Thursday 28 March 2013

Giorgio Armani lipstick collection

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani do I need to say anymore? This is my all time favourite high end lipstick. I've tried a few, and so far these are by far the winners. I just cannot seem to enter Selfridges without leaving with a little yellow bag containing one of these. Ohh I am getting excited at the thought of it.

First up are my absolute favourites, I usually wear either of these for work. On the left is 102 a creamy peachy pink. Next to that is my first purchase 103 a creamy nude pink. It was when I went to get a back up for 103 that a stumbled across 102 and just had to have it.

Below we have 516 although from the same range, this is not creamy in fact a little sheer, a daring colour for me. I loved wearing this around the Christmas period when everyone else was rocking the mac plumful lip. It seemed to be a blogger must have at the time. On the right is 602 a present and I've not actually worn it yet! How naughty of me, today was the first swatch. Creamy again, a purpley pink.

Below is 510 I brought this for my holidays last year, I can remember siting at the 19th hole, in Gran Canaria. What a beautiful thought. A perfect pink, it's quite bright for me. Lastly is 402 this is a different formula to all the others, this is sheer. It's the only red I can wear as its sheer. A lovely rose bud effect on the lips.

The other 2 are back ups for 102 and 103. I don't know what I would do if they were ever discontinued??! I think these lipsticks are beautiful to look at, they have a magnetic middle, the sound of the click is so satisfying. They look so sleek, I like how they change shape form the top to bottom.

Out of all my lipstick collection, I can honestly say these last the longest. I can apply one in the morning and its still covering my lips hours later. Each application leaves a wonderful satin finish, feels very moisturising on my lips.

I brought mine from Selfridges for £25, apart from 402 which was given to my by my friend Alice, her blog is You should check her blog out is fab.

Is there any other colours you would recommend for me? Or do you have any? I would love to see what you have.

Jen x


  1. Another great review. I've put shades 102 & 103 on my wishlist.

  2. You won't be disappointed, perfect colours x

  3. I haven't heard much about these but they sound and look lovely!

  4. Really?? You must try, they're lovely. I noticed last night they sell them in house of Fraser, although they don't sell in my local stores, they may do yours?? Defo Selfridges in the bull ring xx

  5. I love these lipsticks. I've currently got shade 506 x

    1. Oh id love to see it, is that in the pink range? X

    2. yes its a pink shade - not one I'd have gone for if the counter assistant hadn't chosen it x

    3. That's what I enjoy, seeing different products you wouldn't normally pick up. Some of my greatest finds x


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