Friday 16 August 2013

CND Solar Oil

When I was last at my hairdressers getting my highlights re done, I got into a conversation with the owner about my nails, growth, shellac and well all sorts really. She gave me some excellent advise about nail care and what products to use.

I was kindly given a bottle of the CND Solar Oil* to take home with me, I was instructed to rub the oil onto the cuticles, nails and massage for a while. I have been totally enjoying this part of my beauty routine, its a step I had not done previously, but one I will continue to do from now on.

I felt even more excited about this oil when I noticed MakeupByTiffanyD declaring her love for the oil, and adding how it had worked wonders on her nails. I have only been using CND Solar Oil for a week or so, so its early days. Watch out for another update to hear about the long term results.
 CND Solar Oil Mini £5.00*
Jen x

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