Tuesday 18 June 2013

Bloom Remedies

I placed an order with Bloom Remedies late last Friday, I was totally shocked at how quickly my order arrived. I wanted to show you what I purchased, my first impressions, they all look and smell amazing.

Really Relax Organic Bath Salts 200g link
I absolutely love the packaging, how cute it this. I cannot wait to try them out tonight. I must add they smell so nice, when I took the lid off my whole bedroom filled with the aroma. Essential oils of Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Sweet Orange.

Orange, Caramom and Geranium Body Butter 50g link
This is my second pot of this beautiful balm, I know its made for the body but I use it for my hands and cuticles. I find from experience my nails grow so strong when I use this. I love the scent as well.

Sleep Easy Body Oil 50ml Link
I have really been getting into oils since Sandra brought me my first. I could not resist popping this little gem into the basket. Again it contains my favourite oils, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Vetiver to name a few. I will be trying this out this evening after my bath.

Gentle Moisturiser* 30ml link
This moisturiser is for sensitive skin, with gentle ingredients to include, Rose and Chamomile. As my skin has been quite bad lately, I find I am looking for more soothing products to use. This certainly sounds like it will help me. The cream is quite thick and a little goes a long way. It has a pretty delicate scent. I have it a little on now.

As I use each product I will write full reviews, I just wanted to show you the beautiful box of goodies first. The people at Bloom Remedies are just so nice, I often chat to Marie over twitter, shes lovely. I also love the way they package their products and the particular attention to detail they pay. I hear through the grape vine they are about to tweak this, I am excited to see the changes.
Please take a look at Bloom Remedies  website the link is here
 Twitter @BloomRemedies
Jen x


  1. You got some lovely things, I love Bloom I agree they are lovely! xx

    1. Such a wonderful company, what should I try next? X

    2. I love the shea butter body lotion smells gorgeous! x

  2. I love the sound of the salts and the sleep oil xx


    1. You need to try, everything I've brought from them has been great xx

  3. Thanks for the mention :) The bath salts look fab! x

    1. Your welcome, thank you for introducing me! The bath salts are nice. I'm trying to find an alternative to lush bath bombs xx

    2. Myroo Mint Tea Bath Fizz is lovely too x

  4. Wow everything looks so lovely! xx

  5. The Products look so yummy ,love the Scent of Lavender :)
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    Happy Day ,kisses


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