Monday 17 June 2013

Chanel #647

As you know I recently purchased a few items from the new Chanel Collection,  Lete Papillon De Chanel. I really loved the look of this nail polish and well I could not get it out of my mind. As ever there is always a story with my posts, I was having a look around pound land. I had found lots of Revlon nail polishes, I literally had around 10 in my hands, I mean who can resist for £1??? Anyway my hubby came over and said no, not more polishes??? He immediately said I will do you a deal, put them back and I will buy you one from Chanel. I proceeded to put them back and hot foot it to my nearest Chanel counter.

To be very honest this picture does not do it justice, its not a red at all. Its more coral, with pink and the most beautiful finish. Its super creamy and easy to apply, 2 coats and you are ready to go. Once dried my nails look so shiny. I am so pleased I went back for #Lilis 647 as I have since been informed that most of the new collection has sold out. I cannot wait for the next Chanel collection, I have seen some wonderful blog posts from American bloggers, #Taboo has my name all over it!!
Did you pick anything up from the recent Chanel collection? If so what? I am loving my Stylo pen as well, the formula is so creamy, I hope Chanel make them into a permanent line in the near future.
Jen x


  1. Gorgeous colour! My gosh you are soooo lucky your hubbie sounds amazing mine would never even think to do such a lovely thing lol! Xxx

  2. Lilid is such a pretty color on you. Your husband is smarty pants, that one! :) You got a good deal.

  3. Actually gorgeous colour. Cute blog
    Would love if we could follow each other


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