Tuesday 2 July 2013

Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono #14 Elegant Taupe

I nipped into Debenhams last weekend and could not resist saying hello to the lovely Asma on Givenchy. I love looking at the products on her counter, its a brand I am new too. I have tried a couple of products from Givenchy and have been totally blown away, I want to try more. Once Asma explained how this wonderful product worked I simply had to have it.

Another Taupe I hear you say, but this is like no other! I promise you, lets take a look.

Isn't the packaging adorable, I love it. The design is super chic, it certainly looks pretty on my dressing table. This has to be one of the most beautiful high end packaging there is.

You get a lot of product in the compact, on first inspection I thought it was one whole colour. How wrong could I be, this is in fact 4 different finishes. I was totally shocked and intrigued when Asma explained this to me. I promptly began swatching away, with each swatch I feel deeper in love.

This is a Jen colour, I am instantly attracted to Taupe's. They just work well with my pale skin and fair hair. They give me enough colour without being over powering. This compact could not be more perfect, this has everything I need to achieve lots of different looks. I would only need to take this with me if we went away.

Now this is where is gets exciting, just look at the 4 different finishes. There is a matte, shimmer, satin and a darker shimmer. I cant say enough good things about it. I want more colours now! I tried it out today for work, and oh my the eyeshadow applied like a dream, the formula feels so creamy and blended with ease. I used my blending brush and blended away!

 I have never seen anything like this before from any other brand, what an excellent idea. I can see this idea taking off with other brands.

I love having a chat with Asma, she is so professional and holds the highest level of brand knowledge, I just love chatting to her. I received an email last week asking me to sell my beloved Givenchy limited edition lipstick, oh course this would never happen (sorry) Asma said they are completely sold out. I am so happy to have made that purchase, I will only wear it for special occasions now.
 I brought from Debenhams for £20.00 (if you live in or near Leicester please go and see Asma she is wonderful)
Jen x


  1. I love Givenchy! Their blushers are amazing. I really like the look of this Jen you enabler!! Xx

    1. You are as well!! I now want a blusher after seeing your one xx

  2. I love taupes too, this is stunning xx

  3. pretty! love the luxe packaging x

  4. What a beautiful palette, really nice colours, can't go wrong with Taupe! I love Givenchy's packaging. xx


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