Tuesday 10 December 2013


Just look what I picked up on a recent trip to Bicester Villages CCO, oh how I love it there. I must say it is the luck of draw, thankfully this time was a good day. There was soo sooo many shoppers there, it was hard to get a look in. I had to be quite strong willed to keep my spot! My hubby said grab what you want and I will meet you at the tills. It was like a smash and grab, in and out! I am very happy with my grab, lets take a look.

I am trying to build a nice collection of Mac brushes, so when I noticed this for £11 it had to come home with me. I have never seen this before in the shop, it may be a limited edition or discontinued??

Apparently half is real hair and the other half synthetic. I am not sure what the difference is? Or how it will effect applying make up? Do you?

Now I know these are Limited Edition, I remember seeing these for sale, this was way before I was collection MSF's. I could not resist these, how pretty are they?

Again another Limited Edition product, this is from the Extra Dimensions collection. One swatch was all it took, I am loving these types of shades at the moment. The texture is beautiful, its creamy and buttery all in one.

From the little research I have carried out I think this lippie is still sold in the current range? Please correct me if I am wrong? I thought this was the perfect Autum/Winter shade.

This is quite a dark shade for me, but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone. In fact it looks fab rubbed into m lips rather than a full on application.

Do you like? This picture is true to life, a lovely plummy tone with a little red?? Ohh whats happening to me??

Don't you just love CCO's, it was a good visit this time, I have not been so lucky other times. If you have a CCO near you, I am jealous! Mine is nearly 2 hours away. Its the perfect place to get old collections or discontinued stock, I have even seen items in there that are still stocked, I can never work out why they do that? But I am not complaining.
Jen x

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