Tuesday 30 July 2013

Poundland finds

I am literally shell shocked by the finds in my local Poundland. I found a few bits on the shelves and when I went to pay I said to the sales assistant how pleased I was with what I had, he said wait there a moment. He came back with a huge box of more goodies!!! There I was at the till, holding the queue up, searching through a huge box. Oh my, I found so many goodies, I even brought back ups, bits for friends and family and more for the give away I am planning.

All Rimmel products I lovely hot pink liner, nude lip stick and a berry shimmer lipstick. I dont care for the berry shimmer so my mum will have that.

I have been looking at these since they were recently launched, I could not believe my eyes. I picked up the cool and warm toned offereings. They are sooo pretty on the skin, a perfect gentle shimmer.

I found a black and a brown mascara, I though perfect for my holiday's. I like to try different finishes when it comes to mascara, one is for curling and the other extra volume.

The eyeshadows are not the most pigmented but they do offer a gentle shimmer on the eyes, perfect for day time make up. The concelear is a mattifiying one, its rather different as the centre part is green. I presume this would work wonders on any red areas.

Nail Polish
OPI, yes you read that correctly. OPI in Poundland is a first for me. I am sure I let out a squeal in the shop, I grabbed them all quickly. There was a lady next to me trying to get in on the action! They were all the shatter versions, one is black and the other a beautiful shimmering green. I cant wait to try these nearer to the christmas period.

What have you found in your Poundland recently? I wonder if anyone else has been lucky enough to find OPI? I cant wait to look again, I hope the nice man is on the till again.

Jen x

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  1. I've found some amazing makeup pieces in Poundland, my latest was a Milani blush/ bronzer. I've had Milani on my U.S wishlist for ages so was really happy to find it here in the UK! I've got loads of Revlon nail polishes, and Rimmel and Revlon makeup in there as well. Will definitely be keeping my eye out for the Wake Me Up higlighters x


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