Saturday 15 June 2013

June's Beauty Box Comparison

Here we have my June beauty boxes from Glossy Box and Birchbox, I am going to show you whats inside my boxes and try to work out the value for each box. I always get so excited about when my beauty boxes are on their way. So here we go, lets See whats in my boxes.

Glossy Box

Organic Surge Shine Boost Conditioner #Organic grapefruit and citrus essential oils
Full size 200ml £5.99
I am really happy to have this in my box, I am trying to use more natural products now and this fits the bill nicely. I also like that it's full size! Extra bonus, says it will leave my hair glossy and detangled, sounds good to me. I will report my thoughts back after usage.

Monu Spa Hand And Nail Cream Full size 50ml £10.95
Another full sized product, I am always on the look out for a good hand cream. The scent is nice, quite fresh, the cream sinks in well once applied. A great sized tube to carry in my work bag.

Gosh Growth Mascara #Black Full size 10ml £8.49
I am completely new to this brand, I have never even looked it at to be honest. The first thing to catch my eye about this product was its claim to help with eyelash growth! I am all for this, I will be trialing this very soon and will most certainly report back to you with the results.

MeMeMe Nail Gloss #67 Graceful Full size 12ml £5.00
Again another brand I have not tried, I think this is a high street brand that is sold in Super Drug? Please correct me if I am wrong. I like the colour, who can go wrong with a delicate baby pink shade?

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm #Cherry Blossom Full size 12.5ml £4.95
I love lip balms, I am always applying one to my lips. I am super happy to add another one to my ever growing collection. This is just perfect, I love the scent, design of the tube, I like everything about it. The scent is delicious, I could eat it! Cherry is one of my all time favourite smells. I have already popped a little on and it gives a beautiful pink sheen to my lips, not too glossy either.


Carole Franck Phyto-Hydrant Moisturizer 10ml (full size is 30ml £47.25)  £15.75
Never heard of this brand before, I am always open to trying new things thou. The fluid feels nice, quite light weight and easily absorbed. I may even try this as a primer??

Model Co Eye Definer full size £14.00
Until last week I had never heard about this brand. That was until Glamour magazine had the free gifts!! The brand is being given away free with the magazine, you can choice between lip glosses, lip liners, eye liners and mascaras. Or if you are beauty crazy like me you buy them all and back ups!! Due to this reason I am not excited about this edition.

Green People Sun Lotion 20ml (full size 200ml £17.95) £1.79
I have received this sample quite a few time in past beauty boxes. It will be a handy thing to have for my holiday but I would of preferred a larger size. 20ml will not last long.But I am happy its a good brand as I am trying to use more natural products.

Beauty Protector Protect and detangle no size listed 20ml? (full size 220ml £15.00) £1.50ish
Again another natural product, this one is even safe for Vegan's to use. I like the sound of this, no nasty ingredients to be seen here. I have heard rave reviews about this product, I am going to try it today.

Color Club Mini Polishes #Mod in Manhattan 7ml #London Calling 7ml £2.50 each
I received the cream shade directly in my birchbox and the neon green in the green pouch. My green pouch is a little sad and battered looking :( but hey ho, I have not idea what happened here? These little mini's are from the Wanderlust collection set, I really wanted the Coral colour if I am honest, I love the cream but I am not sure about the neon green?

So who has won Junes monthly beauty box battle?? I have to be honest and say there is no question this month, it has to be the GLOSSY BOX for the second month. I am loving the mascara, I have never tried anything from Gosh before and I have glossy box to thank for introducing me to a fabulous mascara that never runs or smudges!! I love the hand cream, lip gloss and conditioner as well. My only negative comment for glossy box this month is where was my Sarah Chapman?? I would of loved to try that brand, oh well maybe another time? I hope.
Glossy Box works out to £35.38
Birchbox works out to £38.04
Jen x


  1. They are both great boxes xx

  2. I enjoyed both boxes this month; it was my last month with glossybox and they definitely went out in style for me!

    But I did love my Birchbox, too, some fab products and I love the color club polishes.

    Mememe are stocked in some superdrug, yes, they're a lovely brand though. I guess they're not high end in the same sense that many are but I quite enjoy getting products from brands which are re-purchasable (and new for those who've not tried them) - I really like the Mememe polishes, I have about 8 or 9 and their shades are gorgeous and the brushes fab.

    (I'm a new follower, by the way, doing the blog swap set up by tales of a pale face, just following people so I get a chance to see their great swap posts)


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