Thursday 6 June 2013


I am super excited about this post, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition on twitter, just look what I won!!

Ginvera is a brand I have lusted over for some time, I have been trialing their BB Cream and their Marvel Gel, more to come on them in another blog post.

Ginvera Green Tea Refreshing Brighten-Up Day Cream SPF15 50g
I was instantly wooed when I read the information for this cream, wow, more on that later. The cream comes in a beautiful, luxurious feeling glass pot. The glass is frosted and I love the colour of the lid. An eye catching green with the brand name embossed, this screams high end to me.

The cream is a bright white, and soft to the touch. The product certainly goes a long way, you only need a small amount to cover your skin. I found this cream to take a few moments to sink into my skin, I don't mind this. I applied to  my skin after the Refining Fluid and allowed a few moments to work its magic whilst I got my make up organised for the day, Hey Presto!

This cream has formed a staple part of my skin care routine, it has worked wonders for my skin. I had been experiencing awful skin breakouts for months, I had no idea why or what the cause was. What I can tell you is that since I began using this my skin has calmed down a lot, and I hope is now on the mend.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening & Refining Fluid 100ml
One of my biggest skin concerns is large pores, this instantly caught my attention. The liquid in this bottle is mesmerising, it has a Constancy like no other. It seems to have a mixture of oil and water?? I am not sure but that's how it looks to me.

I have LOVED using this, I have been using the 2 toner thingy everyone is doing now since our lovely skin care Guru Caroline Hirons advised us to. This is just amazing.

My routine with the fluid is to take one cotton pad and soak in the fluid, I then press the pad into my skin, paying particular attention to my T Zone, especially my nose area. It feels so cooling and calming, I really enjoy this part of my routine.

The fluid refines pores by removing any residue that is left inside the pore and then contracts the pore to a smaller size. Hello, er this is a miracle product, you must run now to buy a bottle before they all sell out. The difference in my skin since using this product is outstanding, I can see a dramatic difference in my pores and fine lines. My skin feels better than is ever has, soft, clear and plumped. This will always be a staple in my skin care routine. If the results are so noticeable after only a few weeks usage, what will they be like after as few months? This thought makes me excited.

I am so thankful to John for introducing me to this wonderful brand Ginvera, I have looked on their website and can see they have lots of other products they sell. I cannot Wait to try more, I hope they work as well as these have. I need to stock up on the Refining Fluid as well, I am nearly out and that cannot happen. My skin is certainly looking more alive and radiant, I am beginning to feel like me again.
Jen x

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  1. These sound lovely. I swear by their BB cream so need to check out more from the range. x


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