Saturday 4 May 2013

Serenity Soap

Recently I began twitter chatting  to a lovely lady called Dana. Dana is now one of my green friends, she has a wonderful blog. It took me a while to go back and read her posts from the start!

Dana makes her own natural soaps using all the finest ingredients. Dana is currently trialing different soaps, ingredients and recipes to decide the perfect ones to have on her website.

Dana offered to send me a sample of her Serenity Soap,a few days later it had arrived. I could literally smell it through the packaging! I opened the parcel to find a beautifully wrapped soap in yellow tissue paper.

I noticed how smooth the soap felt, it also felt very moisturising like the solid moisturisers I've seen in other shops. I did rub a little on my arm and it felt fine. I wonder whether I could use this as a multi use item? I may try to use this as a solid moisturiser the next time I have some.
Serenity Soap's ingredients include:-
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chamomile Infusion
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Castor Oil
Ylang Ylang
I really enjoyed using this soap, it left my skin so soft. It made a gentle lather and what I loved about it was it did not go soft and mushy. This soap did not loss its shape, even on my last use it just melted onto my skin. I can tell you I felt sad when I watched it disappear. When I dried myself after my bath I could still feel the oils from the soap on my skin, my skin felt totally nourished and soothed.
Dana is working on new lines as we speak, I am really excited to hear more about them. I hear some of the new products will include:-
Apricot Kernel Oil
Sunflower Oil
Calendula Petals
Clay Swirls
I am hoping Dana will try her hand at some Balms and Lip Balms in the future, there would be plenty of orders from me for sure.
Please check Dana out on twitter at @livegreenbeaut
Dana is hoping to have the products ready to order around late summer time I will post something nearer the time to let you all know and hopefully show you some of the range that will be on available to order.
Jen x


  1. This sounds amazing! Xx

  2. I loved it too although I felt it could have been a bit more scented but a fab soap x

  3. It sounds and looks really nice. It might just be my monitor - but it looks a little pink to me?

    I use Dr Bronners Tea Tree, but it always feels quite drying - especially straight after washing. x


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