Wednesday 12 June 2013

My TLC Skin Care Routine

I love a little me time, you know a little time to pamper myself. I have been suffering with quite bad skin of late and really did not know what to do about it. One minute is was breaking out with awful spots, the next day my skin would be dry, red and sore to the touch. I really wanted to sooth my skin, but did not know what to use. I had a little look around in my skin care stash and found these goodies. I have been enjoying using this little routine.

So after my double cleanse and double tone (skin care routine to follow soon) I begin with my Kadria Balm, I apply to my red or  areas and spots. This really helps with reducing the redness and inflammation. The balm really goes a long way, I take a small amount and warm in my fingers, then massage into the areas needed.

Next I take this amazing all about eyes serum from Clinique, I love the feel of this on my tired eyes. The cooling sensation of the metal roller ball is like nothing else. It feels so good, the serum sinks in quickly and drys within a few minutes.

I received this sample sized Midnight recovery concentrate facial oil in my Christmas advent calender. It had been sitting in my draw ever since. The only problem is now I have tried it I love it! I want to buy the full size soon. I take a few drops and pat into the areas of my skin I feel I need it. The scent is so nice, you can smell a mixture of essential oils.

The Eve Lom cream a luxury item,  I was given this to try at a past visit at Space N K. The cream is extremely moisturising and nourishing. I usually take a tiny amount and apply to the dry, sore areas of my skin. This instantly soothes and comforts my skin, I can especially feel a difference the next morning after using. I have even tried this as an over night mask, I applied a thin layer to my face and left on, in the morning there was no product left on my face. I did notice after cleansing my skin felt really nice, and my make up applied so nicely.

I do swap and change my routines up to meet the needs of my skin. My skin is usually combination, but more recently has been leaning towards acne and dryness. I wish it would make its mind up! No I take that back, I wish it would behave itself and be normal.
Do you have any special routines that work for you? I would love to hear them.
Jen x


  1. I don't have a specific routine but I think I am going to give my skin a bit a TLC as well cos it is in a terrible state right now! I love the sound of the Clinique all about eyes serum! xx

  2. Love the sound of the Kadria Balm xx

  3. Love the look of Kadria, need to buy them I think! I love a bit of TLC for my skin :) x


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