Thursday 18 July 2013

Empties #5

My empty posts seem to come around so quickly, and I have managed to get through quite a lot again. Some of the products I have used up I am very sad about. I love some of them, let me tell you which ones........

Mineral Flowers Rose & Geranium & Dead sea mud shower gel 200ml £2.99
I was new to the brand, I came across this in T K Max. I wanted to try this as soon as I noticed the ingredients looked good. No SLS or Parabens. The scent was pleasant as well. The formula was quite runny, so I had to be quick when I used this.

Dr Bronner Magic Soap Lavender 473ml £5.99
LOVE this soap, I was my make up brushes with this and my body as well. I want to try more scents from the brand.

Mineral Flowers Chamomile & Dead sea mud shower gel 200ml £2.99
As above.


Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover 200ml £1.50
I always pick this one up, it works well and lasts a long time.

Ginvera Whitening & Refining Fluid 100ml £12.95
I am so sad this has finished, I thoroughly enjoyed using this toner. The formula is very unusual, seemed to have an oil in the fluid. You had to shake before use, and felt incredible on my skin. I need to repurchase this ASAP. I noticed a huge improvement in my pores, this is one of my biggest issues with my skin.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner 500ml £19.00
My all time favourite hair care brand, I love this. I have in fact run out of this completely, I am trying to use up all my other left over bits and bobs before I purchase any more. But I will for sure.


Vaseline Double Invisible Deodorant 150ml £1.00
I have used this brand on and off for years, my sister loves this and will not use any other.

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner 60ml £2.49
I received this sample in a beauty box, I liked the formula and it did not make my scalp itch at all. My hair looked soft and shiny.

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Shampoo 60ml £2.49
As above a lovely conditioner.

Lancome Clarifying Exfoliating Toner 200ml £21.00
Here is my first experience with using an exfoliating  toner. I loved using this, and received complements with regards to my skins improvement. I tend to visit the same girl at Space N K, she knows me and my skin  well, she immediately asked me what I had changed as my skins surface looked and felt so much smoother. It was all down to this little beauty.

Dr Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Conditioner 265ml  £7.65
I love the scent, the texture was very thick and nourished my hair well. I will buy more as soon as another offer comes around at Holland & Barrett.

Calvin Klein CK One  50ml £20.00
Again this has been in and out of my collection for many years. I don't tend to like fresh citrus smells, this is different because as soon as I spray this I remember lots of memories from my younger years. Both of my sons wear this scent, it's light and refreshing for young ones.


Savon Surfin La Violette De Parme 50g £????
I received this soap in a recent beauty box, I don't care for the scent at all. It smells just like the name would suggest, Parma Violets!!!

Tiddley Pom Organic Nappy Balm 50ml £2.99
Another great find my my local T K Max, whilst researching the brand I realised this is sold in Harrods baby department. Although its marketed for Nappy care, I use else where. I love balms, they are so moisturising and this smells amazing, just like Lavender which is no of my all time favourite scents. Its so calming at night time.

Botanics 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 70ml £9.99
I had this hanging around in my collection for months, and never tried it. One day that all changed, once I started I could not stop. This has lovely ingredients, Organic, No nastiness etc. My skin loved this balm. I used it mostly in the morning and removed with a fresh fluffy flannel.

Aqua Di Parma Iris Noble Sublime 1.5ml Sample
I absolutely love this scent, I have already added this to my wish list. I am sat here now sniffing the sample, I highly suggest you give this a whiff next time you are in a high end department store.

Givenchy Foundation sample (Cant remember the name? Its shade 3)
My lovely friend Asma offered me this sample to try, I lost the card she put it with. I love the finish and the shade, just perfection. I want more.

Clarins Exfoliating Toner Sample
I have since purchased the full size bottle of this little gem. I can feel the fluid working as soon as I apply to my skin. I have only used this a couple of times so its too early to discuss results.

Sisley Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins 4ml Sample
I own this in full size, I love the brand. This is a fabulous product, if you have combination skin that breaks out or leans on the oily side this is for you. I really tell a difference in my skin after use. Due to the cost of this brand I use my full size products sparingly.

Origins Starting Over Face Cream Sample
Another lovely cream from one of my all time favourite skin care brands. This felt quite thick and nourished my skin well. I enjoyed trying this one.

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau #03 Beige Natural Sample
I loved the base this provided to my skin, the shade was far to dark. I have a few more of these samples left over, so I will use them when I go on my holidays.

Lush Bath Bar Karma x3 £3.15
As you can tell I like this product a lot. I always stock up on this product when I visit Lush. I also own the perfume stick in the scent karma.

Lush Bath Bar Dorothy x3 £2.95
This is my absolute all time first choice in Lush's bath bombs. I love the scent, if you do too you need to try Lush's soap Figs and Leaves. Ohhhhh Sooooo nice.

Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie Sample
I enjoyed trying this out, but the sample was teeny! I had enough to rub on my arm, the formula was very thick. It did not lather up, felt more like a body conditioner.

Lush Bath Bomb Rose Queen £2.65
Another firm favourite of mine, this smells just like roses and once they dissolve in the bath little rose petals emerge in the water. Its simply beautiful.

Lush Bath Bomb Bug Splat £3.65
I believe this is a new product for Lush, it did not even have a label. I have no idea what scents are embedded in the bomb. I can say it was a lovely bomb, bright green water!

Lush Bath Bomb Blackberry Bath Ballistic* £2.95
I have looked at this bomb many times and never brought it. I was provided this to try from Lush, wow it is lovely and I will most certainly buy another in the future.


Lush Pop In The Bath Bath Bar £2.90
This has to be one of the prettiest bath bombs Lush sell. This looks like a flower, they come in all different colours, but they all smell the same. Simply a lovely product.

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap Sample
I love this soap so much, it smells amazing. The formula is creamy and soothing on my skin. There are some sort of seeds in the soap that act as an exfoliator when used. I cannot live without this bar of heaven.


Sensodyne Repair & Protect 75ml £4.49
This has to be an absolute miracle product, I have no sensitive gums or bleeding anymore. I will use this forever. My only wish would be that it whitened my teeth.

Chanel Coco Madamoiselle 20ml £75.00 for the full size set
My little sister treated me to this cute little purse spray. You get a pack of 3 20ml sprays that you replace into the stunning Chanel case. I want the original Coco one now, that's my scent, everyone knows me by that scent.

MUA Clear Mascara 7ml £1.00
I decided to through this out as I have purchased a lovely new eyebrow product, I wont say to much as I am yet to blog about it.

My empties seem to get bigger and bigger each month, how on earth do I get through so much each time? The good thing about this is, I am working through my stash, using up half empty products etc. At least this way I am making way for new items to have a place in my collection!
Jen x


  1. You have been a busy bee. lot's of nice looking products x


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