Sunday 14 April 2013

Burberry Lip Cover Dusty Rosé #10

Here's the second item from my recent Harrods haul, I took a looonnnggg time selecting this one. I always seem to go for the same safe option, this one is a little different. So here we have Burberry Lip Cover, Dusky Rosé #10.

Again as I said yesterday, the casing is gorgeous! It has the iconic Burberry print embossed in the beautiful pewter metal.


The bullet is also embossed with the Burberry print, the colour is not what I would normally go for, but in all honesty I love it! I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. It looks darker in the bullet than it actually is, it's not as red as it looks!

The swatch below is showing a couple of applications, it gives a lovely rosé bud effect. I was told its the one that Rosie Huntington-whiteley wears. The texture is thick and longer wearing, this is from the Lip Cover range, you will get a lot more pigmentation from this range. Burberry also offer the Lip Mist, they are a sheer edition, slightly more glossy on the lips. But as you can imagine not so long wearing.

The bottom 2 pictures got mixed up! Sorry, anyway here's another look at the gift bag and packaging, doesn't it look like a luxury product! I'm keeping the bag!

The last picture is a light application, so you can see the different looks you could achieve from this lipstick. I've even dabbed it onto my lips to give a gentle my lips but better look.

I now own 4 Burberry Lipsticks, can you believe not one of them is a peachy pink!! I must add to my collection to put this right.

Burberry Lipsticks £25.00 purchased from Harrods.

Jen x

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  1. ohh this lipstick looks a lovely colour too! I't a good job I'm going natural with my make up otherwise I would have been seriously tempted by all your Burberry purchases so far lol! xxxx xx


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