Saturday 6 July 2013

Lush #Helping Hands

I love creams, especially hand creams. I also have a thing for pots, so this pot if cuteness couldn't be any better for me. I love Lush, I often spend a Saturday afternoon mooching around looking at all their wonderful products.

Helping Hands Hand Cream smells sooo nice, a clean, fresh scent which absorbs into my skin with ease.

As you can see formula is thick and creamy. What I like about this is that I feel  no stickiness afterwards. I can carry on with my normal duties immediately! There's no waiting around for my hands to dry, only silky smooth hands.

Looks like this may become a staple in my collection, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it.

Jen x



  1. I've seen this in Lush before and always been tempted, but have yet to try it. I think the formula sounds great - I always suffer with dry hands, so I might pick this up when the weather gets a bit colder again in a few months x

  2. I love this hand cream. It's so nourishing lasts forever!


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