Monday 10 June 2013

Peachy Pinks

I had a quick swoop on my lippies and thought I would show you some of my favourite Peachy Pinks. I have a thing about lipsticks and especially Peachy pinks, I just love them. So lets take a peek, there is a mix of brands here, there is also a selection of finishes, I love them all.

Givenchy Le Rouge #310 Croisiere Coral
One of my new purchases, this is a vibrant Coral. Its quite bright for me, but I enjoy wearing it. It certainly draws attention!

Dior Addict Extreme #336 Saint Tropez
I searched for months for this lippie, it was only sold in USA in Nordstorm and that was a limited edition. I found this in a blog sale, I literally squealed!
Chanel Rouge Coco #78 Peregrina
I have worn this lippie for years, my sister is a manager at Chanel, and this is her fave. I love this shade, you can wear this with ease and always look lovely.

Chanel Rouge Coco #06 Egerie
Another one of my sisters favourites, what ever she loves I tend to as well. I have been wearing this for years as well. A beautiful creamy finish.
Mac Sheen Supreme #fashion City
I picked this up from a CCO, my first Mac Sheen Supreme. I like this lippie, but it tends to get forgotten about.
By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge #2 Mango Tango
Love this sheer lippie, an instant attraction on one of my many Space N K trips. I want to get more from this range. This makes my lips look amazing.


Dior Addict Extreme #343 Spring Ball Extreme
A recent purchase from Dior's new limited edition. I went for the extreme version to get a little more colour pay off. I have quite a collection of Dior's lippies now, all super nice.
YSL Rouge Volupte #26 Tender Peach
My hubby brought me this lippie, he has excellent taste bless him. Love this lippie, its sooo creamy thou and needs reapplying lots, but I don't care its so nice.
Tom Ford Lip Colour #09 True Coral
Maybe this was a little too bright to make this colour selection but hey ho its in! Although its named as Coral, I'd say it leans more towards Red. I wear this lippie once in a while and feel good wearing it. A real statement indeed. I love Tom Ford lippies, I have a small collection now.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this selection, I absolutely love the Peachy Pinks, in fact I love lippies in general. I cant seem to go shopping without another purchase. What is your favourite Peachy Pink? I would really love to hear form you please leave me a comment.
Jen x


  1. I love all of those, rare for me to say that xx

  2. Love the colour of the Dior one on the top row!! very pretty!

  3. They all look lovely, especially the Tom Ford xx

  4. All of these shades look beautiful! I've been after this YSL one for ages - it looks stunning. Lovely post honey! X


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