Sunday 7 July 2013


Bodhi is a brand I have been admiring from afar for a while now, its simply a beautiful brand. I have spent many hours reading about their exquisite products either on twitter, on their website and on other blog posts. There is so much love for the brand, I felt I wanted to learn more for myself, I really wanted to try the brand and what a fabulous introduction to the brand with their best selling Facial Oil Neroli Luce and a recent release the Mint the Temple Balm.


Mint the Temple Balm

As some of you may be aware of I am currently completing a degree, I graduate at the end of July (I cannot wait!!!) studying can be extremely hard and tiring. I have to let you in on a recent story of mine. My days are filled with working full time as a teacher, running a house and family and somewhere in between all of that I am completing a degree, as you can imagine its hard. One evening I had been trying to complete a 4000 word assignment on Curriculum, I won't bore you with the content, but my head was pounding, a full on tension head ache. I sent out a tweet to ask for help. Someone tweeted back 'use your Temple Balm from Bodhi' oh yes, I thought and hurried up my stairs to collect it. I dabbed a teeny amount on each side of my temples and on my wrists. I thought no more about this and proceeded to tap away at my assignment. Around 30 minutes later one of my dear friends on twitter asked 'hows your headache Jen?' I replied 'what headache?'  I had honestly forgotten all about it, I had no headache! I can't rave enough about this balm, I will be telling all my uni friends about this little wonder, in fact all my work colleagues as well. That is just one use for the balm, it can also be used for travel sickness, muscle ache, skin irritations and insect bites to name just a few.

Neroli Luce

I have been trialing the Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil for a 3 weeks now, and feel ready to talk about the results. I like to give a product a fair trial before I commence with my laptop tapping! This oil has been specifically designed for combination skin types, that's my skin type.  I have been plagued with problematic skin for a while now, Ive tried several products to try to solve the issue. I began to use this oil just as night time treatment before my evening moisturiser. I soon incorporated this divine oil into my morning routine once I noticed the results my skin was reaping. For instance my skin in the morning looked less red, and I noticed a dramatic change in the number of spots I woke to each morning.  I can now report my skin is beginning to heal. I have a significant reduction in spots, redness and soreness. I can only imagine the results in 2-3 months time.

I wanted to share more pictures with you than I normally do, the reason for this is because I simply adore the packing. Just look at the attention to detail. This is a luxury brand, and that is what you will get luxury. I did not want to open the boxes, and spoil the packaging. Each box has a carefully sealed ribbon threaded through and around the product. I certainly have never seen this before from another brand. If you are looking for an extra special gift for a loved one, look no further than Bodhi, I would love to have anything from this brand as a gift.

Bodhi  is a Eco luxury brand they only use the best natural or organic ingredients in all of their products. All of their packaging is recycled, I love that about the brand. After having the pleasure of being lucky enough to try a couple of products I can tell you something, when using a product from Bodhi its more than just using an oil for instance. Its an experience that goes a lot deeper, its the feeling, the way the scents makes you feel. Its hard to put into a descriptive sentence, its simply a mind and body experience. Bodhi will take your mind and body to another place, if you need uplifting or relaxing or calming, there is a product to meet that need.
 Bodhi use no nasty chemicals, parabens, additives, sulphates, silicons and most importantly they never test on animals. I love bodhi's statement........
'Tested on humans, not animals'

 Jen x


  1. I love both these products they are fab! The lip balm is gorgeous too x

  2. I really want to try both of these products xx


  3. I love reading you reading your beauty blogs x
    Tis Jou x

  4. These two are so good, great review! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. I loveee any brand that has "Tested on humans, not animals" - makes me smile. The Mint balm is on my wishlist, but now the Neroli oil is edging on there too! Brilliant pictures :) x


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