Friday 20 September 2013

Bits to try

I love trying new brands and products, well I must do as I blog about them most days! Here we have a mixed bag, soap, cleanser and a cream or two. I have tried the Savon L'Origan soap* before just in a different scent, the previous one smelt just like parma violets. Not my first choice in a soap to be quite frank, this version smells fresh and much better. I cannot wait to try this one out. The two brands below the soap really excite me. WEI is a luxury brand stocked in the likes of Space N K and its scented with roses, I have tried a coupler of samples before from WEI and enjoyed them, this time I have a WEI cleanser* and its a good size of 10ml so should last a few days, I will report back to you in an empties post soon.  Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser* is an extremely expensive brand, the full sized product is around the £120 mark, I will be using this sample sparingly, and savouring each use! And lastly another diddy tube of Yu-Be cream*, I have tried this before and wasn't overly impressed. If you have tried this before how did you use it? I want to give it another try, maybe it was me and I was not using it in the best way?

I feel a sample post coming up soon, its about time I had a sample grab and tried out some new products. I literally have draws full of samples and trial sizes. I love it when you get a sample or two when purchasing products, its makes it all the more exciting for me, the little added extras.
Jen x

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