Wednesday 17 July 2013

Bumble and bumble

Its funny really, I spend a small fortune of beauty products. I love them all, anything from skin care to cosmetics I want to try them all. I am ashamed to admit I completely neglect one area of me and that is my hair. Yes I have it cut and highlighted but that's where it ends. I cannot style my hair, I have tried time after time, I just cannot do it.

My daily routine consists of washing my hair, using my tangle teezer to comb through, I take a pump of Moroccanoil and smooth over the ends of my hair. The finial stage is to make a parting with a comb. I am then dashing out the door, by the time I reach work my hair is dry.

More recently a friend mentioned my hair to me, and advised me to take more time with my hair, she said she was shocked at how much attention I paid to my make up but not my hair. This thought would not leave my mind, I decided to try and make the change. A few days ago I was browsing the aisle in my local Boots, my good friend Soraya who works their introduced me to Johnathon he worked on Bumble and bumble. We started to chat about my hair and what I wanted to achieve. He sat me down and began to show me products, he asked if I would like my hair curling and to try some products on my hair. I promptly replied YES PLEASE. He was so professional, he explained each product in great detail, including what they did and why he used them. Johnathon mostly used the blogger cult product Surf Spray I loved the way it felt in my hair. I walked out of the store feeling like a million dollars with the most beautiful hair, all loose curls bouncing around. Johnathon gave me a couple of samples to take away and try. I was so happy with them I was back a few days later to make my purchases. There is an offer at the moment, purchase 2 Bumble and bumble products and receive £7.50 in points on your loyalty card.

Bb Straight Blow Dry 150ml £25.00
I brought a second item because there was an offer running and you know me by now I cannot resist an offer! Johnathon and I discussed a few options until I decided on this one. I love the sound of it, its heat activated and will kept my hair silky smooth even in humid climates. I am yet to try this out, look out for a review when I do.

Surf Spray 125ml £21.50
I cannot rave enough about this product, my hair kept it curl all day (which for me with fine hair this never happens) and what shocked me more than anything the next day I woke with perfect curls and my hair was not greasy. I did not need to wash my hair, this totally confused me, I have to wash my hair everyday as it looks horrid the next morning. I went to work with fab hair, all thanks to Johnathon. I had to purchase this amazing product, this is like no other I've ever tried before.

Johnathon added a couple of samples to take home and try, I love the look of Ojon's Rare Blend Oil. The oil is separated into yellow, orange and red you need to shake it before you use. What a cute little bottle. Also a sachet of their frequently raved about Bb Creme De Coco Shampoo and Conditioner. I have a problematic scalp. This is what I love about samples you get it try before having to purchase a full sized product. In all honestly if Johnathon had not been so kind to provide me with some a few days ago this purchase may not of happened. And my I add he was so nice to me, I will always go back to him in the future.

Now the challenge begins will I be able to style my hair? I have some brilliant products now so there should be no reason not to. I need to learn, all help will be greatly appreciated. I actually feel quite excited about this new challenge. Where do I start????
Jen x


  1. That little bottle of Ojon will last you about a year - seriously you need SO little and only use it on the ends. Smells divine!

    Nic x

    1. Wow that's fab!!! I can't wait to give it a go xx

  2. I love bumble and bumble. You should try their thickening spray, it adds amazing volume to the hair without weighing it down it also helps hold everything in place. x

  3. The little hair oil looks so cute! I've always wanted to try the Surf spray xx


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