Wednesday 15 May 2013

May's Beauty Box comparison

I thought I would do something a little different. I am subscribed to both  Glossy Box and Birchbox. I have been since they started, with regards to Birchbox I have been with every previous company they were initially called. There is something about Beauty Boxes that I get really excited about. They can also cause I stir on my Twitter time line from time to time and it is usually about the variations in each monthly box.
So lets see what I got this month! I have tried to calcualte the cost for each item to work out the value for each box.
May's Birchbox
Doctor Duve Eye Cream X2 Sachets (full size 30ml £115.00)  £7.00 2ml
I have received a few of these sachets samples before. I look forward to using this as I hear the price tag for the full size product is rather high. But as with all samples I prefer the tube types so I can use the product for a few days to get a real feel for if I like the item. You cannot tell after one use.

Elemental Herbology Facial Hydrator 30ml (full size 50ml £42.00) £35.71 30ml
 I am really excited to try this brand. I have noticed this brand in Space N K, so it must be great!!

Makebelieve Enhance Lip Gloss 15ml (full size 15ml £9.19) £9.19 15ml
This item I am not excited about, I feel awful saying that because it looks really pretty. But I just don't wear lip glosses, never have. For some reason I am not drawn to them. Maybe I should give this a go?? It may change my mind.

Kusmi Tea Detox 20g (£13.85 for 20g) £13.85 20g
I do not drink tea so this is a wasted item on me. I need to find a new home for this little tin. Looks like a nice brand thou, the packaging is lovely.
B/attitude Body Souffle 50ml (Full size 200ml £24.00)  £5.00 50ml
Gosh I hope that's the correct spelling?? The snazzy letter design threw me off there. I am completely new to this brand. First impressions are good, the cream is thick and smells divine. On application the cream sank into my skin easily and left the most beautiful fragrance. I am happy to use this properly after my bath.
OPI Nagellack 3.75ml (Full size 15ml £11.50) £3.50ish 3.75ml
I love OPI polishes and this is a pretty bright pink perfect for summer. The only problem is I already own this shade :( I am gutted. I had seen a red in other boxes and had hoped I received that shade. Hey ho what can you do?? It is however a gorgeous shade with a duo chrome effect, I can see the fainest shimmer of purple/pink. It is a pretty shade.

Now we are onto my Glossy Box for May. I have seen soooo many variations with this months box. I have to admit I have been a lucky girl with my box. When you look at the contents it doesn't look as much as my Birchbox.

Caudalie Divine Oil 15ml (Full size £4.05) £4.05 15ml
I have tried this before and its absolutely beautiful to use. I am really happy to have another trial size. It smells lovely and it a multi use product, I like to use the oil on my hair and dry skin. It works wonders for me. I feel a full size purchase coming on.

Harmony Moisturising Creme balm 10ml (Full size 30ml £26.50) £8.83 10ml
Again another brand I am new to, this has a slight scent. The cream rubs into my skin easily, the instructions say its for combination skin which I have so I am happy to give this a go. Being 10ml there is enough for a few days to try. I like these size samples.

Beautiful Movements Prime & Create 2.5g (Full size 20g £20.00) £2.50 2.5g
I hear this brand was formally known as BM cosmetics?? Am I correct?? I like to try new primers so I am happy to give this one a whirl. I have not tried it yet but be sure once I do I will let you know.

Nails Inc Portbello 4ml (Full size 10ml £11.00) £4ish 4ml
You would not believe this, my friend Ana ( sent me a few goodies recently and this was included!!! Whats my luck like, anyway I love this shade I own nothing like this in my collection. Its a vibrant shade that dries with a matt finish. Just the prefect shade for a hot summer holiday.

Givenchy Noir Couture 1.5g (Full size 8g £22.50) £4.21 1.5g
I am really excited to receive this in my box. In fact I was looking at their lipstick range recently in Debenhams. I really wanted to pick a couple up but they had no staff on so I left empty handed. I will go back at some point and look again. This mascara claims to lengthen, curl, give volume and car for your lashes. What more could you ask for??

I hear that Glossy Box included extra gifts to their long standing loyal subbies to celebrate their 2nd birthday. I have been with Glossy Box since their 2nd box and unfortunately did not get any extras oh well. Maybe next year?? So here's the big question what box won the monthly battle??  I got 7 items in my Birchbox and 5 in my Glossy Box, both boxes had items I am happy to use and blog about. I have to say the winning box for me this month has to be GLOSSY BOX (even if I had missing items!!) I am super happy with this months contents and last months box was brilliant as well. Keep up the good work Glossy Box and get us the best brands to try.
Glossy Box works out to £23.59
Birchbox works out to £74.25
Jen x


  1. I've just bought some Elemental Herbology from Space NK so I am excited to try it! I also have the Givenchy mascara and the Caudalie Divine Oil in my stash at home and not tried either-this has been a reminder to shop my own stash!!! xx

    1. I'd love to raid your beauty supplies! Xxx

  2. Great Post!
    I love this months Birch box :)

    1. Thanx Jane, I wonder what next month will bring?? Xx

  3. I think your missing item is the glossy box nail files, so no major lose there. Glossy box definitely won this month, some really good items. Birchbox looks a little boring to me. Great post Hun xx

    1. True no loss there! I agree with you xx

  4. Both boxes seem to be really impressive this month. such a shame about your extra gift though. x

    1. I'm really impressed! Hope the future boxes are too xx

  5. I love the Elemental Herbology range and this moisturiser is fab - I got a free one via a Telegraph offer a wee while back x

    1. I'm sure my bday freebie from space n k was from that brand? A peel thingy? Xx

  6. I'm excited to get my birchbox, though not the tea. I got that a while back in either Boudoir Prive or She Said Beauty. Either way, it's still sat in my cupboard! xx

    1. I hate getting tea in my box, I want beauty! Xx

  7. I'd love the tea in my box xx

    1. Really?? I don't drink tea! Dm u address I will send it to you xx

  8. Hey Lovely,

    I really like your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    Check out my blog for details -

    Nyss xx


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