Monday 3 June 2013

Chanel haul

Chanels summer collection #L'Ete de Papillon is here for 2013. It was launched last Friday!!! I was there ready and waiting, I had been lucky enough to to be able to swatch the colours a few weeks ago, so I knew what fabulous offerings would be coming. To celebrate summer I have picked a few of my garden flowers, I hope you like them.

 I tried to be good and only selected 2 items, I knew instantly I wanted one item but it was my youngest son Dane who picked out the other.

Azure #657 nail polish is the item Dane picked out, this isn't what I would normally go for but wow, it's magical!the sales assistant said it was the most popular shade out if the collection and in fact they had nearly sold out!!

The colour is just like nothing I have seen before, it shines several different colours and once in day light it's just mystical.

Nail Polish £18.00

Stylo Eyeshadow Moon River #07. I love this cream eyeshadow, it's a typical Jen colour. A beautiful taupe/beige/mushroom colour. Perfect for that everyday shade, just so pretty. I love a little shimmer.

Stylo Eyeshadow £23.00

The initial swatch a few weeks ago blew me away. It literally wouldn't budge from my hand!! Honestly this has staying power.

If you work quickly with the pen you can blend it out as well as well as lining your eyes. I love to run the stylo along my lash line.

Excuse the quick paint job!! But I wanted to capture the beauty of this polish, you can faintly tell from this picture the array of colours shining. Just imagine the effect in the sunlight. It's beautiful.

There are a couple of other pieces I may go back for?? We will see, I hope you will  take a look at the summer 2013 collection, just remember once it's gone it's gone. The only downside to the collection is, there's no blusher do you remember the one like last years horizon blusher?? I think that would of finished this collection off perfectly. Other than that I am extremely happy with it.

Jen x


  1. Lovely picks Jen! I bought Azure, Moon River & Jade Shore sticks. I just returned both sticks. Jade Shore just didn't do it for me. Moon River was so pretty!!! Just not so pretty on my eyes. That one lasted very well on my oily lids, too. Hope you enjoy your new Chanel!

  2. Beautiful. I nearly bought this polish last week, but ended up getting Taboo. Been tempted with these stick shadows too, think I will be investing! x


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