Friday 7 June 2013

Organic Skin Care

The lovely people at Marlenha contacted me and asked me if I would like to sample a set of their Organic Skin Care creams. I instantly felt intrigued after researching the brand, Marlenha was created in 2012, Marlenha feel strongly about providing the best Organic Skin Care to people. They say its about the quality of products and in time being able to retain our beauty. This certainly sounded good to me. I have been trialling the set for a while now and have my thoughts to share with you. The samples were 5ml, so I only had a few uses from each one.

Sample 1
Edelweiss Stem Cell Anti Ageing Cream
The scent from this sample is quite strong scent. This is not the case when I applied to my face. The ingredients in this cream is outstanding, I can imagine the benefits over long term use would be fantastic. This cream is marketed at 40 years plus, due to the high percentage of stem cells this cream will hydrate, regenerate and redensify for your skin. I found this cream to have good results on my breakout areas. for instance the redness would be noticeable less after leaving the cream on for a while.

Sample 2
Rose Milk & Argan Oil Nourishing Face Cream
A firming and nourishing cream developed for all skin types, this offering smelled heavenly. Soft and silky smooth on the skin. My skin loves Argan Oil, this easily absorbed into my skin, leaving me feeling comforted. I enjoyed using this as my day time moisturiser.

Sample 3
Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Beads Moisturising Anti Wrinkle Face Cream
The magic word in this cream caught my attention immediately, Hyaluronic acid. This miracle ingredient seems to be cropping up everywhere. Usage is  recommended for 30 years and onwards, this will moisturise and hydrate your skin. Due to the ingredients this cream is deep acting, penetrating to low levels in the skin.

I tried this as my day time moisturiser and loved it, but then I tried it as an overnight mask, WOW my skin absolutely loved it. This has been a pleasure to use especially as mask, I would highly recommend you try this out.
I would love to trial a full size pot of cream 1 & 3, to see the true benefits from long term usage, I can imagine they would be good. I have enjoyed trying this sample set, I just wished they had lasted a little longer! The brand have done well to meet the need of all skin types, and of all ages. This brand, I feel will be heard about more and more. Remember the name Marlenha.
Jen x


  1. I simply love how these are packaged and I love the sound of the samples too xx

  2. I loved samples 2 & 3 but not keen on number 1. Great review Jen x


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