Wednesday 19 June 2013

Empties #4

I have decided to write about my empties now, and not leave it for another week or the post will be super long! I don't ant to bore you all, here goes Junes empties.

Moroccanoil Shampoo 500ml £19.00
I absolutely love this shampoo, It smells amazing, and once applied to my hair is feels so nice to rub in. After use my hair feels so soft, shiny and easy to manage. I actually refilled my Litre bottle with these too. That has a pump and looks quite pretty on my bath side! These too bottles also had pumps that I have put to use with a couple of body washes in my bathroom, extra bonus.

Moroccanoil Intensive hair mask 75ml (from a set)
This was part of a set I had to take on holiday last year, I had forgotten about it to be honest. Its a nice thick formula and leaves my hair feeling strong and nourished.

Weleda Lavender Creamy Body Wash  250ml £7.95
I love this body wash, I am sad its empty now. This is a unique formula, there isn't a lather as such. It just super creamy and covers your body with this beautiful cream! I really enjoyed using this. It also lasted quite well, once the cream was on your skin you didn't need to keep reapplying.

Dr Organics Virgin Olive Oil Body Wash 250ml £5.19
I picked this up with a previous offer and very nearly didn't as the Olive Oil scent did not really appeal to me. I am so glad I did, in fact I loved the scent! It was thicker in formula then other scents form the brand. I found this lasted well.

Cath Kidston Rose Bubble Bath 500ml £8.99
I enjoyed this product but it did not make any bubbles in my bath, this has no SLS or parabens, this may be the reason it did not? I used this as a wash in the end. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling super soft, this did not irritate me at all.

Chanel Eye Demaquillant Yeux Intense 200ml £21.50
I had this for ages and did not want to use it! It has a dual mix formula, so you need to shake well before use. It feels quite oily on the eye, but not in a bad way. It also feels very cooling. I applied some product to 2 cotton pads and held onto my eyes for a few seconds. There is no need for rubbing or reapplying. One application will remove all your eye make up.

Sanex zero deodorant spray £2.00
Last year whilst on holiday I brought this deodorant but in a roll on form. I really got on well with it, nut once I returned to the UK I could not find it anywhere. *Sad Face*. Then I found this spray and thought lets give it a go, I was sadly let down, firstly it did not work, I was a sweaty Betty and this has awful white fall out. It was like my arm pits was snowing. Pretty funny to see!

Dove compressed spray £2.00
I jumped on the band waggon when the condensed cans were released. I thought wow how cute is the size, and I also thought it would be easier to carry in my bag. I can honestly say this does not last as long as the older larger cans. This was gone in days, I will not be purchasing this size can again.

Dove Invisible spray £2.00
This is the can I normally get, I like how it does not leave white marks and it does work for me. I would prefer to use a natural deodorant, but until I find one that works I will continue to use this. It works like a dream.

Dove hair mask 200ml £1.00
This has sat in my bathroom cabinet for a long time, I brought this from the pound shop, so it is a bargain. I used to use Dove all the time for my hair products, I wished they would bring out products with no nasty ingredients in them. It is very hard to get good quality natural products in our supermarkets and maybe Dove could lead the way?

Lush Soap Porridge* Sample size
I tried a small piece of soap from Lush, this smells so nice, was extremely creamy. I loved the smell, I did not think it was like porridge to be honest. I would like to get a larger piece now.

Aesop Parsley seed serum Sample Sachet
I was given this by a friend to try. I have been wanting to get my hands on this Brand for a long time, there is nowhere near me that stocks the brand. The brand really intrigues me and I certainly want to try more at some point, I hope a store opens near to me very soon. I really enjoyed using this sample, but as it was a small sample its hard to predict long term results.

Ojon Hair Mask Sample Sachet
I own a hair oil from this brand already and have tried a shampoo and conditioner before. I found this hair mask to smell so strongly of coffee, for all you coffee lovers this would be a match made in heaven. But I hate coffee and had to remove the mask as it was so overwhelming. What a shame, and I thought what an odd scent ot add.

Miliani Mascara Full Size £1.00
I found this in my local pound shop, they have all the range of the brand in there!! Imagine my excitement. I proceeded to fill my basket with one of everything and some back ups! I tried this mascara and fell head over hells in love. It applied so well, so clumps or smudges or anything bad. I loved it so much I went back and brought another handful! But unfortunately this was not be a happy ending. I found after around 7-14 days the mascara completely dried up, I have no idea why? It could of been a dud tube? I will try another tube at some point and will feed my thought back then. What I will say it when I go on my next holidays I will be taking a tube of this and if it dries up? Well it doesn't matter I will leave it there!

Rapid Eyebrow Full Size £41.00
I am still trialing this product, I wont spoil its very own blog post. I am very happy with the results, more to come.


Nuxe Reve De Miel 10ml £9.50
I go through so many of this glorious pots, I love them. I have a pot at the side of my bed and constantly slather it on my parched lips. I am now on pot 5ish. I will always have this in my collection. I must add I really enjoy trying new products from this brand, they have gorgeous products, that really work.

Aromatherapy Associates 3ml Sample size
This scent was very uplifting and helped to awaken my senses for sure. I love the brand and enjoy using them. I can certainly feel a difference with my skin after usage. I want to try more form the Brand.

So there we have another months worth of empties. I have enjoyed trying some new products and using up others. If you have a blog and have posted about your monthly empties please link me in, I like reading other posts to see what you have been loving.
Jen x


  1. Jen you NEED to try the Weleda Citrus deodorant. You do get sweaty but it keeps me nice and fresh and I never need to reapply during the day.

    The make up in Poundland/world is years out of date as far as I know. Maybe thats why the mascara dried out so quickly. Shame since you loved it so much.

    1. I must try that deodrant, I promise I will soon! Yes your right u heard the same about pound land before and the stila brand, maybe it's not healthy to try them?? X

  2. Ooohh lot's of products, those Weleda body washes are my absolute favourite always have one on the go, the other scents are gorgeous too. xx

  3. Do they make rosé scented?? Xx

  4. You used up loads. Well done. I love Aromatherpy Assosciate oils. they are divine. x

  5. What scents of the Dr Organics body washes have you tried? I've got the Vitamin E one at the moment, it seems to be lasting ages so I want to pick up a couple more before the buy one get one half price offer ends in Holland & Barrett! x x


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