Saturday 13 April 2013

Harrods Haul

Last weekend we took a trip to London, this was because my little niece came into the world! Welcome Sophia Alice, and as we had drove such a lonnngggggg way there, how could I resist a cheeky peak into Harrods?? My family live around 5 miles away from Harrods! I got a few bits and some fabulous free gifts and samples that I want to tell you about. I was shocked at how small the counter was, I thought it would be a large counter for some reason? Are the Burberry counters bigger anywhere else in London?? My first impression was how natural the colour range was, for me this is fantastic! I'm such a plain Jane with make up. I feel comfortable with their offerings and could quite easily of selected a lot more items! I tried to be good.

First up is this amazing Light Glow Blusher by Burberry, Tangerine #06. I couldn't make up my mind between this one and Earthy #07. I ended up picking this one, but to honest I will most probably buy Earthy #07 Very soon. I had an in depth consultation with the Make up artist. Once she had selected a range of products suited to my skin, hair and eye shades. She quickly set to work, she applied foundation, highlight with that, concealer, contour, blush and lipstick on me. I thought the end result was brilliant. I literally had a complete make over, I loved the products, and couldn't leave the counter without a few select purchases! I only hope I can recreate the look again. I really had a great time, I'd love to go back at some point.

The packaging is to die for, it's so pretty and what a statement it gives. Most of the items come in a black velvet pouch, with the iconic Burberry pattern embossed into. I always keep my make up in these pouches, I like to, I want to look after my make up.

I don't think I've seen another case as pretty as this?? I love the pewter colour and we all recognise the Burberry print, it just exudes luxury. I'm so happy to finally own something from their collection.

The powder itself is embossed with the Burberry print, I didn't want to swatch it! It looks so special. I like how you get a large mirror, this always comes in handy. I don't like the brush area, I never use the brushes or applicators provided and prefer make up to just have the product inside. It would of been better to have the whole compact filled with product! Wishful thinking!!

It took me a while, but I did swatch it for you! It feels so soft and creamy. This blusher is Matt, but not with an harsh effect. It applies easily to my skin, the colour pay off is lovely. A natural flush of colour, it gives me a beautiful youthful glow and provides a softness to my skin. Don't be fooled by the name 'Tangerine' its not orangey at all. In fact from my memory it's very similar to Earthy. Is this true? Do you own both?? If so do I need both??

I had to show you the side view if the packaging, super cute! It has a magnetic closure, which sounds so satisfying! You know the click I mean?

Here's another preview that's combing up. I had a very exciting day! I've wanted to swatch different items from this range for a while. I already own 3 lipsticks from Burberry, but as they were all gifts I had never had the chance to look at this range in person before. I really want Pale Barley eyeshadow, but they are sold out and there's a waiting list! I hope to own this one day. I was informed Rosewood is similar? Do you own both? If so are they??

Do you like Burberry make up? I can't wait to own more.

Burberry Light Glow Blusher, Tangerine #06 can be purchased for £29.00 from Harrods.

Jen x


  1. Great buys, I haven't tried anything from Burberry myself but read great reviews and the light glow blusher looks lovely :) x

  2. Burberry makeup really appeals to me aswell, I love all the neutral goodness! :) That blush is lovely.

  3. Love the Burberry packaging and I would have been happy with just the paper bag and amazing ribbon bow lol!
    The blush looks a great everyday colour - I live in neutrals too lol! xxx

  4. Burberry packaging is so pretty, the blush looks like a lovely colour!


  5. Such a great haul. the burberry blush looks gorgeous. x


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