Tuesday 16 July 2013

July's Beauty Box Comparison

It's that time again, I get sooo excited when it's time for my beauty boxes to be delivered. I must add this month I had a true surprise there was NO spoilers prior to me receiving my box. Yippee. As usual I have tried to work out the value as per the product size. Ohh lets go and see what's inside my boxes.............


Anatomicals facial spritz 100ml Full Size £6.00
I'm not sure about this brand? I've not seen it sold anywhere?? The scent is nice, I will give it a go.

Bamboo Style Boho Waves 25ml (Full Size 125ml £23.00) £4.60
Completely new to this brand, it says its the from USA. I have tried this and wow, it defiantly works. Think bumble and bumble surf spray. Love.

Coola Classic Sunscreen 7ml (Full Size 148ml £26.00) £1.22
I like that this is organic and natural, but it's soooo tiny! There is not enough here to give a true trial. I will put this away for my holiday.

Sleek Pout Paint 8ml Full Size £4.99 x2 £9.98
I am not impressed with these, the red one is very red, I may try it one day? But BLUE, please I am not into that and I'm not sure who would be?

Ciate Paint Pots 13.5ml Speed Dial Full Size £11.00
I actually received this colour in my Christmas advent calendar, I would of preferred the pink or red that I've seen in other boxes. Oh and I've seen a gorgeous nude shade as well, I always get the wrong shade for me (sad face).


Dead Sea Spa Magik Body Lotion 25ml (full size is 330ml for £7.70) £0.58
I have received this product at least 10x in previous beauty boxes! I'm over it now,  I want to try different products.

Blanc Cachemire creme de jour protectrice 15ml (full size 30ml £54.75) £27.37
This is a French branded protective day cream,  some of the ingredients are organic. This always catches my attention! I can't wait to try this out, it's a rather expensive cream so lets see what its like.

Reverence De Bastien Graceful Hands Delight 25ml  full size £12.00
I'm sure this brand has been in previous boxes? In the form of a cuticle cream?? I remember because I really wanted it and I didn't get it. The cream is thin and stinks into my hands instantly leaving no after residue. My tube is half gone, I'm not sure why? It had no seal on either?? If you received this product was yours the same?

The Balm instain 0.5g (full size £21.50 25.5g) £0.59
I am super happy to try a product from The Balm, I hear rave reviews about their products all the time from my USA friends. The only bug bear I have is the size and it clearly states not for resale this is a free sample. 

VitaBella Anti Ageing Face Mask (full size is 6 products for £59.00) £19.66
This is part of a 6 stage facial treatment. I am really looking forward to trying this out, from looking in the magazine the pictures looks like an Asian sheet mask? I will report back after I've tried it.

The Chia Co. Chia Shot 8g sachet Full Size £4.79
I have read outstanding reviews about the health benefits to this little seed! I will be purchasing a huge tub at some point. My hubby will most likely use this sample up.

Here's a swatch of The Balm blusher, the name certainly is true! This stained my hand for hours afterwards. The colour is a dark coral, I would recommend a light hand for application. I just wished it was a bigger size, I think the only brush to work for this would be my Real Technique Stippling brush.

There is a clear winner for me this month, hands down...... Drum roll please....... Birchbox has really impressed me this month. They have included so much variety, high end products and useable cosmetics. Well done Birchbox. I am rather disappointed with my Glossybox this month, there is only 1 product I will be using, I've seen some fabulous products in other Glossyboxes that I would of loved but hey ho. Alas, I will hold out for one more month......
Glossybox value £32.80
Birchbox Value £64.99

Jen x

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  1. I really love Anatomicals I hadn't heard of it prior to my glossy box. I have had a scrub,the spray you got this month and a gloss, I picked up a tan as well for £3.99 in Superdrug and its better than the Fake Bake one I was using. BirchBox looks amaze this month. Xx


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