Sunday 16 June 2013

T K Max Haul

Today we nipped to T K Max whilst we were out, I found a few goodies I wanted to share with you. I am really finding some lovely bits at T K Max at the moment.

Mineral Flower energising Shower Gel 200ml (RRP £5.00) T K Max £2.99
The first thing that caught my eye was that these had no SLS or parabens. The scents are my kind, rose, floral and chamomile. The fluid looks quite runny, I will report back my thoughts in my empties post.

Tiddley Pom 50ml (RRP £7.99) T K max 2.99
Another balm! I just love balms, I know this is marketed at babies but I don't mind. This has lavender and other yummy scents included. And smells amazing! After carrying out a little research on this item it seems it's sold at Harrods!!! Wow, well it certainly feels nice on my skin. So nice in fact I picked up 2. 

Method Blog ($15.00) T K Max £2.99
The box contains 2 soaps and again they are natural with wonderful essential oils. I found out this brand is an American brand and mainly sold over there. The soaps are quite big and look very creamy. I cant wait to try them.


Mineral Flowers (RRP £5.00) T K Max £2.99
The box contains 2 lip balms, one is scented with Strawberry and the other Grape. How unusual is the grape one? I love lip balms and couldn't resist taking these home. The grape scented lip balm is creamy coloured and the strawberry one is yellow, rather odd for the scent but still smells yummy.

I'm really pleased with this little haul. I could look around T K Max for hours. I have noticed they are getting some high end brands in lately, I got a Nars eye cream a few days ago, I've seen shu uemuraElizabeth Arden and Cath Kidston as well! I highly  recommend you take a look in your local store to see what goodies you can find. For the bargain prices who can go wrong?

Jen x


  1. Loving the packaging for the Mineral Flowers products xx

  2. I'd love to try that soap! & the balm actually.
    Nice blog :)
    Rebecca x | Ze Makeup

  3. All great buys huni x TK MAXX can be a goldmine Sometimes lol !! Xx


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