Monday 15 July 2013

Chanel Haul

I love Chanel, there is something about the brand that makes me feel so special. Chanel have released a new limited edition collection Avant Preemiere De Chanel, oh my each product is absolutely stunning.  I just love everything you could possible buy from Chanel and their limited editions are sort after by many so you need to purchase as soon as they are released.

Once I heard about Chanels GWP it was all the enabling I required.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour #90 Pimpante
My sister selected this shade for me and I could not be happier, she knows me very well. What a beautiful colour, the perfect shade for the warm summer months. The formula is like no other, a smooth application that leaves my lips looking radiant. A creamy satin finish that seems to plump up my lips. This lipstick is very pigmented, a little goes a long way for sure. As far as I am aware this is not in the new limited edition collection.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #583 Taboo
I have been lusting over this shade for months, the envy I have felt towards to my USA friends have been extremely strong! Why do we,who live in the UK have to wait so long for the fab products to arrive here? I have been eagerly anticpating the realse date for a while now. I cannot tell you have happy this makes me feel to have one to finally call my own is just great. I was not disappointed either, I sat and looked at this little bottle for a while, in the sun light, in the shade, well in fact anywhere! The colours within in this one bottle is breath taking. Its beautiful, you really need to go and see this one before they all go as again this is limited edition. For me this colour is simply a phenomenal, mysterious, sensual, intriguing and seductive with colours of purple, burgundy, wine and indigo running through.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #575 Starlet
Again my lovely sister selected this one for me, she honestly has the best taste, in fact we wear very simlar shades at times. I would describe this one as being a dusty warm peach with a tiny hit of shimmer running through. I am so thankful to have laid my hands on.

Chanel has also released a few new editions to their skin care range:-

Le Jour De Chanel is used in the morning to reactive your skin care. This formula will minimize the appearance of pores and smooths skin, providing radiance all day long.

Le Nuit De Chanel is an evening treatment that recharges, smooths and calms the skin. Your skin in the morning will be supple and plumped,

Le Weekend De Chanel is a weekly renewing facial treatment, resurfacing and moisturises skin. Leaving skin smooth, soft and luminous.

How cute is this little make up bag, it is rather rare for Chanel to offer a GWP so of course I had to take them up on this offer. I absolutely love it and it will look great in my new hand bag.

I am thrilled with my Chanel purchases, and if you are reading this little sister a huge THANK YOU for selecting such beautiful shades I love them.

Have you seen Chanels new limited edition? Or purchased anything? If so I would love to see your thoughts.

Jen x


  1. I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on the skincare - I was tempted by the range. Lovely lipstick shade x

  2. Love all your purchases Hun! I find myself drooling over your blog with all the lovely things you buy! I especially love your latest Handbag purchase! Very nice! ;)

  3. That nail varnish, (the purple one) looks gorgeous, could stare at that colour all day.



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