Friday 5 July 2013

Be Trousse #Glitz and Glamour

This post has been a few weeks in planning, I wanted to be able to try a few of the products before completing the blog post. The lovely Louise ran a competition to win a beauty box from Be Trousse. I instantly entered my details, I had never heard about the brand before, after looking at the pictures Louise had published in the post I certainly wanted to try the brand. Imagine my excitement when Louise informed me I had won!!!! Oh my, I was over joyed. Louise sent my prize so quick, It was in my possession within a day! She is lovely, and I must add Louise had added lots of extras. Thank you Louise.

Just look at how many goodies Louise sent to me!!!! I literally could not pick up the box, it was so heavy. Thank you Louise for your kindness.

I am so happy to be able to try more natural brands and this box is full of them, I have recently been enjoying the Jason shampoo, this smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft and my scalp does not itch. I would like to get the matching conditioner soon. The body moisturiser smells so sweet, just so refreshing. The formula is light and easily absorbs into my skin.

One of the most exciting items in the box was the Tulecos oil, wow just wow! I am seriously impressed with it. Its designed for use on your feet. I am the first to admit my poor pinkies get forgotten about, well this is not the case now. I have this wonderful oil to use.

The product on the left I am yet to try, its a face product and smells nice and fresh. As soon as I get around to trying it I will report back.

I already own the enhance lip gloss, so this is a back up. It has a gentle shimmer and will be nice in the summer months or whilst on holiday. I use Dr Bromner liquid soap each and every day, So I am super happy to have another bottle. I always use the soap to wash my brushes with and sometimes also to wash with. My favourite scents are Rose and Lavender. The product on the right is simply perfect for my needs, its a nail oil pen by Dr Hauschka. I have never tried anything form the brand before. I have awful nails, I am hoping the nail oil will help to strenghten my nails and allow them to grow.

Louise puts lots of trial size and samples in for me to try. I love the brand Weleda, I am saving them for a holiday or weekend away. They are the perfect size. On the right is an eye cream, the cream feels nice and thick. I have used it a couple of times so far, my eyes feel comfortable and soothed after use.

I am absolutely thrilled with my prize, I was so shocked with all the products you sent to me Louise, Thank you, you have been so kind and generous. Thanks to you I have been able to try out some lovely products.
I have really enjoyed trying about a beauty box from Be Trousse, I would be interested to see more boxes from the brand.
Louise is lovely please give her a follow on twitter @HoadLouise
Jen x


  1. So glad you liked everything Hun, and thank you for all the kind and wonderful words! You made me blush! :)

  2. Ah what a fab box! I can understand why you are so thrilled! Love the sound of the shampoo I always get an itchy scalp. X

  3. wow what a lovely box of goodies! :)


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