Thursday 16 May 2013

Nail polish haul

I nipped into Boots today and had a cheeky little spend on some nail polishes. I was mostly good and stuck to the drug store ranges although something from Chanel did also slip into my basket. I wont tell if you don't.

Rimmel Salon Pro #500 Peppermint
I have been looking for this shade for an eternity. I brought several shades like this but on application they did not look how I envisioned. This is the shade I wanted and what a bargain price.

Rimmel Salon Pro #411 Navy Seal
This is not really a spring/summer shade but hey ho, I felt drawn to this shade. Its a beautiful corn blue shade. I cannot wait to wear it, I would usually wear this colour on my pinkies but I want to try it on my fingers.

Rimmel Salon Pro #711 Punk Rock
Another not so sunny shade, I love this shade. I'm always attracted to the darker colours like Chanel Rouge Noir. Yes please in my basket you go. The shade is a block colour, dark purple, navy and dark grey all mixed into one.

Chanel #617 Holiday
How I did not buy this last year I will never know! All I can say is I am super happy I own it now. This is the ultimate summer, holiday and happy colour. I have seen a sneak peak at Chanel's new releases, oh my!!! They are absolutely amazing and my bank is most certainly going to suffer in the coming months. There is something about Chanel Polishes that I cannot resist. I have been working on a post to show you my collection. I love them all.

Nails Inc Portobello
New from the Neon range, a bright coral that leans towards pink. It dries Matte and looks so nice. A change from the norm.

OPI Nagellack
A bright hot pink with a slight shimmer of purple/pink. The perfect colour for summer nights out, the shade I would paint my pinkies! Getting them summer ready for all those pretty sandals.

So sorry for the shocking change of background colour. The Cath Kidston just wasn't cutting it! No not really how could I ever say such a thing? It was not showing the true shades of each polish. So from Right to Left here we go.
1. Rimmel Punk Rock
2. OPI Nagellack
3. Rimmel Navy Seal
4. Nails Inc Portobello
5. Rimmel Peppermint
6. Chanel Holiday

I hope you enjoyed my Nail Polish haul. Its unlike me to go crazy on the nail polishes, I am more likely to do this with lipsticks!
I think I may repaint my pinkies again?? I only did them last night but how can I resist all these gorgeous colours.
Jen x


  1. They are all such pretty colours. x

  2. I LOVE Chanel Holiday, I bought it last year and I've worn it so many times, I'm tempted to buy a back up!

    1. What do you think about pirate and cinema? Xx

  3. Love Punk Rock xx

  4. I love the Rimmel polishes... I have peppermint too, so pretty xx

    1. Ill have summer ready pinkies in no time xx

  5. Oh wow... I love nail polish - miss it so much! I'm a sucker for coral shades as well - Holiday and Portobello are gorgeous x

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