Monday 8 April 2013

Samples #3

As you know I'm working through my never ending stash of samples, I love trying new things and I'm pleased to say since starting this challenge, I've found a few products that I've fallen in love with. This week is a mixed bag, a bit of hair, face, perfume and bath. I'm looking forward to trying this selection.

First up is Schwarkopf Oil Miracle, the brown box is for normal to thick hair. I have it again in the cream box but that one is for fine to normal hair.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning, a small 3ml bottle, I own a larger set containing 3 bottles. A lovely, luxurious gift I received at Christmas. I know from experience this teeny bottle will last a good 3-4 baths. The scents are so powerful, they are truly beautiful.

See & Be Seen Sasha, by Benefit. A perfume sample, this is completely new to me. I wonder what it smells like?

Origins, Mega Mushroom Mask. The lovely Soraya used this in my recent facial. I was given a goodie bag to try a few items. This felt so nice on the day, I have been suffering with my skin of late. I can't wait to use this again.

Origins, Drink Up Intense Mask. Another item from Origins my goodie bag, although I'm breaking out at the moment. (I have no idea why???) my skin is also terribly dehydrated, so this little gem has been a godsend to use.

Green People,Intensive Repair Shampoo. I'm trying to become more green, it's something I'm intrigued with. I want to know what's in the products not only that I'm using but also my family. I'm excited to try this.

Nuxe Clarifying Cream Mask. This is infused with Rose Petals, I love rose scents! So I can't wait to use this, I won't put this all over my face as its clarifying, I will tailor a mask to meet my skins needs. This is a fab concept Soraya introduced me to.

Origins, Clear Improvements Mask. Another clarifying mask, I will use as above.

Below I have Origins, Modern Friction. A lovely product, I'd completely overlooked. You apply dry, I had never used it this way before. It really makes a difference to use as directed!

Benefit, Porefessional. I have a few of these samples to get though. Do you remember when Company Magazine had the freebies?? I brought a few. I quite like this primer, but I'm always looking out for the new best thing? Recommendations??

Murad, Ultimate Moisturise For Eyes. I got this is a recent beauty box. Looks quite rich, we will see.

Faith In Nature, Hand Cream. Another natural item, I'm happy to try.

Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon, I was given this sample when my husband brought my Chanel Brooch. I have never seen this perfume before. It must be one of the posh ones you can only buy in London? I very happy to try this scent.

Ark, Hand and Nail Cream. I'm not sure if this is natural? Do you know? Anyway I'm happy to try. My hands are the most neglected part of my body. They are dry and flaky around my nails. Not a pretty sight.

I have a mixed bag of samples this week. I wonder if I will find any winners? They say the best things come in small packages.

Do you love any of these?

Jen x


  1. love sample! such a great way to test out products!


  2. It's a fab idea, you should see all the samples I need to get through! I'm really enjoying it thou xx


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