Wednesday 10 July 2013

Illamasqua #eyes and Nails Mystery Selection Box

I could not resisit the offer for this box, reducded from £39ish to £19ish, but with a value of over £90. The Illamasqua Eyes & Nails Mystery box holds 6 full sized products. 2 of them you are aware of, the other 4 are complete suprises!! I love a suprise, a lucky dip if you like.

Nail Polish #Jan
I  love this dusky lilac shade, its simply beautiful.

Nail Polish #Elope
I dont like this shade at a first glance, but will give it a go.

Powder eye shadow #Fallen
Already have this from the previosu box.

Powder eye shadow #Bloom
Not sure anyone could pull off a lemon eye shadow??

Precision Ink #Glister
I love this shade, I cant wait to try it out.

Liquid metal #Electrum
I already have this from the mystery box.

What do I think about this box?? Again very similar to Mystery Ego Box, I like the nail polish in Jan, will try Elope but its a bit bright for me!! I love the precision eye liner, I would love a lippie in  that shade! Another Fallen, of well and not sure anyone would wear a lemon eye shadow?? I will give them all a go, or I will be holding an Illamasqua blog sale lol.
Jen x

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