Monday 22 July 2013

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts

I enjoy nothing more than to have a long soak in a my bath, therefore I need to have some nice products to use. I am not one to have a bubble bath, I much prefer salts, bombs and bars. They leave my water so soft, there is nothing quite like them for me.

Yesterday I whilst browsing the shelves, I came across Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts. I had a quick sniff of them in the store and than they were on their way home with me. I have not heard about this brand before, looking at the packaging they give me the impression that they have been around a while.

What an absolute bargainous price of £6.85, the tub is so heavy. I cannot get over how cheap they are, I wished we had smell o blogging, because the scent is simply beautiful. The Rose scent is just like real roses, I just love them, in fact I love them that much I am going to buy some back ups just in case. It seems to be my luck that my 'cannot live without' products always become discontinued.

The brand offers lots of skin care benefits, they include, no SLS, free from Lanolin,  no detergents and free from chemicals. Dead Sea use 3 main vegetable oils to blend their products. They are Olive, Coconut and Palm Oils.

You can see the real dried Rose Petals in the salts, what a pretty pink colour as well. I have tried the salts and oh my, I felt so relaxed, calm, soothed and soooo sleepy I was ready for bed. I will be saving these salts for evening use only. I am so pleased to have found this pot of heaven, I can see this product being part of my evening routine for a long time ahead.

Have you tried this brand before? I have not but I am curious to try more now. Would you anything?
Jen x


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