Friday 19 July 2013

Summer saviours

Finally we have glorious weather here in the UK, I was beginning to worry that the sun would not be paying a visit this year.

I love the warm weather, my husband even more so. He is Italian and just thrives in the heat, I really notice a change in him, its happy days at the moment.

I have a little collection of products I seem to be turning to whilst we have this weather. They are working wonders for me, so I thought I'd share with you all.

First up a a small hand held fan, I picked this up in sainsbury's for around a £1 or £2. I have been carrying this around in my bag, its lovely once I get a little too hot. Next up is a blogger cult product Caudalie Beauty Elixir, one that I took a while to get used to. I use this as a toner and as a little skin wake up me up. And a lovely water facial mist from Vichy, I received this in a beauty box. I have been using this on my sons as well, it works wonders leaving your skin so cool damp.

I have been trying a few different face products that have SPF and are ultra nourishing. I found the REN Photoactive Sun Veil in my sample stash, its simply beautiful on  my skin. Unfortunately I have heard on the grape vine this is about to be discontinued, what a shame I wonder if this is being replaced with a new product? My daily SPF I am using is by Clinique and is 40 SPF. I am getting on ok with this, it leaves me with a nice base for my foundation/Bb cream. I received the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum in a past beauty box as well. This is absolutely lovely, a light wait fluid that instantly absorbs into my skin. In fact I would love to purchase a larger size at some point. The last product is one I repeatably watched being raved about by LisalisaD1 in the states, I took a look at it once whilst browsing a Clinique counter and before I knew it, I had an All about eyes serum in the bag! I cannot live without this, it has a metal roller ball as a applicator, the feeling is amazing. So cooling, the fluid is a thin, watery serum that does not leave my eye area sticky, I apply my eye make up after use with no problems.

Now I am a girl that loves oils, I love to try different oils for every part of my body! Its funny as I have always been warned about oils, stay well away from them I was told as I have combination skin, that can break out terribly at times. I am loving my Ojon hair oil sample, I use the tiniest amount and it leaves my hair looking shiny. The Nuxe oil is a mutli purpose usage oil, I like to use it on my legs to provide a little shine in this glorious weather. Again the Caudalie divine oil can be used anywhere on your body, this oil is a little thicker in consistency. I like to use this one at night, I slather on the ends of my hair and leave over night, I wash my hair every morning anyway. Its like an overnight treatment for my highlighted hair. Ila oil is a luxury one, this is only a sample I am trying to use sparingly due to the cost of a full sized product. This smells amazing, the rose scent is super strong, I love it.

Where do I begin, I love my Sisley Black Rose face mask. It works wonders on your skin, this is super nourishing and plumps your skin up. The results are outstanding, again this is very costly I am sure this tube cost me £98.00ish, so a treat. Cath Kidston, those of you that know me well will know I love the brand Cath Kidston. I own lots of her products, bags, accessories, kitchen wear and many other bits. This cream smells like a summers garden, you know when you can smell the sweetness of fresh flowers. I don't know anyone who has not got a tube of 8 Hour in their collection, this is a nice size to carry around, I use this on sore areas, red skin or dryness. My hubby tends to use this a lot as well. An excellent product to have in your collection. EOS is a cute brand I love their products, this looks fun in your handbag, lots of people have asked what it is when I take it out of my handbag.

More Rose products guys, Rose & Co salve is fab for my cuticles and lips. I like to massage this into my dry nails as well. What is left over I dab onto my lips. By Terry Baume De Rose is a complete treat, at £40ish for a lip balm I know is very excessive but its so worth it. And finally after this mammoth post Baby Lips, I cannot wait until they reach the UK. I have heard lots of rumours they are here now, no they are here in August??? I have no idea when they are here, but what I can tell you is that when do they do arrive I am stocking up!! They offer the perfect amount of colour in the this warm weather. Its all I wear some days.


Wow I had not realised how long this post would end up! I could not miss anything out as they all have an important role in my routine at the moment. What are you turning to in this heat wave? I would love to hear about your saviours.

Jen x


  1. Cath's Honeysuckle Body Cream sounds like a delicious scent! I've turned to Missha's Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream for my day moisturizer. It's not at all thick ad sinks into the skin like water. Very refreshing and cooling.

  2. I have been using a hand cream, I used to never use them but I find using them in sun makes my hands pick up tan faster as my skin is so moisturised.
    I love your writing style darling, you one of the only people I can read all way through without getting bored.

  3. wow that is an impressive stash, I might have to do this post too xx


  4. I love face mists to use during this hot weather - you should try the rose mist from Wellgreen Lewes it's gorgeous x

  5. I am so disappointed about the photoactive veil too, I love the Herbfarmacy rose and Echinacea toner in this heat! X


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