Tuesday 28 May 2013

Ralph Lauren GWP

I managed to swing another GWP, so I thought I would let you know about it, just in case you wanted to get it as well??

It was my hubbies birthday on Saturday, I had brought him a few goodies to open on his birthday before we went shopping for more. On a recent shopping trip he had come across an aftershave he really liked. So on my list Vikotor & Rolf  #Spicebomb went.

I must add this GWP was not linked to Victor & Rolf, but I had asked for a free gift. Yes I know I am cheeky but when you are buying 150ml bottle surely you want some goodies??

The sales assistant was lovely and showed me all the possible free gifts to choice from. They had the men's Ralph Lauren bag as well but my hubby has so many now it seemed pointless to get another. So when I set my eyes on this cute little Ralph Lauren pouch and roller ball, I was sold!!

In the pouch you get this cute little roller ball, its Ralph Lauren #4. It is a little sweet then I am used to,  the only other pouch she had was yellow and purple is more my colour.

The notes to this fragrance is Oriental flower, wild cherry and purple amber. I am saving this for my holiday, I feel this will work perfectly in the sun.

I love roller balls, you can get what ever scent you care for in the states, I so wish they would do the same here. I would buy one in all my favourite scents!! Like Ellie Saab, Coco Chanel, Stella, Guilty Gucci to name a few. I love perfume, and I am constantly spritzing myself throughout the day.

I would always recommend you get into conversations with sales assistants, I have relationships with lots near where I live now, and they always look after me. I actually purchased this one in a different city, so it goes to show there are some nice counter assistants around.

Jen x

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