Thursday 11 July 2013

Illamasqua #Alter Ego Mystery Selection Box

I received an email from Debenhams regarding this bargain Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection box! This is worth £90ish and was on sale for £17!!! With 6 full size products how could I refuse, a few clicks later and this was on its way to me.

Intense Lip gloss #Move
Love, love love the shade but I never wear lip gloss and this feels quite sticky.

Nail Polish #Collide
This is very bright, neon even. I would wear this in the summer months only on my pinkies thou.

Powder eye shadow #Fallen
I also got this shade in my other box.

Powder Blusher #Panic
This looks very scary in the pan, but with a very light hand it looks quite nice on my skin. It gives a gentle flush, I think this would look nice in the Autumn time.

Liquid Metal #Electrum
I had this in my other box.

Lipstick #Fetish
What an odd colour, for a plain Jane like me! I will give a go.

So what are my thoughts on the box??? I love the lip gloss colour, although I don't wear lip gloss!!! Maybe I will try this out, I also love the blusher, applied with a very light hand this will look fab in the autumn months. The other colours I am not so sure about?? I like the nail polish for my toes in the summer maybe.
I need to play with the selection more, so look out for further reviews etc. I must say though for £17 its a bargain. Get yours while you can they should be double that normally.
Jen x


  1. Total bargain for £17, I had to re-read that a few times xx


  2. That is an absolute bargain, the nail polish looks wicked xx


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