Mac is so much fun! I don't have many products by them but I really want their lipstick Syrup! That MSF is so so pretty ! What a fun haul :)

  7. I do love a good Mac haul!! Mac bring out new collections very frequently, too frequently for my purse haha! They don't always have MSF's though but they are well worth picking up as they are very collectible.

    You need a Mac 239 brush in your life, it is the perfect eyeshadow applicator. The 217 is great too, the white bristled brushes from Mac wash best with just plain baby shampoo., have tried other things but they dry too fluffy.

    I have 3 of the 15 palette eyeshadows, thinking of doing a swatches post in 3 parts. Mulch and Woodwinked are two of my faves, shale and satin taupe are gorgeous as well xxxxxxxxxx

  8. I have a couple of Mac brushes and they really are good!
    Adela x

  9. That is a beautiful finish! xx

  10. This looks amazing. I don't own any of the MSFs yet :) Do let us know how you use them.



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