Saturday 20 July 2013

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier

This post is very exciting for me, my darling husband brought me Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier for my graduation gift. I will keep this bag forever, each time I look at the bag I will remember all the hours I spent on my degree, the tears and laughter (believe me there has been plenty of both!) If you look on the left handle you will see J.M they are my initials, my husband arranged for my bag to be personalised for me. I am thrilled, and have used nothing but this bag for the past week. I had a fabulous experience in the store (we visited Louis Vuitton Birmingham) the lady who served me show great professionalism and had outstanding subject knowledge of the brand. I love that, I had this thought that the Monogram print was the original print. When in fact the Damier print is the original print! We chatted for a while about the brand and various designers.

So lets take a look in my bag, what a great way to see my new bag and how much stuff I carry around. MM is the medium sized bag out of the Neverfull range, its perfect for me. I did consider the GM for a few short moments its a huge bag and I am so thankful I opted for the MM. I am in love with this bag, I am now looking at their extensive range for my next purchase.

I love to be organised, you will notice this as this post continues, I have a pouch for everything. The 2 black leather pouches are from American Apparel, one is small the other medium. And my beloved pink Mulberry Pouch, this was a gift for my last wedding anniversary.

Lets take a peek into my small black American Apparel pouch, I carry my loyalty cards in this one. The 2 Cath Kidston Card Holders look after my extensive loyalty cards, like subway, pets at home them types. At the bottom is a Mulberry Card Holder, I keep all my beauty loyalty cards in this one.

I love my Mulberry Pouch, pink is one of my all time favourite colours. I keep my ear phones in an old Mulberry draw string pouch (they don't scratch anything this way) and my I phone 5 lives a Mulberry Cover ( I also have a pink one) I am using my dark red one at the moment, I thought it matched the red fabric inside my bag better.

Due to my Louis Vuitton Neverfull being completely open, I decided to use my medium American Apparel pouch to hold my purse for safety reasons. I am using my Mulberry Postman's Lock Continental Purse at the moment, I like to change my purses around so they don't age quickly. I received this purse at Christmas, it is great and has so many compartments inside. I also put my Mulberry Pencil case inside, I am a teacher and need to carry lots of pens etc with me at all times.

Here is a close up of my purses clasp, the sun is shinning so bright today it was extremely hard to get a good picture. The hard wear is a brushed gold, I tend to opt for a grainy leather as they are harder wearing then a smooth leather option.

I also swap my make up bags around from day to day, I am using my Mulberry one today. I don't normally go for daring patterns like this one, but I really liked it. I also have a book cover to match this pattern. (I am in desperate need to buy a book that fits inside)  I only carry the bare essentials, Perfume, Lipstick, Contact Lenses, Blotting powder, Hair grips, Hand cream, Lip balm,  Cotton buds and a piece of Tigers eye.

I am wearing my Ray Bans a lot lately although I much prefer a larger style, I will most likely pass these onto my son and get another pair soon. I suffer with horrendous hay fever, so a packet of tissues is a must.

I hope you have enjoyed looking inside my handbag, I carry quite a lot around with me each day. If you have posted about whats in your handbag please link me in, I would really enjoy reading your post.
I know this post may seem a little excessive to some, with regards to all the Mulberry and expensive brands, all I can say is they have been gifts from my husband. We don't waste money on other things in life we just enjoy finer quality items. I look after my belongings and when they are not in use they are wrapped lovingly in their dust bags waiting for their next outing.
Jen x


  1. What a beautiful bag and bless him having it initialed for you awww...Loving the Mulberry too! xx


  2. You will get along really well with my Mom. She loves LV bags, haha. I remember she wanted to help her buy the damier azure never-full MM but I forgot her instructions and ended up geting the GM. She was very disappointed at first (it's not what she wanted at first and it was more expensive) but she learned to love it after a while. :)

  3. I really like the Damier print over the monogram, I just think it's so simple and classy. Gorge bag, you have a great hubby! I love all the pouches inside, this appeals to my OCD organisational skills lol xxx

  4. This is my dream handbag. It is so pretty. I can only dream. x

  5. Your hubby is lovely! I think the Damier is nicer than the monogramed more classy. Congrats on graduating honey. Xx

  6. lucky and beautiful you! love Louis Vuitton! Love the bag! Where to buy it?


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