Monday 6 May 2013

Clarins make up

Clarins is a brand I have loved and used for years. My sister worked for therm for nearly 10 years, so I feel like I know the brand well. I love how they bring out limited edition items and this new one certainly took my eye. I have to admiut how excited I feel when I hear Clarins is bring out another limited edition range.

So here we have the Clarins summer 2013 limited edition Splendours, I had to go and take a look. I instantly fell in love with the offerings. This range has been inspired by South America, think Mayan culture and beautiful Aztec prints. This has to be one, if not the most eye catching designs by a make up brand to date. Its just amazing.

Splendours Summer Bronzing*
What a gorgeous product! I could sit and look at this intricate design forever. It is just so pretty, you can see the pattern through the packaging its a lovely Aztec design. The compact is an excellent size with a mirror inside, I love it when brands include mirrors it makes them so handy to use whilst out and about to top up your make up.

Here we have another shot of the product, it has 4 different shades to the bronzer, and a beautiful highlight in the centre. I have used this on a number of occasions now, I tend to swirl my brush around the outer sides for that perfect sculpted look. I take my real technique contour brush for the centre part and dust a little for my highlight. The consistency is creamy and easy to apply and minimal fall out. I found this to be very long wearing especially on my combination skin type. I have even used parts of this bronzer as a eye shadow, the colours are beautiful.

Splendours Colour Quarlet & Eye Liner Palette*
This was the initial product that really caught my attention, I always fall for a nice neutral eyeshadow set. After swatching this offering I knew I wanted to own it. The colours in this quad have been picked to perfection, all the colours complement each other, you can achieve so many looks. I think its absolutely genius to add an eyeliner to a quad. I am all for minimising the need for additional make up items.

The quad has the same beautiful pattern embossed into the product, these eye shadows are so easy to work with, super creamy and very pigmented. The colours are a shimmery golden bronze, a shimmery light beige, a medium chocolate brown, a shimmery champagne and a black eyeliner with under tones of aubergine. What a beautiful collection of colours that work so well with each other. This palette can be used wet or dry depending on the look you want to achieve.

Splendours Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel  #01 Crystal Pink*
I must say I found this product to be very unusual, I am not normally attracted to lip glosses or similar products.But on application this lip product soon changed my mind! Once I applied to my lips it looks amazing, a light wash of colour. It looks watery but with colour, its hard to describe.
Also the scent was so sweet I wanted to lick my lips, honestly smelt like I had sweets on my lips. I really wanted to try the lipsticks, they look like coloured glass.

Here we have a few swatches on my hand, along the bottom is the eyeliner, this is a fine swatch that can be built upon to achieve a darker look. Above the eyeliner is the eye shadows, I must add I have since tried to use these wet and the colour pay off is phenomenal. I am loving using the peachy pink and the brown together they are super pretty.

I swirled the bronzer colours together to get the darker colour and the centre highlight for the lighter colour. They look so pretty on the face, it works so well with my pale completion. I find some bronzers pull red, but not this one. It blends so well, I use the 3 motion, I contour under my cheek bones, run a little on my templs and dust whats left over on my brush under my chin. The highlight colour is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour, it offers the gentle shimmer that makes all teh difference when finshing off my make up.


Below we have a swatch of the lip gel, its very similar to a tinted lip balm, there is no stickiness at all. I can imagine this product to work especially well whilst on a holiday, you know sitting around the pool. Just quick swipe of this would moisten the lips and provide that extra something.

I have been totally blown away with this collection, Clarins has come up thrumps again in my opinion. They have developed a brilliant collection of products that work so well with each other. You can acheieve a day or night look, this is excatly what I am looking for items that can be multi use. I like products that can be adapted to meet the needs of my wants!! You will get excalty that, day or night, natural or dramtic make up.
Jen x


  1. For some reason I've never been drawn to Clarins but the collections they've been bringing out over the last few years are gorgeous. Have you tried the Bronzing Duo? I bloody love that product!

    1. No I've not, but will certainly take a look xx


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