Sunday 7 April 2013

Baume De Rose

Typing the name Baume De Rose makes me smile, it's a beautiful product. I've read a lot about this little pot of loveliness and finally I can say it's mine.

The packaging is divine, I love pot balms, it's what I prefer. The pot itself looks divine, a frosted glass pot, you can see the baby pink balm showing through. With the simple words that this balm delivers, Nourishing, Smoothing and Regenerating. Then we have the lid, set in classic gold. There is something about gold that screams luxury, the lid is engraved with the words By Terry, you know it's going to be exquisite when you see that name. You will not be disappointed. Can you imagine how lovely this looks on my dressing table?

The balm itself is not only protective with SPF 15 included but is also a repairing balm. It will hydrate your lips, nails and cuticles. Its a multi use product, I rub the left over balm into my cuticles and it works a treat. It's anti ageing and smoothing to the lips. Ingredients include Essential Rosé Wax, Floral Oils, Bio-Ceramides and UV Filters.

As soon as you take the lid off, you can smell the rosé scent, now as you may well know roses is one of my favourite scents. I love it, in anything I don't mind.

Once applied to the lips it's leaves a creamy colour, your lips feel protected, moisturised and nourished. This is an intensive formula that will last a long time on your lips. If I apply before bed, it will still be there in the morning.

We are currently on a road trip to London! Yeah baby, I'm tapping away on my travels. So I apologise for the photos etc, but I didn't want to miss a day blogging. I hope you give this balm a try, it's a beautiful product that I hope will last a while. I will be using sparingly!

I purchased By Terry, Baume De Rose from Space N K £35 for 10g of product.

Jen x


  1. Enjoy your trip lovely. One day I will own this gorgeous balm. lol. x

  2. I really want this! Have a lovely break x

  3. Hope you had a lovely day!
    This looks lovely, not sure i could hand over £35 though..... Or maybe... Ha


  4. I love rose products. I can not resist a good rose product. The By Terry stand in my local Space NK makes me drool. I am glad that you are so enthusiastic about this balm as I had sort of promised myself one as soon as my Dior rose balm runs out (that one is not so good, but I can not have another half used balm.) I also want to buy the By Terry primer, as it transformed the back of my blotchy hand to moonlit angel skin. I need more money.


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