Tuesday 9 April 2013

What's in my bag

Today is exactly one month since DaisyRoseBeauty began. So I though as its a special occasion, you may like to take a look in my bag?? This is a Mulberry Tote bag, I love Mulberry, I have quite a collection. My husband always seems to go there for my gifts, I'm not complaining! All of my Mulberry items wear so well, they seem to get better with age. I try to swop them around a bit, so let me know when you want to see another whats in my bags?? I'm currently using the Zara City Shopper for work.

Below is my new purse, I already have the Bayswater one in black. This model is the Postman Lock, it was a gift at Christmas. My husband brought me one of those Latest in Beauty advent calendars as a stocking filler. Imagine my excitement when I opened a door and there was a Mulberry purse!!! It's rather full at the moment, I need to clear it out.

Next is my American Apparel Pouch, I own a few of these leather pouches, I love to be organised and these are perfect! Inside I keep my Cath Kidston card holder. All my extra reward cards live in here. The black leather card holder is also by Mulberry. I keep all my beauty reward cards in here. This was a gift at my birthday in January this year.

This is not the best picture, it was a free GWP from YSL. I use this make up bag for work. I can fit quite a few bits in. I tend to fill it with make up I want to use up in it.

I can never go anywhere without tissues and wet wipes. I'm a little OCD, constantly washing my hands. Here's my work Cath Kidston card holder, I don't use this for cards, I keep change in it for parking and all my work receipts. I like to keep organised, always fully prepared for my monthly work expenses!

My trusty sat nav! I travel all over UK with my job, so this is a essential tool for me. I keep it in this lovely pink pouch that was a free GWP from Clinique.

I live in the UK, hence the umbrella. Our weather is not great, I don't want to look like a frizz ball. I like dove deodorant, this is one of the new condensed cans. I am not sold on the size thingy??? I've been through a few of these small cans. It doesn't seem to last as long as the old cans. My beloved Stella perfume, it's a classic. I have a few of these handbag sizes. Just perfect for any day.

I can't go anywhere without my I Pad. I really enjoy using it, in fact I'm tapping away on it now, writing this post. I'd like to buy a keyboard to attach, have you tried to use it this way? I'd love to hear if it's any good. The pouch is from Next, it was an absolute bargain costing £8.

My Mulberry Tote bag can be changed into this side bag, I tend to zip it across if I'm shopping somewhere rather busy. For instance if I'm visiting Birmingham or London. I find its easier to carry across my body, rather than across my arm for long periods. Or if I have lots of shopping bags!!

Here's another shot of my Mulberry Tote, I've owned this for 2-3 years. I love using this bag. It's perfect for what I need.

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey inside my bag. As I said earlier, I have a large bag collection, that I'm constantly changing. so you may see another post popping up soon.

Jen x


  1. Fab post .. I love reading these as I am SUPER nosey =D

    Jealous of all your Mulberrys too he he!



  2. Hehe, you sound like me! I love a good nose. What's in yours?? X

  3. What a beautiful bag and purse x

  4. Thanx Sandra, I have a lovely collection. Do you want to see more? Xx

  5. I love the handbag and I really need to get some of those Cath Kidston card holders I have far too much crammed in my purse x

    1. Cath Kidston have some lovely bits, my home is like a cath kidston shop! X


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