Friday 12 April 2013

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture, Blond Ingenu #24

I have story about how this little beauty came into my collection, I will tell you more in a minute. So here we have the famous YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Blond Ingenu #24. I read so much about this lipstick as apparently its the shade Lana Del Ray wears. Obviously I wanted to try this out, her lips look amazing.

 Don't you love the case?? Its not as nice as the YSL Rouge Volupte, in my opinion, but still nice compared to others. So here's my story, I had recently been brought a lovely Cath Kidston book, and decided to use it as a wish list book. I proceeded to write my wish list and just so happened to post a picture of it on twitter. Now my husband never uses twitter, or so I thought!!!! One day at work he decides to take a look at my tweets and comes across my wish list. He promptly takes it to Boots and asked the sales assistant for this lipstick. He took one look at the shade and said that cant be it?? I am not sure my wife would wear a WHITE lipstick!! hes sooo funny, anyway he brought it and I loved it. It still makes me laugh now, I can imagine him saying that as well.

The shade looks darker in this picture, but it still isn't white, its the perfect nude, not concealer like, too pink or peachy. Just the perfect nude.

I have to think about what other make up I am planning to wear it with, I usually go for Mac Patina on my eyes, a black flick of eyeliner and lashings of black mascara, only applied to the top lashes. I wear more of a contour to my cheeks, rather than a bright blusher for instance.
The texture is creamy, so the staying power is not the best, it lasts a good 2-3 hours on me. I am happy with that. It is a lovely lipstick, and don't forget the same one loved by Lana, so its good enough for me.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks can be purchased from Boots for £24.00.
Jen x


  1. I've noticed we have similar tastes in make up, this would look so pretty on you xx


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